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Support this thread even though i come from Hong Kong Sadly, 64gb A860 series is very rare
  Yup, i gonna get one CD6004. Should i also got the 6004 amp?   I just use it for headphone 650  
Can you tell me wt headphone used for it?   With amp???
Thanks a lot!!!    Maybe i will buy a amp later
I am planning to buy a CD player with headphone jack.   Can anyone share with me any difference between  marantz cd6000 series or cd5000 series. Can they driver headphone like HD650, HD600  fully? What if it is er4s AKG headphone?   I also find some cd players like denon DCD-710AE . Can anyone share any other options.      
i am using the sm3 and love it very much. Now i have a problem, upgrade to sm3 v2 or not. i'm wondering will there any great improvement when change to ALO CABLE OR remold it, If i upgrade to v2 and change cable, does it require any amplifer? I tried the pico slim, only slightly different.
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