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May be try Fischer Audio Fa 002/003 with wooden cups? They new with wooden cups will be cost as wooden cups for D2000. :-) And they sound different to D2000. Mmm?
No, AKG400 was with stock pads, I have taken them to listen about year ago. Do AKG601 need some warming to show their potential? I was a little dissapointed - I waiting them for a long time, at least buy them and such sound... Can't say anything about high and mids - they are very clear and airy.
They always change. Now - old soviet orthos Afmiton TDS-15.
nikongod, have you heard both D2000 and D5000? If yes, is there a dramatic difference in their sound? I have D2000 and like them much. :-)
Hello. Such a big tread. :-) I also have a pair of AKG 601. But I think they have a weak bass. I know that they are open and dont wait a bass like a Denon AH-D2000 from them. But AKG 400, that I listened earlier have a more bass I think. Is this normal? Or I must warm them? They are not new, I bought them on Ebay. Thank you! P.S. Dont punch me hard, ok?
They look great! Good job!
Pm'ed. Please, answer.
Hello. I pm'ed you. Can you answer me in pm it was good proposal or not? :-) Thanks.
As I understand Grundig GDHS 223 and NAD RP18 have Fostex drivers? And what price will be for NAD? Thanks.
Hello. Please, tell what you think about sound of NAD RP18? You dont like it too?
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