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I'm in. I can bring: AKG K1000 LCD-2 Red Wine 30.2 amp Red Wine Isabellina HPA dac / headphone amp
I'm in.  I was hoping to attend the February meet but I came down with a cold the day before, so I'm really looking forward to this one. I'll be bringing pretty much the same gear as I've brought in the past:   AKG K1000 Grado HP-1000 (HP1)  Audeze LCD-2   Red Wine 30.2 Red Wine Isabellina HPA Wadia 170i   Mostly vintage (kind of like me!) headphones. The only real difference in the stack is a classic 1959 pinched waist Amperex tube I managed to score for the...
Thanks CEE TEE,   You host a great party!
Thanks CEE TEE,   You host a great party!
My experience with the fit for my UERMs was a bit bumpy.  I had my impressions done at the meet last year.  It took four adjustments to get the fit right.    Now they're comfortable and I can easily wear them for hours, but it took quite a while (sending them back and forth) to get them that way.    FWIW -- the adjustment tool on the UE web site works pretty well and UE handled the adjustment requests professionally.  Here''s the link to the tool if anyone needs...
Hi CEETEE,   With the exception of a few minor tweaks, I'll be bringing the same gear as last year.  I'd prefer to be placed in the 'quiet' room.  I'll bring:         Grado HP-1000 (HP-1)     AKG K1000 - hardwired Equinox     LCD-2 - Norse 8-wire Norn     ...     Red Wine Isabellina HPA  - Amperex Holland pinch waist     Red Wine 30.2     Wadia iPod dock
Hmmm....  It looks like maybe I misread it.  I think you're right. 
This should be interesting:  
Red Wine has partnered with Audeze to produce a balanced amp designed specifically for the LCD-2. http://redwineaudio.com/components/audeze_edition
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