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For those of you who wants to play FLAC and OGG files on your 5800 (or other S60 phones) do a search on OGGPLAY S60. There is no dedicated version for S60V5, but according to My-symbian and the OGGPLAY forum it will work with a different skin. OGGPLAY on my N82 (S60V3) plays FLAC, but I havent used the feature so I cant be of any help as to comment on the quality of playback. EDIT: LINK
Good buyer, no problems what so ever. Would deal again. Thanks again!
Yes, the price is for all the 'phones. I will try and get a picture up tonight or tomorrow..
Instant headphone collection! I have been sorting out my headphones and decided to get rid of everything execpt two pairs. I would much prefere to sell everything (9 pairs) in one cheap discounted go: 1) Denon AH-CK551 black. Well known on Head-fi. Probably around 50 hours on them + burn-in. As new. Havent used them for months so it wont be hard to let them go.. 2) Audio-Technica ATH-SJ5 black. Closed and folding. Also well known. Was FOTM for a while. I love them...
I have owned both phones and really liked the 70. Solid build (if a bit heavy) and allround good sound quality. The way they click together is very cool and helps keep the wires untangled. It has been a couple of years since I had them so I wont go into detail. The 500 was a dissappointment. Could be the fit, never really *clicked* for me. Nothing special and def. not worth the asking price. Overall I would rate the 70 quite a bit higher then the 500, but try to...
There are no BT headsets that sounds good. There are some wireless senns (not BT) you could look into: Sennheiser MX W1: First Wireless Stereo Earphones Using the Kleer Bluetooth Alternative
I can't speak for the D2000, but side by side I prefere my D1000 to the 595 wont ship them to you..
The D1001 is soooo comfortable it's scary. It does not feel like you are wearing a headphone at all, hench you tend to use them more then other phones and can have longer sessions. It may not be the best sounding phone on the market, but comfort wize it takes the backseat to nobody. I paid 200USD for my pair locally (double US price) and I consider that money well spend. Upgrading is not in the near future.
If you get tired of the twist to fit system take a look at the MX460 bud. I had the MX90 VC a few years back and loved the sound, but never made friends with the twist thing. After Judes glowing remarks on the PMX70 I bought those and were amazed buy the sound, but never made friends with the neckband. But everything came together when I tried the MX460. Nice bass, balanced mids and clean highs. Dont know if it is the driver, the basswind system or whatever, but they...
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