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If anyone picked up a short micro usb cable, please let me know.
Great meet. The only way I could see it going any better is if the room was bigger but there is nothing anyone could do about that. Just to clarify, the headphone amp was NFB-28, not NFB-27 as I originally mentioned at the meet (The 27 is actually the bigger one). Audio-gd's naming scheme is confusing and lacks any logic. To be specific, it was REF1 DAC into NFB-28 2014 edition headphone amp. I really liked the HE-6 and Stax. However, I would never spend that much for...
I'm in. I'll bring my LCD-XC again but I don't think I'll bring my equipment unless someone wants to give me a lift from Scarborough. It's too much to lug on the TTC.
I can't do 28th because that is Anime North. I would rather do this in June, personally. But I don't everyone is going to want to reschedule so close to the date.
Made a mistake. Anime north is the week after. I might be coming to this one after all but 100% sure yet as there is another event that week I might be attending.
Can't make it that weekend since I will be at Anime North. But I'll see you guys at the next one. Perhaps someone can message me when the date is set since I don't check these forums often.
Had fun meeting and chatting with people at the meet. Looking forward to the next one. I forgot to give the stax a listen, so I hope they return. Also looking forward to trying the HE-1000 on my big DAC if they also make return at the next meet. It was unfortunate I couldn't run the big DAC with the LCD-XC setup. The difference the big DAC would have brought would be cleaner sound (lower noise) and a bit more detail. The highs and mids sound more open with tighter bass....
And your name for reference?
Forgot to ask how I am suppose to get access to the building?
I also need the address for the meet. Also how much space will there be to bring equipment? I would like to bring my large DAC and small HP amp with my headphones.
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