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This seems to be new player in town:   NEW Alcheos V100 mini DAC from MAGNESIUM Alloy Case (world first) just arrived at Mono & Stereo from Korea. This is really compact DAC with a special feel and lightweight sturdy chassis:            
Exclusive final product images of the new Violectric V220 and V281. Check the full picture set after the jump:    
All new Trafomatic Audio HEAD 2 tube headphone amplifier:  
Interesting New Tisbury Audio Challenge Amp 1 from UK?  
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd today announced the Samsung Level, a new series of premium audio products:  
  Anyone heard this one?    Megahertz Audio GUERRA electrostatic headphone amplifier
Anyone tried this already?:   MyST PortAMP-II portable headphone amplifier    
This is all new custom Taket head amp for driving these unique headphones.  
    LOU REED'S PARROT ZIK Headphones. New model?
I'm selling used Resonessence Labs CONCERO HD usb and DSD DAC in mint, perfect condition. Only few hours of play.   Paypal payments. Please add 3.4 %.   I'll take offers. Thanks in advance.      Buy with confidence ! Kindly check my positive feedback here and in profile.  Member since 2001.
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