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Any luck getting that info? I can't wait to hear how they sound!
Hello! For sale I have a Sansa Clip+ 8GB edition with a 32GB microSD card. It is in great condition, seeing as I never go anywhere to use it!  There is no physical damage, and the player has a surprisingly nice DAC inside.
Definitely let me know about these. I never got around to buying them.
Hello! I am selling off my Somic MH463 (with Turtle Beach X12 pads) and my JVC HA-S500 with Coby pads.  I would like $35 for the HA-S500 and $50 for the MH463 (plus shipping). Alternatively, I'd be willing to sell both for $80. This is a STEAL for someone looking for a nice portable set, and a slightly more refined set to use at home. EDIT: The MH463 is back for sale.
I have the better package.   It's not a better package, to me at least.
....   Uhh...check again? Different drivers.  
Yep. I tried removing the dampening and the Somic logo. It didn't do enough for me. These really need to be fully-opened, I feel, to sound their best, but kudos to you if you can find a way to work it out.
This is where you bring in the Goop.
Perhaps you could cut out some slits in the back, opening it up a bit.  I didn't put the caps back on and I don't intend on doing so. This *needs* to be open-backed (or at least more opened than it is). You could also put some wire meshing on the inside of the cups. I didn't get around to it, but you could definitely create a grille that way and it'd look a lot nicer. Additionally, that's just what happens with open-backed headphones. Open-backed headphones aren't meant...
Yes! Both leakage out and leakage in are much higher. I let my father use them (he listens fairly loudly, but not too far from the norm), and I could hear his music clearly and intelligibly from 4 feet away. The regular 82 is OK for library use if put at a quiet enough volume. Take the Opefi to the library and you're getting kicked out!
New Posts  All Forums: