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 Yeah, looks like it. You could also get three of them for not much more.
 Paul, these are no-name products – just use something like this and that.
Have you ever heard of Gaborlinks? There seems to be a similar effect at work.
Reducing the skin effect with magnets in the described way looks passably plausible to me, although I don't really understand the mechanism behind it. But as it looks like, it isn't a practical method for the normal end user, the more so if you want to take it to the extreme. I'm also thinking of the massive magnetic fields pervading the living or listening rooms, with unknown physical long-term consequences (this although DC fields are generally considered relatively...
 I agree with you on the rest, but the first part really looks like normal electromagnetic induction, eddy current in the aluminum foils, the same effect as in induction cooker pans, reacting with the magnetic field.
 I didn't mean to ridicule the magnetic cable approach in any way, quite the opposite – I'm seriously interested –, and I hope Roy can give some substantial info on the matter. I'm not sure, but I think at least the first part of the video doesn't show something extraordinary, just normal electromagnetic induction. Every dynamic transducer consists of a magnet and a coil. Maybe the demonstrated effect is similar to the function of balanced armatures or Grado's moving-iron...
 What exactly is the function of the magnets? I have no idea how magnets could affect the quality of electron movement in conductors, so I'm very curious to learn.
 No risk at all with DAVE – I've gone the same route.
Hi Peter   When I'm on the go I can live with the sound from my FiiO X3 II or X5 II, the more so during jogging where adding the Mojo isn't an option. Granted, with the latter I enjoy the music a bit more. My preferred IEM on the go is (what a surprise!) the lowly FiiO EX1 – adequately equalized, it plays on the same level with the Shure SE846 or the IE 800 (which I tend to avoid because of the awful cable – to be replaced soon), it even sounds a bit more spacious and...
Such a difference isn't possible. There would have to be thousands of ohms considering the input impedances. I suspect that the older balanced cable is defective – not really balanced. Or the operator has made some mistake anywhere.
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