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Nice phones!
Looks great with new pads!!! Sad that your should part with them...
Sorry, I close listing. Soon they will be wood edition!!! ^^
Brilliant cans! New owner will be happy.
Price drop! Bump!
Price drop! ^^ Don't let them go!
Good phones and in very good condition. I have such pair - they have very good dynamics, they are really fast. And their look... You can buy them only for that! ^^
I am selling my pair of famous open Fischer Audio FA-002. They are in very good state, as you can see on the photos. There are no case, it was lost. Reason of selling them - optimizing my collection, I have another pair with wood cups from red cherry tree (brilliant cans, I should say ^^). So I should let them go. I want ... for them. They will be packed carefully and will be sent worldwide from Minsk, Belarus. Please contact me for shipping cost. Any questions or...
Already PM'ed him. :-)
No one interested in best sounding version extra rare first version of TDS-5? I am shocked!
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