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Duke, your providing the info. is appreciated. I have contacted a local dealer for audition this week. I read somewhere the Mytek tends to be a little too warm. I am not sure if it is matching well with tube amplifiers that I tuned mostly for EMM and Benchmark. Its abality to support DSD via USB still attracts me the most. I am also looking at EMM DAC2X but too expensive for my current target. Any other options for DSD DAC like the Mytek and DAC2X? It will be used to...
Do you compare DSD stream with DSD to PCM on foobar in the same machine? Which software do you use?
Is this a good DAC for PC based DSD system?
I ordered KR PX4 but then I found it has some serious quality issue. My BA is a newly production with UX4 socket that stops me from using vintage PX4. The mullard adds some warm and sweet sound to the 300B mesh so I think they are a good match. At least so far (for just a few hours) I will give some more time on the amp and tubes.  
I am runing it all balanced both source and the headphones. I bought the BA for HD800. Anyone has good result with it please comment.  
What are your tube set?
I found the BA still under power HD800 however it pushs 580J to it limit I have never heard before.   Tubes on the BA: EML 300B MESH, Mullard ECC32 brown base, GEC square getter 6X4
I have for sale a mint condition Earmax Silver Edition with powercable upgarded.   The powercable is hand made of 99.99% silver and 7N copper cable and a high level Furutech FI-25M USA Power Plug Gold is terminated. (total material cost over $200)   I will rate the amplifier an audiogon scale 9-9.5/10. No scratches and works perfect. I am the first owner and this is a US version (110V) with silver metal tag.   I can't find the stock output tubes. Only a...
pictures upload as requested      
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