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No, that's just my personal opinion! I actually showed them to a co-worker this morning and she thought they looked fine on me. She did admit though that they look a little unusual compared to other cans, especially since the cups are small but stick out somewhat. There are also a lot of visible parts on the DT1350 which I think draws your attention to them more than say Beats or Bose which are basically one single piece.
After over 10 years of listening, I'm trying to move away from IEM's for portable use. After lots of research, I narrowed my decision to the Senn Momentum and the DT1350, ultimately going with the DT1350. So far I have mixed feeling about them but that's probably because I've been so used to my Westone 3's. Using them with my Cowon J3, I'm finding I really need to crank up the volume. Where I used to listen at a volume of 18 -20, I now need to go up to 30 -34, and even...
LOL!   I've had my HD800s for four years now and mine still smell. I wouldn't necessarily refer to it as wet gym socks but it is kind of funky. I've always assumed it was coming from the case though, since I routinely leave them out for a week or more. I'll have to check when I get home from work later to see if I can discern exactly where the smell is coming from. As for the smell itself, it's not that overpowering and it's never hampered my listening enjoyment. It's...
I've been using IEMs for at least 10 years now and due to some major issues with ear wax recently, I've been considering switching to regular headphones for portable use. I currently use the Westone 3s so of course I want to find something of comparable quality. I'm wondering though if anyone else gave up using IEMs for something else after using them for years, what was the experience like and was it difficult to adjust? What IEM were you using and what did you switch to,...
The only recordings I've found unsuitable for the HD800 are those that are bass heavy, i.e. the bass is already over-emphasized and dominates the recording.
 Where are you getting this info from? There's nothing in the manual that indicates this. Plus, if you leave the power switch on all the time the LED on the volume wheel will always be on.
And what makes you think we aren't going to start seeing warnings on streamed movies? Or even worse, Netflix and Hulu logos in the corner?
 I can attest to this. I've been a member for 10 years now and currently I'm lucky if I visit once a week. At this point in time, I'm totally satisified with all my gear so I don't even have the urge to see what's new and exciting. I'm sure though it will change at some point. Over the years I've found that interest in this hobby comes in waves. 
I think this is primarily for those people that want to leave no doubt that their amp pairs perfectly with their headphones. Despite it being a little difficult to find a good match for the 800, I think there are a lot of amps that go well with Senns. Also, for some reason I've never felt comfortable paying more for an amp than the cost of my primary phones.  
    IMHO, 1080p is pretty much a waste on a small screen. HD isn't even worth it on a phone or iPod. And can you imagine the bandwidth that 1080p is going to use? And you're probably still not going to  get lossless audio with streaming 1080p, unlike blu-ray. Unfortunately, most people won't care about this.
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