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Quote: Originally Posted by kush infected mushroom is horrible. i seen them a few times. their guitar player is sorry. only people that enjoyed their set was rolling balls lol. *ahem*... astrix are quite 'good' at that too lol
oh yeah . i think a lot happens in times of political upheaval. things come out. before that, you'd probably need to look to some tribes people & what they've been doing for centuries if not longer. i don't doubt that, some explorer bought back a weird instrument, gave it to someone & they played it in a different way to it's intended purpose.
Quote: Originally Posted by mark_h FSOL - Lifeforms i was gonna say dead cities! i take it for an audiophile recording it must be the best mastered recording, probably of a music you can listen 'deep' into (ie: not too much going on, so you can contrast the instruments, sounds with the more quieter (silence even)) me, i want music that takes me on a journey, plays on my emotions & makes me think. the recording should be 'good enough' quality...
italy, germany, south africa, uk, netherlands, japan... some genres have artist from specific countries.
Quote: Originally Posted by milkweg But we aren't talking about Top of the Pops, we are talking about real music. Plenty of good UK bands in the mid 90s. Most good electronic bands in the mid 90s were British. pop = popular music. or it used to be. it's no coincidence that TOTP no longer exists. if we're really honest, most 'modern' music originates from america, i think most countries have copied it then modified it for themselves. for...
there are these 'privelages' that govts. allow themselves & there are loop holes ranging from the most obscure to the bigger ones left open by people to lazy to set passwords & security levels. i just love the hysteria when someone mentions things like this. the BBC do this every so often, telling us there are people hiding in our sheds hacking into our wifi & downloading pr0n. of course there's always some bozo at work who'll start preaching this at you like they know...
i read the OP as: why do they call themselves record companies, when all they do is sell records (from whoever supplies to them?) a record company (label) can do that if they handle recordings. but yeah, i always though people call CDs "CDs" & records, "records" - whatever their age. some DJs like to call them vinyl, so they can distance themselves from the record buying public. even further when they say "ooooh, i have the acetate of that!"
like most things in here, just follow your heart
Quote: Originally Posted by Sherwood If you are currently in the business of making music for unappreciative chavs, then yes, I'd suggest you stop. sarcasm! from under a bridge! ah, bless!
*sigh* this lad in a group of chavs dared to inform me that i needed some smaller headphones (was wearing HD25), told him they were small (!), muttered something about bigger sound & bass.... my god this is frightening, even the yooof that drooled over car stereo boom boxes are gone! this is quite worrying if the yooof of today (excluding the ones in here ) can't comprehend music through any decent speakers is it now time to stop making music for unapreciative chavs?!
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