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I never expected Drew or Moon to do any sort of repair, but just thought he might be a good resource to recommend someone to talk to since he is a distributor. So I was running Drew's referral by you all in case anyone'd had experience with that group.    Sounds like I should contact Bluebird.    Thanks
 Yes. Listening to the HE1000 at the moment on a Liquid Gold, comparing with the Abyss... HE1000 is quite a bit more efficient than the Abyss. In fact, I got some pretty unexpectedly nice results with the new Cavalli portable proto and the HE1000. But of course, the portable packs a wallop.... But still, LF will be more than plenty - there is considerably more power with the LF than the Carbon or portable, and the Carbon does the HE1000 fine justice indeed. 
So I fried mine, of my own acChord, and hit up Drew at Moon, my original retailer, and he referred me to:    "The Service Department."   This my best course of action?
 We are looking to open up preorders for these amps in a couple weeks on CavalliAudio.com. Then the manufacturing run will commence once the final designs are complete and up to CA caliber. The final amps will have more refined casework, as the units at CanJam were prototypes. The Carbon is just about finalized, and the portable is having the battery and charging circuitry finished. Since the portable is fully discrete, it requires more juice than OP amps. It is sounding...
Uncola is right, final pricing is still being set, but I can say these figures are in the ballpark!
 It will be hard to top the AK UI in a prosumer DAP device. If you experienced some of the others out there, you would be grateful for your AK UI  The iPod generation... We're all spoiled!
I will have the opportunity to directly A/B the following if anyone is interested in notes.   Hugo > Liquid Gold > Abyss (balanced)   Resolution Audio Cantata Music Center > Liquid Gold > Abyss (balanced)   Cantata will have DAC output options for balanced and unbalanced. Input options will be optical via SN7, and USB/Coax with AP/PP and I have Heimdall2, Cardas Clear, and Syn Research on hand. 
Aw no, it's not like that. I can't stand being sequestered to a listening spot because of thick cables. That's not fun. Your environments sound fine to me. Hugo can move around and be adjusted with SN7, for sure. But I wouldn't expect it to stay connected thriugh a 7.5 or higher earthquake
Congrats, man! Of course we can converse about the accuracy, and whether or not it is worth the expense, but at the end of the day, the Abyss is far and away the most enjoyable piece of audio gear I've ever heard. So, that's a priceless value to me. I think you'll enjoy! It's also the only headphone I've heard that, when I finally heard it, despite all the hype, was still completely blown away : )
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