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yep. kinda old-skoolie [lazy] techno. kinda hip-hop tempo break beats. not much bass? (well i'm using my comp speakers atm)
to the op: i use HD25-1 with my ipod most of the time (when i have to use public transport). was gonna pull the trigger on a portable amp but that was for my HD595, & then i'd still need to restrict listening through those 'cos the leakage (they're one of the open cans i spoke of) would annoy anyone nearby. sometimes you just gotta be a little selfish though
crikey, thought they'd have all jumped on this by now, probably too simple for them . but no, seriously (let me explain with my limited knowledge) these bigger 'hifi' cans (most of which are discussed in these forums), require more power to drive them in order for them to sound like their full potential. probably because they are bigger speakers, often open cans (a grill on the outside, the design of them is for sound quality rather than efficiency so they need plenty...
if you're not offended by bluetooth audio, you could have walkman phone & sony HBH DS200, 220 or 205. i like this as it means i travel light on my bike (keep my ipod / cans for other times). short-cable earphones connected to the above, clipped to my t-shirt. no long cable to snag . i wouldn't call riding a bike my most critical listening time anyway.
you don't need an amp for ipod / HD25-1. they're closed & very efficient, even at 70ohm. in fact this is a really great pairing. it's senns "hi-fi" range that need to be amped with an ipod... but then they'd also leak alot of sound, as they're open.
if that was a UK prison, theyd've been allowed to watch the videos as well. GIVE THEM MTV!!!
oh no you didn't!!! we wuz content with one ambient genre now you wanna talk about noise!? (well actually i've seen dark ambient mentioned in here, oh well!) dark / melodic / dubby etc etc...? i think we just want somthing musical & pleasing to the ears!
the op says sales of decent headphones gone through the roof, but have they? i still see people talking about (& wearing) bose, skullcandies, ipod buds... one thing that did strike me however is, if apple see fit to no longer provide a power adapter (i've had two classics 'slim line' packaging without) then why do they bother with the ear buds? the money could be better spent. not to mention, if you force people to make their own choice of headphones, they'd probably...
i take it you know about midi... perhaps something like an MPC that you can sample & arrange with it's sequencer... or a groovebox with a step sequencer & built in synthesizer? you say you been mixing, MPC's team up well with decks (if i'm not mistaken, alot of hip hop folks like MPC's). many of these 'mini' synths look ok, korg microkrg or alesis micron or similar. you can hook up a synth with a decent arpeggiator to something with a good sequencer. you could hook a...
wish i could reach high notes without croaking out! quite good at imitating jim morrison, elvis or van morrison while at work. actually i envy people who can't sing perfectly, but sound very cool indeed like james dean bradfield or mark e smith. otherwise i wish i could read sheet music but i aint gonna start learning now.
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