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Josh bought my MS2's, and no hassles whatsoever. A great buyer!
bump, now officially for sale, with price named.
Now officially for sale. No pic yet, but these MS2's are the older, rare, and I would say more musical and better-looking version. They look perfect, with no scratches. Headband and cable look excellent. Read my thoughts on the MS2's in my past posts. I still feel the exact same way, but have not really logged on real headphone listening in a long while, and that's the only reason I'm selling. Grado box available, even the original receipt when they were bought. I'm second...
Jonathan (XXII) bought my HF-1's. Fast payment; no hassles at all. Enjoy the HF-1's!
price drop again---> now at $SOLD. Somebody buy it before I come to my senses.
^^^again lowered: now at $SOLD
bendix not a head-fi household name? (bump, just in case)
bump, lowered price from $XXX to $XXX.
Bendix 6106 (Premium 5Y3) (three pieces) - $30/each - These rectifier tubes are the rare Bendix, used in missiles, and are meant to last forever. A significant improvement from the more mundane rectifier tubes. Seldom used. Pic on Audiogon (username Rayo). Thanks for looking.
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