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One for the PC and one for the HTC...That's my excuse. A third? We need one the baby room because it will help with cognitive development...Going to try that one soon!
Sunny’s Home Theater & Music Systems in Covina always seems to be hosting events. Second to the last time I was there, Dynaudio, Straight Wire and Wilson were present. The last time I dropped by, the LAOC Audiophile Society was holding an event. 
Count me in. I'll be rolling by +1, if possible :)  
MSB  Diamond Platinum IV + FemtoSecond Galaxy Clock. Soundstage and instrument separation were its hallmarks. But then again, I knew the price the owner paid for the system. A severe case of psycho acoustics was certainly at play during the audition. Regardless, the Diamond Platinum IV + FemtoSecond Galaxy Clock has been the best and most expensive DAC I have heard in person. Just attend any one of the regional audiophile shows and they should have some top performers on...
  Proper gain staging dictates that volume should be controlled by the last component in the chain. This is not the case with the your intended usage of the Twin6 Be as they are meant to be used in conjunction with a mixer. There are only two input sensitivity selections available with the Twin6 Be, which means that volume must be controlled via the computer, or by way of a DAC with preamp functionality. As you really only have two choices to control volume at this point,...
Nobody else? Certainly more difficult than BLIND TEST: Lossless vs. MP3 320 owing to the fact that the sample was selected from a more conventionally mastered release as opposed to the more dynamic DCC and unlimited HDtracks versions.               
Exactly. If anything, consider it a contest between you and your own system. The sample was pulled from what is widely considered the best mastered and thusly, the best digital version of the song. So sit back and enjoy :) .  
  Depends on the definition of good mastering. In the case of past and present pop, good as in replayable with consistency across general consumer devices (limited and denoised), or good as in a dynamic flat transfer from well-preserved tapes (in the case of analog recordings) with only a touch of EQ when required? 
[Double Post...]  
Correct. That is how 24-bit media is handled for CMI8788 cards (Xonar ST/STX) under OSS4 and ALSA: 24-bit samples are required to be aligned in 32-bit words in memory.    That statement represents my personal golden rule of source improvement: It's all in the mastering. Seeking the best mastered version of an album, or a song is the reason why I am constantly comparing waveforms, sonograms and listening to different versions of releases. For example, I just deleted...
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