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i think with your hd25 it's loud enough? it works for me! answer is still: IEMs or closed cans, with or without LOD / amp. as it was when EU ipod classic came out.
i would say they are a great 'starter' audiophile can. it's both comforting & distressing to know that things improve even more upwards from these (comforting, because these sound great for me & if i upgrade i will be in for some real ear-enlightenment... distressing because of my wallet, lol). i bought these cheaper than my HD25-1s (discount) which seems fitting, two different kettles of fish, one is a workhorse & one is to treat myself with more of an open sound....
ISDN by future sound of london. i keep this in my player mostly for morbid fascination. starts off kinda technoid in a bladerunner kind of way, & then journeys off into the darkness through moody ambient (eyes pop - skin explodes - everybody dead) with the odd sleazy jazz elements thrown in just to take the edge off it slightly (smokin japanese babe, snake hips...) makes me laugh how music journos call massive attack "moody music", they should listen to this.
VENETIAN SNARES, all or any of (more towards drum & bass jungle idm glitchcore, etc...), my favourites being rossz csillag alatt sz├╝letett (orchestral breaks) & detrimentalist (junglist), or future loop foundation, conditions for living (d&b, with lots of double bass ) quite like PMT & koma & bones aswell.
Quote: Originally Posted by Bassheadd Ipods are so overrated its quite pathetic really. People just buy them cause everyone else has them and think its the only MP3 player to own. erm, not quite people prefer the design, it's not just a fashion thing, just that there's really no need for 20 odd buttons, switches & levers when someone can do this with better user interface. ipod is not the best in SQ but for most it's plenty good enough - still...
also depends on how much hard drive you have ;-) it IS worth it, obviously 'cos it's better... BUT, when you have something other than apple, you can't listen. some people think nothing of having two copies of music, i only want one. so i say, AAC @ 320, it will play on everything i have. in fact i just deleted some ALACs & reripped them. some will think i'm daft then for having ALAC & then downgrading. but the difference is tiny, so, meh
it is food for thought though... the hedgehog in the UK is now becoming extinct because of this problem. it's another reason i don't own a car. these poor animals they seem to be at the end of their evolution because they haven't adapted to the fast paced human environment. they have spikes to deterr foxes but unfortunately oblivious to what's on the roads. it saddens me deeply. only in certain areas are roads fitted with tunnel ducts & AFAIK they were installed for...
i'm usually on the net at the same time, google bing or yahoo! image results for me copy > paste
i have both these. i think this will depend on what type of music you listen to. if you listen to classical or other in-depth listening, go for the 595. the 595 have a really long cable ending in a 6.3mm jack & are open, so everyone will hear your music. not designed for portables (though that hasn't stopped me in the past). you would need a adapter, preferably a cabled one so you don't stress the 3.5mm socket. the HD25-1 however are perfect for portables as they're...
HD25-1s are pretty much indestructable due to their flexible plastic build. add to that it has replaceable parts. you can even personalise it.
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