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O man... Now I have one idea... When phones comes to me, they have very strange smell - chemical. Later I understood that this can be smell of washing powder. May be seller washed pads to make them cleaner? And after that sound changed this way? Your posts pushed me to this idea! Can be this story in such way?
I am selling very rare old soviet isodynamic headphones Amfiton TDS-7 in excellent condition. I have two pairs now, so I can let go to one of them. Asking SOLD (shipping included). Will ship worldwide.   Construction of TDS-7 - traditional isodinamic, have 5 pairs of magnets (FeBa, 45x6x4 mm) and membrane (PET 7...8 microns, 60x45 mm) with aluminium coil (10 microns, 8 turns). Nominal power....2 mW, Max. power.......1W (acustic pressure 124 db), Peak...
Quote: Originally Posted by Taowolf51  Why not just buy the stock D5000 wooden cups for $59?     This is much cheaper than $300 - Chadley says about such sum. I think this is good variant. Can you give a link? This is interesting and for me too.    
May be top solution from Creative? Asus is great sound card, I have one, but when a read a reviews, they say that Creative has more game sound effectes support. This was not imortant for me, so i bought an Asus, but i think this is important for you.
Interesting headphones. Never saw them before...
They have very original design. Does they sounds like they look?
^^ They are one of my headphones of interest. I saw some in Sell/Trade topic or you can purchase it from their site, and choose what cups you want.
:-) May be I am simply dont like this headphones, but I know what AKG sound is - thanks to AKG400. And I waited a cooler sound from AKG601. Seller told me that this headphones made in Austria, not in China. And this was one of reasons why I bouhgt them. :-) They got this text on cups - Made in Austria. I don't have any paperwork for them. Is serial anyware on phones? Opinion that my AKG601 have weak bass is not only mine - my friends tells me this so, and I didnt tell...
May be try Fischer Audio Fa 002/003 with wooden cups? They new with wooden cups will be cost as wooden cups for D2000. :-) And they sound different to D2000. Mmm?
No, AKG400 was with stock pads, I have taken them to listen about year ago. Do AKG601 need some warming to show their potential? I was a little dissapointed - I waiting them for a long time, at least buy them and such sound... Can't say anything about high and mids - they are very clear and airy.
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