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Quote: Originally Posted by Nocturnal310 my stupid bikes gears are not shifting properly. any tips? clean & oil anything gear related. it's mostly about cable tension. shift to the gears slackest position & undo the cable bolt (on the derailleurs). on the rear mech there is a barrel adjuster*; turn the plastic adjuster clockwise so that the inner (metal adjuster) disappears. this is to slacken the adjustment. you might wanna turn it back a...
can't believe u.f.orb not in that list! one of my all time fav. albums
glade festival.
glad it's not just me then! yeah i noticed this too. some things sound slightly muddy (256 AAC !?), even compared to some older stuff imported off disc @ 192 mp3. this can't be right can it? oh the price has gone up too. CUL8R i-toonz... hallo amazon (i've not yet sampled amazon music, do they sound 'as they should'?)
had serious (un-named & un-news worthy) flu twice since '94. personally i think politicians have lost the plot, they use the media to push the nanny state but it it's out of hand now, to the point of it being like tabloid sensationalist hysteria. but i'm sure they'd like our attentions diverted away from them most of the time
arghhhh! most of that is bees-in-a-tin extreme! sorry, can't really identify with most of them but i do like the last one, i believe it is "connective" by nu-nrg. it is on paul van dyk - return of god (a mixmag cover cd). which you'd probably go for if you can find it.
Quote: Originally Posted by iriverdude Season 1 of League of Gentlemen was brilliant, very dark humour. Got to love Tubbs. yes, league of gentlemen. papa lazarou wants more wives for his circus! mighty boosh - crack fox, old gregg, nanageddon & eels. richard ayoade creases me up as saboo. "the crunch, how DARE you speak to me of the crunch" father ted, also the day today - uzi lover is my favourite rap song
songs when depressed do you wanna continue being depressed, get more depressed, or lol? for the former "match sticks" by aphex twin (off selected ambient works 2) for lols "i will cure you" by vic reeves (album)
but as PvD has said himself before, "there is no E in paul van dyk!" (but plenty in the colourful boys & girls he played to in sheffield, UK, late 90's ) i would say 808 state, possibly even altern8, took an underground sound & gave it a broader audience (albums perspective on a scene). then people like prodigy & orbital took the baton & made it even more mainstream. leftfield created prog-house with leftism. shouts also to the shamen for skirting around commercial with...
good point. i'd like to go one further & say anything that is programmable is not live (sequencers, arpeggiators, samplers....) it must be an audiophile thing, to compain about something being too loud! the events i've been to that have sound restrictions had caused uproar, with some people vowing never to return! but i guess a classical concert WILL have the optimum sound engineering applied, as apposed to electronic music which shines even more if it is 'belted out on...
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