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I am thinking that my foorbar ASIO driver is not setup properly. Does Geek Out support ASIO natively?
FYI the TRRS terminal should be configured as below:  
Good to know
Am I the only one considering wasapi output better than ASIO on GO2A? I am only using Sennheiser MX950 now and can tell the difference right away.
IT works! Thanks DUDE
I am using foobar with wasapi. The right volume control is locked up. Let me try ASIO tonight and see.
Hi dude! Any idea why output volume is reset to 0dB every time the PC is rebooted?
The jitterbug is USB 2.0 which I would not be using it on my hard drive.
I would like to know this answer too as I tend to use either one only just to keep my system looking as simple and clean as possible.
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