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If you check B&W website it says in stock.
Are you in US? I am still awaiting the email to say this is "shipped".
It's all about matter of taste. They are all great headphones. For me I have been listening B&W speakers for years. I am very familiar with this company and their products. From day one I have got the P7 I am expecting this P9.
 B&W has their own R&D facility in Steyning. I believe the ## is very accurate.
Yes the price tells it. I am still under the impression that the P7 is under priced.
Just ordered mine today!!!
Where is the P9???
Duke, your providing the info. is appreciated. I have contacted a local dealer for audition this week. I read somewhere the Mytek tends to be a little too warm. I am not sure if it is matching well with tube amplifiers that I tuned mostly for EMM and Benchmark. Its abality to support DSD via USB still attracts me the most. I am also looking at EMM DAC2X but too expensive for my current target. Any other options for DSD DAC like the Mytek and DAC2X? It will be used to...
Do you compare DSD stream with DSD to PCM on foobar in the same machine? Which software do you use?
Is this a good DAC for PC based DSD system?
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