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 I have found a solution for the lacking sport case, the same as for the X3 II. It works perfectly, and to my surprise I don't feel the heavier weight compared to the X3 II.
 It doesn't take much for a screen to be better than that of the X3 II, which is almost unusable in the open. So the reported X5 II screen quality is very welcome.
 I liked the sound of the X3 II slightly better when I tried it with my then implementation of the Shure SE846. That's not to say it is better or my experience is valid for other combinations, though. But as far as I'm concerned I would say the sound quality of the two is close.
 According to a vocal majority in the Sound Science forum it is.
 That's my hope.
 You should definitely upgrade! Unless you're satisfied with what you have.
 I also question the use of an extra amp if you have to carry it around, given that a portable player/setup will never reach ultimate sound quality anyway. So why not content yourself with a lightweight compromize and enjoy excellent sound on the go combined with the feeling of freedom and mobility! On the other hand it's true that you can get better sound with an external amp, and it's not exactly reproduceable with equalizing (which I advocate nonetheless for minimizing...
 I know. For me the Layla is no option anyway, as I can't audition it on my place. Moreover I'm still very satisfied with my virtually filterless and equalized SE846 (I guess you haven't tried it that way?). I don't have to have everything others have. Did I tell that I still like the sound from the X5's headphone out? Maybe it would not be good enough as my main source, as it doesn't match the Hugo's level, but it's not really outclassed in my book.
 Thank you! – It's not that I feel the need to replace my X5 as pure digital drive, though. And on the go the X3 II is good enough. No hiss with the IE846 either.  
 How is the ZX2 compared to the Hugo?
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