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 My only wishes are an SD card slot, a display à la DAP, a good shuffle play algorithm and an 11-band octave equalizer from 20 to 20,480 Hz (or even better: a parametric equalizer with 5 or 6 bands). If possible a USB port with galvanic isolation.
 If we believe Romaz' impressions in the DAVE thread (and I do), the result must be more than just convincing.
 The M-scaler is a feature of the new Blu 2 CD transport: a WTA filter based on a further developed upsampling algorithm now achieving 1 million taps for even better signal reconstruction and thus timing (Hugo 26,000; DAVE: 164,000; Hugo²: 49,000). Only the DAVE can make full use of the million taps, since that incorporates two BNC cables in parallel for a signal with a sampling rate of 705.6 kHz. Other DACs (also the Hugo) can only use half of it, 500,000 taps, which is...
 I agree. For me it was no contest.
 I'm even convinced that they omitted galvanic isolation (at least the dual USB solution you're proposing) primarily for commercial reason – apart from the power-consumption problem. Unfortunately (for us audiophiles) that's how the free market works: For a product to be successful, it has to cover a wide spectrum of qualities and features for a target group as large as possible, which not least implies attractive pricing. These factors have to be weighed up against each...
 I could imagine some other, more important cause for being angry (think January 20) than an audio device with the wrong features.
 Hi Christer Apparently I just had a single USB port in mind. I don't know if a dual-port solution in your sense would be practicable and indeed save power when used on the go compared to a single port with galvanic isolation, but from the cost aspect it would most likely be counterproductive from Chord's perspective as well as that of the majority of the customers. For a galvanic isolation of decent quality it would make the Hugo² maybe $250 more expensive. Even then some...
 Yes – as has been pointed out by Rob and John, this would have led to increased power consumption and even shorter battery duration, so the portable aspect would have suffered.
 I use xnor's ⅓-octave graphic equalizer for foobar2000, fully satisfied with it.
Hey fjrabon...   ...the original question wasn't about «hard to drive» or not, just sensitivity and its connection to impedance, so I was trying to take care that your sidesteps weren't misleading.
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