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How's the sound? Had you heard the RS1 previously, and does this match expectation?
There's a cool Mega Man port on the PC engine that some fans did, but it's super cd. I do love me some Mega Mans. The express doesn't have any battery back up stuff, unfortunately. But I think you can get some version of it with flash carts!
The PC Engine port is actually really good! A lot of folks prefer it to the Genesis and SNES versions of the time. It's a shame it never came to the USA on the Turbo Grafx. I find that I can fight mostly with strong attacks on II and the switch on I. It isn't perfect, but it is playable. With a six button pad on the home system though, that's the way to go.
          I love the PC Engine. It’s become my favorite retro console, and my collection has grown exponentially in the two years I’ve been interested in it. I say this as a preface for what I’m going to write here about the Turbo Express; I love the whole PC Engine family far too much to give an unbiased “review” of this particular unit. Think of this more as a series of observations about the Turbo Express, and my viewpoint on modifying what has become a...
The positives of wearing Steve Buscemi's shoes and possibly having his headphones are outweighed by the public transportation system in NYC.  I had an SR40 for a while too. I actually preferred those to the iGrado... comfier to me. Though they weren't as open and didn't sound quite as good.
They are still RS1, but there is a better soundstage and the treble isn't as accentuated. More well rounded to my ears. I can't speak for the earlier production model though... Mine has recessed drivers.
I haven't heard the e models of either the 60 or the 80, but I always preferred the old 60 to 80. There was something warm and forgiving about the 60 that the 80 to the 225 missed; similar signature but none of the charm.I only own a very old pair of SR80s now though. Someone on my old street in Brooklyn (very possibly Steve Buscemi, I have a pair of his shoes) left them out on the street for neighbors to take. No pads, but that's pretty much a good thing for headphones...
 Seriously, try the newer RS1e. I'm using one now and it's absolutely wonderful. I think as long as you get one where the drivers are recessed, it sounds pretty good. Kind of similar to the RS1 classic with flats. 
I mean, you can look at Grado's extensive history with stealth changes. Stuff just shifts over time with them and isn't considered a "new version." Hell, the original RS1 cable cutouts on the metal gimbals were circular; halfway through the "classic" series of RS1, that cutout was changed to a square because it improved microphonic noise on the headphones. Grado isn't going to just get up and trumpet it as changed... "NOW WITH LESS MICROPHONIC NOISE!" (Source: I asked John...
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