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 Or, alternatively: equalize the sound of the headphones you use.
As a 100% cable-sound perceiver and advocate I'm very much tempted to chime in to this fruitless thread, example of miserable «culture of controversy», and help standing up to the ayatollahs of living fundamentalism who try to shove their rules of life down everybody's throat.   Luckily I could resist.   [oops]
 Yes, I understand. Sorry for not remembering you straightaway and for the mismatch X3 II / aaDee!
 That's good to hear. So the bad news is that probably your player is faulty. Contact your seller or maybe James@FiiO here on the forum or via PM.
 Maybe FiiO wants to sell its amps with bass bost to bassheads. More seriously: Although the X5 has a tiny bit more sub bass than the X3 II, I don't perceive the X3 II as bass shy at all. And I really like its equalizer. «...it's just reducing the other frequencies and overall volume»: the latter applies – gain reduction is what any good digital equalizer does to avoid clipping with massively increased frequency bands. You just have to get used to it and increase the...
 Since I don't know you nor your state of knowledge, my approach was the one I considered reasonable. I use my computer (via USB and Toslink), my McCormack UDP-1 and my FiiO X5 as references (no smartphone here). All of them sound more or less the same as the X3 II when feeding my Chord Hugo. «More or less» since I haven't systematically compared them; the only passably noticeable difference I detected was between Toslink and USB from the computer. Nevertheless, the sound...
 You're probably not so unusual a customer, as I use my X5 almost exclusively as a digital drive to feed my DAC. Whereas the X3 II is my portable player. But for testing purposes I tried the coax out, and in my case it's flawless. Also, I can't see how a digital signal can be/sound bad (save for interferences). With reference to the digital out not working with the original firmware: I strongly suppose that you have overlooked the corresponding setting. You have to switch...
 I just figured out that pressing the menu button for ½ to 1 s immediately brings me to the main menu. So all is good.    I can't reproduce your experience. Firstly, with my player the digital out worked from the start; and secondly, the latest firmware (after 1.1 – sans beta) is 1.11 beta. The digital signal I get is flawless and now (since 1.11) even incorporates the EQ function. Speaking of the latter, the 31 Hz slider does its work. Maybe there's not much sub-bass in...
 It seems that you have got the wrong cable with your unit (a 3.5" to 3.5" headphone plug cable isn't an adapter). As uzi2 has explained, the player end should have a 4-pole 3.5" plug, the other end a female RCA plug. You could try with your «3.5 female socket converter to two phono» – if it lets any signal pass, it will be stereo.
 Are you aware that the coax out just works when the headphone is unplugged (and vice-versa)? With firmware 1.1 the EQ is disabled through coax and line out, with firmware 1.11 beta this restriction is removed.
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