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Indeed, that looks like an early 225. I don't know if it is punk driver'd though. That looks more like dis colored cloth from extended wear.
I've never heard / seen the Bushmill X Grado in person. Were they vented in any way? Or just kind of capped with wood?
Holy crap, what a time capsule to be dug up. How on earth did this rise from the dead!?
So far so good. I still hear what I remember liking in the treble before. I've really spent a few years with just an HD600 as my sole high-end headphone, so I don't really have a direct comparison to older models.  They sound like RS1's to me though. I don't think a slightly darker RS1 is a bad thing. 
Well, it kind of sucks that you're destroying vintage headphones. Frankly.
Sounds like it's an e. I think the red drivers are the determining factor in what is an e or not.
WISE FWOM YOUWR GWAAAAAAAAAAAAVE.   I totally just traded in a bunch of headphone gear I had for an RS1e.    You can't ever truly escape the RS1, folks.      I'm really digging the brown headband and 1/8" jack. 
Why are there no pictures of said K1000 here?    WHAT DEVILRY IS THIS?
These have sold. Thanks all!
Here's a month old Grado SR325is. It's the "sparkle" silver finish. I bought these for office use after using my HD600s at work for a long period of time, only to find that the 325is leaks way more. Guess I remembered their public audio properties incorrectly!   $185 gets you these shipped within the USA. I'm also happy to do a local deal in New York, and am happy to sell them in person for a lower price since I won't have to ship them anywhere.   They include...
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