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 Nice coop! I prefer to use some sort of technique to alleviate the weight of the cable. Usually I just tuck the cable in the top of my shirt, allowing slack, and those heavy earpieces become very comfortable.
As as avid electronic music listener, DJ, and producer, it took me a while to evaluate their level of enjoyment with the LAB I and this genre. I can say they absolutely kill it with electronic, far exceeding my expectations. It sounds really good. Also, been doing a tip comparison. Just the tip! DITA, MH1, LAB stock, Hybrid on the bill. The Hybrid are the best for me, without a doubt. Most natural sounding with the most pure imaging and developed soundstage. Honorable...
 The original PM had a typo in it. It's actually the Sony MH750. Sorry about that.Edit: He did mention the stem was thicker than the LAB tips.Edit2: He compared to the hybrids and likes them better.
 So when you are speaking to an audience about a brand new IEM, a basis for comparison must be set. 1p2 was the overwhelmingly obvious choice. Things are much different now.And I was very specific to iterate that I would not go into details about the sound, only give an idea, a feeling of what it was like - since I had a prototype, and not the final version, which I knew to be different. I did not want to mislead.So I am glad my writing not only met my personal criteria,...
 YES!! So glad you got your ears on a pair.A guy PMd me and said that the stock tips from the Sony MHA750, which comes bundled with some phones, was a substantial improvement over the stock LAB I tips in sound quality, for him - in his opinion, of course. Smoother and more 3-D were the qualities.
 true...    But, I do the same thing. I have to separate the novelty from the great. The men from the boys. Taking a break provides a whole different perspective. And if they pass the test, I end up loving them more. If not, they get sold. Actually having a tiny bit of a hard time reconnecting with the Truth. I want to hear the Answer again. 
 Definitely.   I don't think a.nal has much to do with it, but rather physics and electrical laws. Of course people will have their preferences, and of course there will be people that like a certain sound. You said impedance mismatch has nothing to do with it. And specifically because it was a dynamic driver. So the extrapolation was obvious. And it's just not true. Like shane said, the effects of not having proper damping is loss of control in the driver, most apparent...
 Somewhere along the way you've picked up some misinformation. I'll grant you that the complexity of several BA drivers and crossovers adds even more variables to the impedance equation, but why do you think dynamic drivers are exempt? In fact one way to resolve an impedance mismatch is by adding wire to the driver's voice coil, in theory.  Impedance mismatch has everything to do with it. 
 Yes!  Yeah the Note 3 will give you an impedance mismatch, it's OI it over 2 ohm. 901 is good to go. 
 What are you using to amp? What is the output impedance? With the DITAs low impedance of 16 ohms, you'll need an amp with nice and low output impedance - below 2 ohms at minimum. iPhone 5 is around 4-5 ohms OI, which is too high. Bass audibly suffers the most when a damping factor isn't well-suited to the earphone's driver. Mids and highs will range from sounding like garbage, to fairly ok - depends on the impedance curve of the earphone. 
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