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Quote: Originally Posted by nick20 FYI I have some CD's in the 1,700+ kbps the difference is HUGE! And most of my CD's are around 1,400 kbps. ALL CDs are 1411kbps. If you're ripping to an uncompressed format and seeing higher bitrates, there is something wrong with the way you are ripping the CD. Check the settings of your ripping program and make sure that it isn't resampling, for example.
Quote: Originally Posted by arande2 When it comes to EQ on digital portable audio devices, no I do not EQ. That's one of the reasons that I use Rockbox. Its EQ is flexible enough to allow cutting frequencies rather than boosting, and it also has a pre-cut feature that reduces overall gain so that if you are boosting particular frequencies, you still have headroom to spare.
Quote: Originally Posted by tinseljim Not using EQ makes most sense for headphones but less sense for speakers. This is because the room in which your speakers are located may have either standing waves or resonant frequencies which will distort the music naturally. The Fletcher-Munson equal loudness contours apply equally to headphone listening as they do to speaker listening. EQ can be used to compensate for the natural tendency of the ear to...
Quote: Originally Posted by majkel ROTFL! Less bits = higher quality. Can you decrease the quality by using more bits? Think. Do you contend that using more bits always equals an increase in sound quality?
Quote: Originally Posted by majkel -V0 doesn't even reach the 256kb/s quality level - just because of the fact of lower bitrate. LAME almost invariably uses a substantial number of 320kbps frames when it encodes at -V0.
Here's what I have at the moment: Guitars: 1967 Gibson ES330 TDC Guild X500 archtop Epiphone Emperor Epiphone Sheraton II with upgraded electronics G&L Comanche Guild D50 Basses: Robelli Doublebass Schecter C-5 1987 Fender Jazz Bass Special Fretless Fender MIM 4-string Jazz Brice Douglas Jazz 5 Aria Pro IGB-68 Amplifiers and cabinets: Reverend Hellhound 40/60 Fender Super 60 Acoustic Image Clarus Aguilar GS112 Raezer's Edge Stealth 10 Effects and such: Line6...
Love the way you go out of your way to make the point that the ad is for a gay dating service (including drawing a giant red arrow pointing to the word "gay") and then pretend that your objection is to any dating site.
Quote: Originally Posted by epithetless It's LAME -V 2 --vbr-new for me. If you're using the most recent release of LAME (3.98), you don't need the --vbr-new switch. I use -V 5.
Quote: Originally Posted by Computerpro3 Now I'm no homophobe, Then why bother starting a thread?
Quote: Originally Posted by Awah I do exactly that! I'll be listening along and I'll be...this doesn't sound very oood at all...and I'll check, it'll be a lower bit rate (lower than 200) and other times I'll be like, "This song is awesome!" and the bit rate with be low once again. I used to think the same way. It turns out that I just had some poorly-encoded files, and that I had mistakenly attributed the problem to the bitrate rather than the...
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