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 Have you auditioned the X5 or the X3 II through the Hugo?
BTW, I believed to hear a very small difference with the sonic characteristic between the X5 and the X3 II used as digital drives feeding the Chord Hugo. Maybe I'll try that again to get confirmed or disproved. The difference was really tiny, though.
 Multi-reads aren't oversampling! And the interpolation happens between the samples framing a missing one – no oversampling involved. Read it!
 The first link (Wikipedia) is about encoding, not reading/decoding, and the second (Hydrogenaudio) mentions no oversampling, just that data are read twice (not 4x). So I feel confirmed. But let's not discuss this any further!
 «Reading 4x» is not the same as oversampling 4x. Oversampling means interpolating between samples. I'm not sure what you mean. «The samples are not bit perfect» makes no sense to me. If EAC reports 100% track accuracy and error correction has remained inactive, they are. And that's with 8x speed or higher, while a CDP reads with 1x speed.
 Actually a CD drive just has to deliver the data from the CD to the DAC, bit perfect, decoded from the .cda format, encoded to the PCM format. No filtering – which would make no sense. Error correction plays a minor role according to my experience. In the era of copy-protection hysteria I got ripping qualities of less than 75% with some discs (using EAC), but the resulting Wave file sounded flawless nonetheless.
 I never heard of such a definition of «oversampling». The common understanding is increasing the sampling rate by a factor of 4, 8, 16 or higher using interpolation algorithms. Simple re-reading of samples according to your interpretation can't produce any shift of sonic balance, as I see it. Real oversampling would allow for such a scenario.
 After all FiiO's EQ is of great use for me, although I would prefer a parametric EQ. I just wonder how you don't manage to make the sound of your player any warmer with the existing EQ without making it unbearable; it would be no problem to me.
 True, but that's not oversampling. It would be a surprise to me if error correction in CD transports apply any sort of oversampling.
 (Wrong quote?) Useless? I like the FiiOs' EQ very much. It allows me to create virtually every sonic balance I want (if I want that). I guess you should just learn how to use it. It's not easy, but it's not rocket science either.
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