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 I guess I know what you mean. I still haven't heard the SR-009, but would attribute this characteristic to every electrostatic headphone and speaker I've heard, maybe with the exception of the HE 90 and the ESL-63, where it's at least clearly less pronounced. It falls under the «ethereal» category in my book; to me electrostats seem to create some sort of halo around the notes. The SR-007 (I think what I auditioned was the first version) was the most extreme example,...
I don't have this issue either. I wonder what causes it. Could strange category names – e.g. with incompatible characters – be the culprit?
 I fully agree. And it's very well implemented. I couldn't live without crossfeed anymore (not least due to ear resonances in the low-frequency area deviating between left and right). I also think it's a must for making speaker-based recordings headphone compatible. That said, my whole music collection is already crossfeeded (for portable use), so it's actually disabled on the Hugo.
 Hi George  I have no issues so far and from the looks and feels don't expect any.
One argument in favor of a bandwidth exceeding 20 Hz and 20 kHz is plausible: In audio there's no abrupt drop-offs from 0 dB down to –75 dB or the like within 1 Hz, in reality the limits have the form of (irregular) roll-offs. So to get a passably linear response from 20 Hz to 20 kHz you have to use headphones with a frequency response of at least 12 Hz–30 kHz. Morever every drop-off causes phase and transient distortion, so it's better to avoid it.
Have fun!
 The bass is one of its greatest strengths. It goes down to 20 Hz without any drop-off, is extremely clear and controlled and offers excellent texturing and impact. It's the most natural bass I've heard from a headphone, makes the whole sound a bit speaker-like.Over-all sonic balance is very even, but in detail it's somewhat curved. That's how I perceive the frequency response:  So the midrange is a bit darker than natural, a reason for its perceived lack of impact there....
 Ah, that's of course a valid argument which I have overlooked. Maybe FiiO will offer a matching armband in the future. Till then you have to limit your music listening to stationary use.
 I was a bit worried about that, too, and was ready to add some reinforcement to stop possible tearing. Since then I have used both players and silicon cases a lot for jogging and the worries appear to be unfounded. Plus they look very elegant, timeless!        I don't experience this at all. If it were so, there are measures to prevent it. Seriously, I don't understand why a player armband has to look «professional». For enjoying music on the go I don't have to look at my...
 Just tried it. It sounds surprisingly good and definitely plays loud enough. Sonically a better match than the HD 800.
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