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Count me in.
I'm in.
Don't throw them out. I needed a donor Re262 last year and was lucky to find them. Send them my way if you can't find someone who needs them.
So true.
Good news, found the HF5`s in the car.
   I have a Marantz CD6005 cd player. Will bring it if there is interest in hearing it.
I`m in and definitely can attend.
I just received my Shozy Alien today from ebay seller pollychen0306.  Its serialized with serial number "00001".   Did the serialization start after the initial production, or is this the first Alien very made?   I have the Fiio E17 that was not serialized, however later units were serialized. Hoping this is first of a new batch.
  The intention of the database is to compare the Dynamic Compression in recordings. The value applied is an approximation of the average softest to loudest peak.Its not scientific but it works. It gives you a choice to select the version with higher dynamics, if an artist has more that one release of the same album. I have noticed  that the new remastered versions or Best of releases often are have more Dynamic Compression than the original release.
Audioholics used this track for a vinyl vs CD comparison.   If you fast forward to the 7:30 point, Gene explains that the Miles Davis Vinyl version had much more realistic Brass  than the digital version and suspects the dynamic compression had something to do with it.  
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