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^^ They are one of my headphones of interest. I saw some in Sell/Trade topic or you can purchase it from their site, and choose what cups you want.
:-) May be I am simply dont like this headphones, but I know what AKG sound is - thanks to AKG400. And I waited a cooler sound from AKG601. Seller told me that this headphones made in Austria, not in China. And this was one of reasons why I bouhgt them. :-) They got this text on cups - Made in Austria. I don't have any paperwork for them. Is serial anyware on phones? Opinion that my AKG601 have weak bass is not only mine - my friends tells me this so, and I didnt tell...
May be try Fischer Audio Fa 002/003 with wooden cups? They new with wooden cups will be cost as wooden cups for D2000. :-) And they sound different to D2000. Mmm?
No, AKG400 was with stock pads, I have taken them to listen about year ago. Do AKG601 need some warming to show their potential? I was a little dissapointed - I waiting them for a long time, at least buy them and such sound... Can't say anything about high and mids - they are very clear and airy.
They always change. Now - old soviet orthos Afmiton TDS-15.
nikongod, have you heard both D2000 and D5000? If yes, is there a dramatic difference in their sound? I have D2000 and like them much. :-)
Hello. Such a big tread. :-) I also have a pair of AKG 601. But I think they have a weak bass. I know that they are open and dont wait a bass like a Denon AH-D2000 from them. But AKG 400, that I listened earlier have a more bass I think. Is this normal? Or I must warm them? They are not new, I bought them on Ebay. Thank you! P.S. Dont punch me hard, ok?
They look great! Good job!
Pm'ed. Please, answer.
Hello. I pm'ed you. Can you answer me in pm it was good proposal or not? :-) Thanks.
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