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 This I can't reproduce. The less so as I usually sit in one of the front rows. BTW, even Mono doesn't necessarly mean no soundstage; it's just reduced by one dimension. But there's still depth.
 You seem to be falling for marketing claims – which sound waves usually don't care for. Since bare surfaces in close proximity to sound sources will inevitably reflect the sound waves. Blind grills are definitely a good thing, but they don't change anything on this matter, they just make sure to produce minimal reflections themselves.
 If you're thinking your reasoning to the end, the soundstage in a concert hall is an illusion as well.
 So Grados have a large soundstage? The above is too simplicistic for me. Also, you seem to forget the HD 800's angled drivers which at least help with a more realistic soundstage – this with the help of increased involvement of the pinna and its decoding of spatial cues. Soundstage may not be rocket science, but the skeptics need better arguments than treble.
 You can configure the lockscreen accordingly – there are three options. Have a look in the system menu!
As I understand it, titousky wants to know if there's a $300 IEM that can compete with the HD 598 in terms of soundstage and comfort. Right, titousky? I don't know the HD 598, just the HD 595 – from the FR graphs and the pictures I think it sounds and looks quite similar. I wasn't entirely satisfied with its sound, but that may have been influenced by the fact that I already owned the HD 600 at that time, and the HD 595 has disappointed my expectations in an interesting...
 That's what I mean with «accuracy» in the first place: The headphone should add as little reflections as possible, because they would mask the reflections on the recording responsible for the perception of spatial depth. In my speaker(-builder) area I have taken extreme care for minimizing reflections on the speaker cabinet (and within the drivers), e.g. with a layer of velvet around the tweeter dome and some thicker materials for the rest. The perception of sonic depth...
 If it were just «an illusion arising from our own perception», it would still be a real phenomenon (like e.g. some optical illusions) good enough to enhance the listening pleasure and/or to simulate realism. But my theory is that a larger or more realistic soundstage – even with headphones and even IEMs – can also be the product of higher signal accuracy, in that spatial cues are more clearly perceivable, such as the difference between near sound sources (relatively dry)...
 I was under the impression that there were two different issues: 1) the 200 GB card; 2) the A, B, C... folder structure on any card with both players. But you were always speaking of these issues in the context of the 200 GB card, apparently. Yes?
Flawless library update, no hanging?
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