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Why are there no pictures of said K1000 here?    WHAT DEVILRY IS THIS?
These have sold. Thanks all!
Here's a month old Grado SR325is. It's the "sparkle" silver finish. I bought these for office use after using my HD600s at work for a long period of time, only to find that the 325is leaks way more. Guess I remembered their public audio properties incorrectly!   $185 gets you these shipped within the USA. I'm also happy to do a local deal in New York, and am happy to sell them in person for a lower price since I won't have to ship them anywhere.   They include...
Up for sale is my Yulong D100. It sounds beautiful, and looks flawless. It was modified with heat sinks, so it runs way cooler than the stock unit.   I'm located in Brooklyn, but work in Manhattan. I'm happy to meet up for a local transaction.    And hey, if you think I should be selling it for less, let me know. Maybe we can work something out!
    I'm interested in selling mine, and sent you a PM. Let me know!   Dave
  I always unplug before I turn the Bottlehead on or off, so no problem there.   I'm actually amazed how silent it is, even with sensitive headphones; no hum or buzz at all. I can't recommend the kit enough. 
Headphone Lounge popped this photo up on their Facebook page:     They're saying that there are about 200 pairs of these guys, the initial batch of RS1. Anyone know any more about them, or have heard a pair? I'm curious if they use HP1000 drivers, as some other early John Grado era phones do...
Came back to these headphones after a few years, and they still really blow me away even fresh out of the box.    Does anyone know if there's any actual danger to the hardware from connecting them to a high-powered amplifier? I can never get a straight answer out of anyone, even after all these years. Essentially, I'd like to use mine with my Bottlehead Crack; they seem to require nearly as much power to fully wake up as my HD600, but the internet's always like "Oh,...
Grado and Sennheiser are the best choices, but Sennheiser is generally much more comfortable.
Oh you know what? I was thinking of the Beats Studio, not the Beats Pro. How the hell can the Beats Pro be used for DJing at all? The Cup doesn't flip around, does it?
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