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 What you're saying is related to the maximum undistorted power an amp can output, not the sensitivity aspect.
Actually it's not a weakness of amps that makes higher impedances prone to lower sensitivity, it's the mere fact that with equal volume setting the current flow at 300 Ω is only half of that at 150 Ω.
 Yes, that was my impression with the Hugo from the start. The Hugo² will be even better in this respect, I'm sure.
 That urban legend has its origin in the fact that the HD 800 sounds relatively bright and lean with a neutral amp, so Head-Fiers try to combine it with warm and full sounding amps and with tricks such as high output impedance (equalizing via amplifier colorations). However, the HD 800 with its high efficiency is an easy load for every amp, apart from some portables (battery power is not the best precondition for high load impedances). The Mojo on the other hand is...
 I wouldn't rely too much on established opinions in the sound-science forum. Rob Watts itself still considers 44.1 kHz not quite as good as higher sampling rates, even with DAVE + Blu 2 transport as M-scaler, enabling 1 million taps for his WTA filter, which is quite close to the required infinite number of taps compared to average DACs. Even the sound-science forum would have to acknowledge that only a perfect reconstruction filter with infinite steepness will really...
 For the record: The Chord Company (cable manufacturer) is not identical with Chord Electronics.
 DAVE + HE1000 is my dream pairing. I also like the HE1000 with Hugo – a lot. Since the Hugo² is said to sound closer to the DAVE and have more power than the original Hugo, I don't doubt that it will be a dream pairing, too, for those who like this the sonic characteristic. As to the HE1000: To my ears it benefits a lot from a better cable (I use a Silver Dragon).
 Thanks, John!
 Yes, exactly.
It's not the same, but you don't need an adapter, just a cable with different plugs on both ends – coaxial S/PDIF and BNC.
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