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 Yes, if you have a perfectly linear headphone. Which is it? I'm interested!
 The X5 has a bad EQ? That's new to me. I use it regularly and am very satisfied. What is it that you don't like?
I'd also like to read as much as possible about the sound of the TT compared with the original Hugo – headphone output included.
 That's certainly true. But adding a high-end DAC will make the sound even better. Just even less portable – if that's the purpose of your DAP. So an additional amp is dispensable if you're aware that a portable system can never reach ultimate sound quality anyway.
 Meanwhile firmware 1.25 has been cancelled again, as it's obviously messed up. BTW, why do you need Flac on the Sport?
Component count isn't a central aspect when it comes to compare the (dis)advantages of SE vs. balanced – the latter is always more expensive. jcx's argument is that you may very well benefit from the advantages of a balanced system without the disadvantages mentioned by Rob Watts, as above scenario seems to show.   I'm by no means a proponent of balanced design, just interested to know what's up with it. In this context my question: Doesn't signal inversion have some...
Better than foam and shelf liner: black velvet. Just a bit more tricky to work with and less «professional» looking. For those who care for the sound in the first place.
 If so, I apologize for my wrong assumption that it's the headphone's fault. The pair I auditioned was certainly an older production version, as it was 7 or 8 years ago.
 I'm not going to doubt your impressions, but one thing that strikes me is your HD 25-1 II (correct?): It's long ago that I listened to it, and I remember it as a not very refined and resolving headphone. There seem to be two version around: one with lack of low bass and one with relatively high harmonic-distortion level. Which is yours? I just suspect that there may be some synergy issue in your case(s).
 I've been following your posts since a while and they just don't make sense to me – I can't reproduce your issues. Granted, via separate amp or DAC the sound is better, but the X3 II's headphone amp isn't bad either. I just have to add some upper treble by means of its equalizer (compared to say the X5 II) to make it sound as good as I ever need on the go. I wouldn't use it as my main source at home, though – or just as a drive feeding a high-quality DAC or maybe a...
New Posts  All Forums: