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 Nah. Just jam it back in there. See if that stays. Kayandjohn is most likely right about no glue... see if Grado says "jam it back in" though. You could alternatively get a headband / gimbal setup that's more befitting of such a nice sounding headphone, if you really wanted to go classy.  http://www.martincustomaudio.com/p/sale-aluminum-gimbals-rodblocks.html
 Honestly, they're basically clicked in there and hot-glued. I've seen that issue many times.
What are the odds it's a RS1i driver, left over in parts bins? They probably have a bunch of them lying around for repairs. 
 What size is the driver? Is it the same as the new RS1e (IE GS1000 sized) or the same size as the old RS1 / most Grados?
 Can you take a picture of the GH-1's drivers? I'm curious about how they set in their wood frame. 
 I haven't heard the one that protrudes. Only the one that is inset flush. I didn't hear the issues that people talked about as being present in the protruding version though. I'd love to compare, but I don't own any pairs anymore to do so.  I believe that someone had noticed the difference before me, and mentioned a difference in sound quality.
Well, they definitely did. You can see pictures earlier of my pair vs earlier pairs... the driver is very clearly in a completely different position.  They'll just use the line of "There is nothing wrong with X product you have, however we do periodically make adjustments" thing though. They'd never admit that the first thing was defective. 
 Hmm, I could agree with that assessment too. It's a very peculiar headphone. I simply thought it had fewer peaks in the treble and it felt more balanced overall, but I do think that the upper midrange can be very "shouty" at times. Random things pop out and smack you in the face, though I didn't find it to be horribly unpleasant. It's sort of a pick your battles kind of thing: the RS1i could be unpleasant with treble spikes, and the RS1e can be unpleasant with that upper...
Oh man, is this the only ATH fan club thread on the site? I couldn't find another one. 
What a horror show. Did anyone ever get anything back from him, or was some sort of action taken?
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