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that's the only solution innit... sue them back (with maximum publicity). organizations like that get so big & blinkered with collecting money that they feel they are justified in bullying people regardless of wether they owe them or not! the TV license people used to do that to blind people. so they deserve all the ridicule and more!
Quote: Originally Posted by w0lla what kind of battery times are u guys pulling off with the 5800 and music listening, with some regular phone usage included (few calls per day, maybe some wlan..). Anyone using Hd25-1 with thise phone, good match? Quote: Originally Posted by Sparky191 Could you give more detail on this comparison? 5800 vs 890i battery time is not great if you use it constantly then do periodic scans for...
very good headphones in the style of those supplied with walkmans (tape) in the '80s. great but embarrasing. they leak! but if you don't care, go for it, as they do kick out a powerful sound for what they are. though after trying various styles (& prices), these seem too flimsy, light & impractical for me now. i think i'm gonna keep them in a glass box on a wall - break glass in case of emergency!!
another name drop: luke slater my favourite albums of his, "wireless", & the mix comps "fear & loathing 2" wireless is a cracking boombastic breaks & techno album, while F&L 2 is a great mix starting from ambient / minimal getting progressively harder as it goes.
you said travelling... how about some decent minimal techno? ricardo villalobos - vasco EP) - bought this months ago but still can't stop listening... very relaxing, emotive stuff, especially the first & last track "minimoonstar" & "skinfummel", the former being 31 mins+ with assorted but clever percussion & ethereal ambience, the latter having this great dreamy female french vocal on it that sounds like it's morphing from a gas to a liquid (????) or something similar...
the sony ericssons have that fastport thing which just ain't as good as a proper plug-in. they sound great with in-ears & have a very quick & easy walkman interface. nokia music phones seem to work well with cans (3.5mm jack), ofcourse no gapless on both of these. you should blag a listen on a colleague / friends / strangers iphone / nokia xm / walkman phone & see which you like.
overall quite like my 5800 sound quality, bass is very good though i don't get any distortion with HD25-1 or HD595 at full whack. sounds very detailed too, but i will say to me the sound is very wide & electronic like in a car stereo, if that makes any sense (yeah i have eq & widening off), but i'm really liking this sound actually. i do think it compares better to my W890i (which i think was designed for use with earphones, the 5800 sounds better with big cans). oh yes,...
just got a 5800. hoping nokia have improved over time. i *think* they've managed to patch up bluetooth security as symbian was the one that got viruses (win-mob simply to basic for this, other phones just carry .sis & give 'em to symbian - or used to). only thing that niggled me with nokia was the plasticness, i've been SE for a while & imo these have declined in quality so. also i found SE phones work well in some areas but not others (weak antenna) & that nokias...
yeah it's something to not worry about too much compared to the older models. i think you'll get plenty of innings out of it with ALAC, by that time i'll probably replace it just for being tatty (exterior wear & tear). or have a crack at opening the thing up myself
any of you on nokia music phone (xpress music, s60...) how is the sound? plenty loud? good with A2DP? any comparisons to walkman phone? i ask 'cos i just switched to the 5800, i'm hoping it sounds great but tbh i went back to nokia for the signal... though i'm reading alot of "iphone vs 5800" & quite pleased (i also plumped for this 'cos it's cheaper) i'll find out meself when it's charged
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