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I can't do 28th because that is Anime North. I would rather do this in June, personally. But I don't everyone is going to want to reschedule so close to the date.
Made a mistake. Anime north is the week after. I might be coming to this one after all but 100% sure yet as there is another event that week I might be attending.
Can't make it that weekend since I will be at Anime North. But I'll see you guys at the next one. Perhaps someone can message me when the date is set since I don't check these forums often.
Had fun meeting and chatting with people at the meet. Looking forward to the next one. I forgot to give the stax a listen, so I hope they return. Also looking forward to trying the HE-1000 on my big DAC if they also make return at the next meet. It was unfortunate I couldn't run the big DAC with the LCD-XC setup. The difference the big DAC would have brought would be cleaner sound (lower noise) and a bit more detail. The highs and mids sound more open with tighter bass....
And your name for reference?
Forgot to ask how I am suppose to get access to the building?
I also need the address for the meet. Also how much space will there be to bring equipment? I would like to bring my large DAC and small HP amp with my headphones.
Sorry, that was a typo. It's the NFB-28, not 27.I may bring my REF1 with me if I can find a way to pack it together safely.
Hey everyone. I'd like to come. Name is Robin. I'll bring my LCD-XC and NFB-27.
Actually, I just had to warranty my XC due to one driver randomly failing me two months ago. Just woke up and the left piece had no sound.Warranty process was fast at Bay Bloor Radio though. They got two new drivers and replaced them for me in a few days.
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