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Nick, now I see the error in your reasoning. If you look at the Hugo¹ and Hugo² specs, there's no logarithmic increase of output power with a logarithmic decrease of impedance. Because the current flow in common amps is limited. The DAVE comes closer to it, even achieves a perfect congruence between 300 and 33 Ω: ¹/909 of the impedance leads to the 9,09-fold power. However, with even lower impedances it certainly won't behave like that anymore.
After all you may be right that the output current is considerably higher than my first estimation. I took the risk and inserted you value in hindsight.
 I just took the factor 1.42 between 740 and 1050 watts from the Hugo², but now have slightly modified it, since the DAVE seems to provide slightly higher currents at lower impedances. It's estimated anyway, so don't take it too seriously. Maybe your calculations are in fact (more) correct.
 I just added the Hugo¹ specs in front of the others.
The official specs:   Hugo¹                                              Hugo²                                              DAVE 0070 mW  at 300 Ω                    0094 mW  at 300 Ω                    0154 mW  at 300 Ω 0580 mW  at 033 Ω                    0740 mW  at 033 Ω                    1400 mW  at 033 Ω 0720 mW  at 008 Ω                    1050 mW  at 008 Ω                    2900 mW  at 008 Ω  (estimated)
 You may indeed be onto something. Above video clip could just as well relate to the HE1000, though – I think its membrane is even thinner than that of the good old HE-6. But when it comes to the conductive foil, it's hard to tell, certainly it's aluminum, not gold. The use of gold would indeed reduce conductivity, hence efficiency. On the other hand, I can't see why gold should improve the sound compared to aluminum. The positive effect of a thinner and lighter foil would...
I can imagine that programming the WTA filter code at 256FS would be even much more laborious, let alone 2048FS – but what do I know.
 It's very unlikely that Rob will manage to develop a WTA filter with more than 1 million taps in the next three or four years. From his own statements I take it that he's much too occupied with other concerns, among others Davina, which will have 1 million taps and most likely be marketed in this configuration. And then there are the digital amps for the DAVE. Maybe there will be a 3Cute and/or a Hugo² TT in the nearer future... All of them are more important projects...
 I agree completely. Glad to hear this from you!
 I understand. That «sterility» is in fact the true sound of your chain without any varnishing colorations from the electronics. (The Rudistor amp I had with me for two weeks effectively made the music sound like varnished with a glossy lacquer. I liked it, but couldn't live with it in the long run.) The actual cause is the imperfection within the chain, with the headphones as the main responsibles. I guess the DAVE is a bit more forgiving than the Hugo TT anyway...
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