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SOLD! Checking interest on some Shure 940's that come with all the original accessories, case, box, unused original pads x2, and the 1540 alcantara pads which i prefer as they slightly elevate the low end as well as add a bit of warmth to the top end. There is a small scuff on the plastic hinge on one side but they are otherwise in excellent condition. Will ship for $10 CONUS and can get some pics up later this evening.
Well after spending time with the 1350's, hp50's, and P7 I've gone back to the SRH 940's however I've put the 1540 alcantara pads on the which has added some more weight in the low end and a bit more body on the top making them very very enjoyable. Not ideal for portability and I will likely add some esw9 or maybe t51p for while I am on pubic transit but most of my listening is done once I get to work so the 940's do just fine for that time. It's not that theothers...
OK, I know this is an old thread but my S4 (purchased new less than a year ago) is having this problem. I can hear a distortion or crackling with some female vocals and other guitar tones and elements within the upper mids. This is even there using usb otg with FiiO E17 and have heard the problem at varying degrees with the stock earpads, Shure 940, NAD HP50, B&W P7, and Dt1350. I'm using the rocket player pro and all my updates are current. Any suggestions to correct...
I have a FiiO E17 that has been pretty decent for this purpose using with a OTG cable and Galaxy S4 but the headphone jack on it is having problems after it fell out and I had to glue it back in so I'm thinking it mught be time for an upgrade. Can anyone recommend something decent in the sub $300 range that will work in this fashion and sound better than the E17?
And there's battle for balance. On one hand I want something with a reasonably small footprint for portability and while on public transportation. On the other hand I am more concerned with SQ and of equal importance, something I can crank without leaking sound in a very quite office.Did you do any leakage tests with these?
I picked up the P7 and burned them in overnight. Sounds about like what I remember in the best buy I demoed them in which is a solid, enjoyable sound. The issue I am having with them and may be a cause for a return is the vocals. They just sound too removed for my tastes. I prefer a more front row vocal presentation so I'm not sure where to go next, maybe PSB? I'm going to mess with the eq a bit and see what I can do. Does anyone know if the Apple stores have the m500 on...
Not a big fan of the Sony house sound usually and I did look at those but read some comments about their character in their thread that put me off. Mostly like the p7 from what I ah e demoed so far so will probably go with that.
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