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  The intention of the database is to compare the Dynamic Compression in recordings. The value applied is an approximation of the average softest to loudest peak.Its not scientific but it works. It gives you a choice to select the version with higher dynamics, if an artist has more that one release of the same album. I have noticed  that the new remastered versions or Best of releases often are have more Dynamic Compression than the original release.
Audioholics used this track for a vinyl vs CD comparison.   If you fast forward to the 7:30 point, Gene explains that the Miles Davis Vinyl version had much more realistic Brass  than the digital version and suspects the dynamic compression had something to do with it.  
I'm using the HM-601 Which has a dedicated line out. It works well. All the Hifiman Dap`s have LOD`s. The Fiio-X1 has an LOD/headphone Jack thats switched. The FiIO-X3 and X5 have dedicated LOD`s. The ibass DX 90, 100 series also have LOD`S.
I sent my Re-262 to Vesper audio and got them back. It took a few months as one of the drivers was dead and needed a replacement donor. I have to say the did a really good job. So the answer is yes. Re-262 and 272 can be recabled. Unfortunately I don't have access to a unmodified set to compare to.
I have had the clip, fuse, fuse plus and the C3 for some time now, and agree with Beyakusenn`s conclusion. Not amped, the C3 is more enjoyable to listen to hands down. However when amped with a decent amp the Sansas really step up. They take on a whole new personality which can sound as enjoyable as the C3.
I just got a Costco membership and decided to check out there headphones. Found the KEF M200 for $99 CDN. Shipping and handling included. Note. This is for Costco.CA. the Canadian site.only.
If you don't mind the colour white, the Philips Fidelio S2 are only $85.50 us at The black are priced higher $119.00. I'm way over my headphone budget but very tempted to go for it.
Checked Brian's web site. Headphones Not serviceable: ALL Etymotic, ALL Klipsch (save S4 and Custom 3), ALL Jays, ALL Ortophone, ALL Hifiman In ear headphones (not to be confused with their Planar magnetics., UE TF10, HD380. Bose, Beats'
Vesper got back to me today. They are located in Belarus. Meta arg(coax) cable + recabling is from 130usd. Anthem CL + recabling is from 85 usd.
I want to recable my 262's Sent Vesper an e-mail yesterday. Still waiting for a response.
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