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As title. Looking for a pair um pro 30 in good condition. Shoot me an offer with detail (condition, warranty date, acceceries ...etc)   hope finding one in con US.
  quick view of current headphone, k702 w/ HA 160
as title, I am looking for a corda classic for my k702.   if you have one that you want to sell. shoot me an offer w/ pictures of the conditon   prefer to find one in con USA   thanks
the ground noise really bugs me...even it gets lower after warm up for like 1 hour. I think tube amp isn't the best for lazy guy like me who likes to keep things simple. I do think the taste of tube is warm and smooth, but again the noise is the part I cannot take. I guess is because both headphones I have :k702, pro900 are low resistance...too bad I sold my dt880/600 ohm and hd650 already. Otherwise I would have a chance to test if that's true.
finally got my hd650 sold, now I am looking for a pair of used but in great condition Pro 900.   All accessories needed(hard case, cables, disc...etc)   Prefer the headphones are in original condition, no modded, re-cable...etc   it would be nice if you could sent me some pictures.   Thank you for reading.     PS: US/Canada seller prefer, I live in UT
Up for sell is a lightly used hd 650.   It was bought in March 2011 by the first owner from a authorized dealer ,   which means it is still under the 2-yr warranty.   there is no damage or anything on the phone. I just find myself like k702 better   the price is SLOD shipped in Con-US via USPS with deliver confirmation to address on Paypal.   Sorry no shipping outside the US   It comes with the original paper box,the case, and 3.5mm...
found the pictures.   Maybe I should say w/ white screen around the drivers.
Looking a pair of AKG k702 in mint condition,   prefer with box and everything.
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