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Am I too late? Im going to guess  10.2 kg  15.7 kg 30.8 kg   All completely random haha   Cheers
Hi guys I've been on the forums for a while now but never have actually posted anything.     I have a question about diamond buffer amps, I am building the RJM Sapphire headphone Amp for an electronics project (Amp found here:  What I want to know is what is a "Diamond Buffer" and how does it work. Any information would be helpful.   Thanks In Advance Guys!   Caleb.
under $200 AUD  But ill spend more if needed
Hey Guys long time no talk   I need an external sound card to suit my DENON AVR 1803 and my Bowers and Wilkins 686's.   So what are my options? I'd prefer Xpress card over USB    But just throw a few suggestions around =)   Cheers Jonesy
Nah I don't have a pair of beats haha I can't stand them nor can I stand the new Bowers and Wilkins Headphones   I currently own a pair of skullcandy **haters please** ONLY reason is because I currently don't have a lot of money haha BUT I do own a Cowon S9 which I parade around Tassie like a proud man, no one down hear has heard of Cowon.    Cheers Guys =)
So Ive been looking at the Swans Hivi range of Home theatre speakers in particular the D10 Front Speakers.   Only one problem I like to hear my speakers before I buy them and no one in Tasmania stocks this brand. So was wondering if anyone has had experience with these speakers or this brand?           Cheers Jonesy
Hi Guys   Names Caleb or Jonesy512 on the forums  17 and from Tasmania   Interests: Live Sound Recording Speaker and Headphone Enthusiast     Looking forward to being a part of the community     Cheers Jonesy
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