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If you have a Rega CD player sitting somewhere that you have been meaning to sell please shoot a Private message my way. I am located in the US and can PayPal.
I'm looking to do an upgrade so this might move from being in my main rig to a desktop rig. Which is more than fine. A good piece of equipment like this should stay put. I purchased it 5 years ago and it's still going strong.
 late update, but I finally got around to buying these not too long ago. They sound fantastic.  I'm really happy with them ... BUT ... I feel the Denon version sounded slightly better, mainly because the cups were deeper and fit around my ears better.  I feel the deeper cups gave the bass a bit more air and more boom. But even with that being said, these are by far the best bargain on the planet if you're into synth, hip hop, edm, etc.  I'm very pleased with them and...
Well it beats paying 110 for those Denons when I bought them new only to have them fall apart a year later. I can swallow a 50 dollar loss easier.
Helps immensely. Thank you! The build quality on those Denons were atrocious. I'll look into one of the aboves.
Was it something I said?     Help a fellow former contributing brother out!
So my d1100s crapped out on me. They were horribly built plasticky headphones (cracked at cup joints and other areas), on top of that, the ear pads faded away and peeled off. My question is, is there a similar headphone out there with the same comfort (they were around the ear not on ear) and sound signature? I have the D2000s and use them as my reference headphone but the 1100s were the fun dance/rap music headphone I'd listen to when I wanted to get work done. The...
Thanks, fellas!   I've been rolling with my Denon D2000s for a long time and felt a nice change of pace would be nice with the more open design of the HD600s.   I'll do a mini-review when I score a pair!
So I got the 1 ohm mod a long time ago:   "Headphone Linearity" Mod (1 Ohm output) DACmini CX stock unit comes with 10 Ohm headphone output impedance. To our ears, it offers the most musical, transparent sound. Users have described it as "warm" and "analog-like". However we can lower the output impedance to 1 Ohm, if flattest possible frequency response is desired in your application. Customers have described the sound of this mod as "more...
 agreed.  $2500 isn't cheap, but for McIntosh you'd figure they'd try to charge 5000+.  I love the look of their components but they're so overpriced for the most part that it's comical.
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