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 Oh this is entirely just my take on it, my opinion - which I had before I ever worked with Cavalli Audio. I don't think there's a right or wrong way to think about the naming. It's like art, completely subjective and meaningful to each in their own regard. 
To me, Cavalli's amplifier names always reflected a top-performing attribute or substance (Lightning or Gold), combined with "liquid" - an attribute not normally associated with said substance.    When you think of lightning, you don't think of liquid. You think of something awe-inspiring, powerful and an incredible source of energy. Liquid makes one emote images of smoothness, clarity, a stable state, non-volatile. So the names have been a dichotomy of sorts to combine...
Understandable, and unfortunately inevitable.   With so many great names, I wish everyone could have an amp : )
 Indeed.   Quote:Originally Posted by glassmonkey  With all the entries, I'm sure there were lots of duplicates.  Precisely. As mentioned here, and in the rules, duplicate winning name submissions will be determined by the earliest official timestamp, to the contest begin time.  If Mikko had not been able to be verified, we would have gone to the next person with the winning name.
      Congratulations and a big thank you to Mikko L. for his winning name submission in the Cavalli Audio Pocket your Portable amp naming contest!     Introducing the Liquid Spark as the name of Cavalli Audio's newest, and portable, addition to the amplifier fleet. Many thanks to all of you that submitted names. The creativity was endless - many fantastic names and ideas. I'll just have to get the good doctor to invent a whole shipload of new amplifiers so we...
The judges have spoken, and a winning amp name has been selected in the amp naming contest!   We will be announcing the winner, and the winning name just as soon as we are able to verify the winner! Stay tuned, any minute now : )      
Well, the Cavalli Audio Pocket your Portable contest is over!   Good luck to all - the participation was fantastic - and there are many creative, well thought-out names to consider. Our work is cut out for us. More info along the way, but look for the winner to be announced around November 20th.
Guys, less than one week, and 6 chances left to get your winning name entered into the "Pocket your Portable" amp naming contest!   Remember you can enter once-per-day, which resets at 12AM (CST). So keep the names coming, the participation has been fantastic, and we look forward to what the judging panel decides : )   In case you did not know, the judging panel includes a rock-star lineup of Mr. Jude Mansilla, Warren Chi, and Don Basel...
 I agree. That's how I came to work with Alex. After extensive research I discovered his LF back in the day and decided more people should hear his stuff. So I work with him because I think he makes the best amps around. And my LAu never ceases to surprise me with what it can do. Currently I have it running XLR out to some PSB Imagine B's (4 ohm, 89db sensitivity), fed by a Chord 2Qute. I'm blown away by this set up. I am getting nearly 90db SPL @ 1 meter per channel, with...
 Good, glad it worked. Contest support confirmed it does reset at midnight in the US (CDT) time zone.  Let me know if you have any more problems.
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