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 agreed.  $2500 isn't cheap, but for McIntosh you'd figure they'd try to charge 5000+.  I love the look of their components but they're so overpriced for the most part that it's comical.
I couldn't find a thread about it, but how are the new Denons?   I still listen to my D2000s nearly everyday.  After pairing it with Centrance DacMini withe 1 Ohm mod, I haven't looked back.   How do the new ones compare?  If I had the money, I'd get my D2000s modded with wooden cups and such.
  considering mine cracked at a stress point, I think it's safe to say the D1100s were not designed with durablilty in mind.
Yeah, did the glue looks like crap. Won't hold for long though. Ugh, bad design, great sound.
Oh lord, barely had it past a year and it's cracking like crazy at the same spot on the plastic that holds the cups.   Ugh, now I wish I didn't buy them.  I haven't put them on in a long while.  Is there anything I can do?  Does Denon offer replacement parts?   this sucks
  woot!   glad you enjoyed it!     I was a tad bit overweight back then, kind of hard to believe, but In a few months I will have had it for 2 years and I still use it.  
biggest con for those looking to purchase a DACmini: There's a big big big chance you'll find yourself coming to this site less often ... yeah, that's a veiled pro, but I haven't felt the need to sell and upgrade at all since buying it.  My D2000s sound fantastic on it.   The only thing I was thinking of ever adding were a set of open, more mid/high centric headphones to compliment my bassy Denon's (good bassy, not Dre bassy)
I was wondering, can you make the font bigger so I can read it more clearly?
If you're looking for a tube amp, I wouldn't get the LDI+ as it's a hybrid.  It sounds nice, but it's not a tube amp.   Personally I loved the LDI+ when I had it but felt that the pot was kind of ... junky.  The sound was nice on the other hand.  But it's not a true tube amp.
I think so. It has a premium sound and requires NO amp. How can that be beat? It has a very full size sound to it. Now, they don't sound like the refined full sized big boys, but as a potable it has a meaty, fun BUT clear sound. Cons: Not for vocals or bass light recordings. Some rock sounds good, but it definitely performs better with pop, rap, post punk, new wave, neo wave. I'm sure dubstep guys love this stuff. Personally been listening to depeche mode and Duran...
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