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 And about this: I wonder what I would think now. I do believe the SP to be a more balanced and better sounding headphone, but that doesn't mean it's more fun. This wasn't a concept I was privy to when I owned both. I just remember having loads of fun with the Ed8, and I am wondering if I am missing that to a certain extent.  I remember the mids of the Ed8 sounding paper thin by comparison, and the highs being crazy hot, but not Pro 900 hot. Kinda want to try them again!
I wouldn't post dollar amounts for that reason. But feel free to PM me a heads up on their current price standing! : )
Careful there : )   Bass heavy? Moreso than the average bear, but it's such high quality, "boom" is no way to describe it. The bass is so clean and tight that sometimes they give the false impression of having less than they do. Must be heard!
Nice, email sent. Ultrasone got nasty with them and forced them to stop selling. So either RMC agreed to sell at the MAP price, or Ultrasone realized how many units RMC could move : )
 100% agreed. And the TH900 is my favorite dynamic. 
 Not silly whatsoever. Ok, so the 3003 is, what I consider to be the HD800 in portable form. If you like the presentation and sound signature of the 3003, you will almost certainly like the HD800. The Hugo will not have any problems driving the HD800 with straight output power. I don't know what kind of voltages the Hugo swings, but it sounds fine. At some point down the line you may want to look at am amp with more power to get the most from the HD800. The HD800 will take...
$65 dollars, free shipping, Amazon Prime US. Picked one up.    And Rakuten should ship to UK.    Edit: Also have an SDJ willing to sell, or trade for SP.    Edit 2: dallan, I want to know which of the two you would keep (SP vs Ed8) - having owned both! Maybe wise to keep to yourself, however. PM me! It was a tough call for me.    Edit 3: Seriously, anywhere to get them new these days for less than $1300  ?? RMC spoiled me. 
Feedback is needed. Chord is involved in this thread. Any feedback is helpful, good and bad.    I could see where you could easily draw that conclusion. We're talking about a pretty niche product here that is in the first stages of initial release. There are other problems with the material too, causing confusion. But we'll figuring it out, and Chord will act accordingly. Those guys build great audio equipment, and I'm doubting writing tech manuals is their specialty : )
 Welcome! Feel free to ask any and every question you want. We're a collaborative community here to help. I apologize if there has been an environment created where there is hesitation to ask anything out of fear that it may have already been addressed.  About the USB inputs, the "SD" USB input is meant to handle up to 16 bit / 48Khz files, without a driver for Mac and PC. The "HD" input supports all the way up to 384Khz, DXD, DSD up to 128, but requires a driver for...
With the absolute most sensitive earphones I use, like the K3003, I get the faintest amount of hiss, barely perceptible, and not audible in any way with music playing.    Have you noticed a difference in hiss levels with different inputs? With no inputs connected, is the hiss the same?
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