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 I was positively surprised about this. A very useful feature.  Unfortunately you're right – just tested it –, which in turn is quite a disappointment. I was about to explore HiRes recordings. But from my corresponding resent listening tests an even frequency response is (even) more important to me than the higher resolution. Even the HD 800 and the SE846 benefit from some subtle equalization, which the X5 enables thanks to its 0.2 dB steps. Question to the experts: Is it...
I listen to all kinds of music with the HD 800 – some modification on the latter makes it a matter of course.   According to a trusty source Sennheiser's development division – located in my hometown (Zurich, Switzerland) – is working on a new electrostatic flagship (thus not on a HD 900).
 Thank you for this information!
 I know this value from the headphone outputs. But is it really valid for the line outs, too?
Rob, can you please tell what's the line-out impedance of the Hugo and the Hugo TT?
Here's a tutorial. – Or maybe I got it wrong and you're looking for real-time conversion during playback. I'm not sure if Foobar can do that.
 Foobar2000 does it – with DSD plug-in.
Thanks, Rob! (It would be for home use only.) – I'm still hovering between Hugo and Hugo TT.
Can anyone tell the exact dimensions of the Hugo TT? Rob?
 That's most likely an effect of high output impedance (of the receiver's headphone output). Most dynamic headphones have an impedance peak in the bass, therefore a serial resistance will cause a hump in fequency response there.  The Sony XBA-H3, in contrast, has peaks in the treble – that's why it will sound thinner with a serial resistance.
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