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Checked Brian's web site. Headphones Not serviable: ALL Etymotic, ALL Klipsch (save S4 and Custom 3), ALL Jays, ALL Ortophone, ALL Hifiman In ear headphones (not to be confused with their Planar magnetics., UE TF10, HD380. Bose, Beats'
Vesper got back to me today. They are located in Belarus. Meta arg(coax) cable + recabling is from 130usd. Anthem CL + recabling is from 85 usd.
I want to recable my 262's Sent Vesper an e-mail yesterday. Still waiting for a response.
No expansion slot or line-out, maybe I'll wait for the HM-701 hint, hint.
   Thanks Inks, I'm getting the 262's repaired.
Sony xba-2 $29.99 at factory direct.
I'm interested, can you include me on the list?
Mine are pushing up Daisies. They were one of my favorites when they were working. I would replace them if they were still around.
I find the bass will vary with different tracks and also with dap's. IPod touch G5 sounds lighter compared to colorfly C3 or HM-601. Overall the DT1350's bass is very good.
I've had he C3 for a couple of weeks and I'm quite impressed.  I find the iPod 5G touch does well with the upper frequency range however is a little thin on the lower frequency range.  The  C3 is solid across the frequency spectrum.  The separation and spacing are noticeably better on the C3.
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