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Just for grins, as I don't usually touch EQ, I spent some time EQing the DP with a 64-bit HD EQ. I can get them to sound pretty amazing. They are quite chameleon-like in that I can EQ them differently for different genres of music, and they become the best at anything I throw at them. Very responsive to EQ.    Durable, very portable, and great sound. It's still a favorite for me. 
 Yes, it was a limited edition which sold out in a week. They've mentioned that they will do a series based on this concept, so I would think they would probably release the most expensive one first. They also said if the Lab-1 were successful, they would do a full production of it. I think it qualified as successful ; )
 I hope this isn't perceived as tasteless, not my intent in any way.  
 Hey T! for that price, might as well give 'em a whirl! And I found a Japanese distributor that feels confident in being able to "reserve" one. Not sure if it's a language barrier, he is misinformed, or if he knows they will be making a full run on the Lab-1. 
I love these headphones again. The cable addressed my biggest personal problems with it. Mostly too much of a laid back presence, and a midrange that would get lost sometimes being so far away. Now the sound is more dynamic, and the mids sing.    But think subtle guys, think subtle. This is only a cable. A slightly different one at that, practically. These are just my ears. I'm not a cable guy. I can appreciate some cables. I don't get my phones rewired. But this is...
 Got the Oyaide in. I quite like it. Not as stiff as I was expecting based on reports here. Brand new is mildly stiffer than stock. It'll loosen up. Sound is more dynamic, with a stronger and cleaner presentation overall, by a small step. I thought the biggest difference was a more upfront and present midrange that just really rounded out the sound nicely. I thought the lows tightened up a tad. Did not notice any immediate change to the high end or the soundstage.  A...
 Having talked to FAD and the distributors, there's not a LAB-1 to be had. They sold out in a week. I'm betting that qualifies as "successful." I still want to hear it. 
 Wow dude. That's awesome. That has to be a unique synergy right there. 
 I agree here. I do believe Rob said it was converted to PCM, but I will have to go back and check.  I have been testing a certain few tracks with varying bit rates: MP3: 128 and 320, FLAC: 16/24, 16/32, DSD: 68, 124. And upsampled versions of the MP3's and FLAC's to every bit rate in-between.  My take is that when you start upsampling, dealing with very high bit rates, conversion of DSD to PCM, you're throwing a lot of software, someone else's code, what they believe to...
 What to do for all the first-batch guys? Because I really don't want to go for any time without the Hugo. It goes everywhere with me. To work, next to the computer, heck it's by my side when I fall asleep and wake up. More reliable than a human partner ; )
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