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From what I get the X3's characteristic is indeed a bit «analoguish» (V-shaped?), and it may be hard to say good-bye to this kind of sound. Also a matter of the headphones used with it.
Even tighter bass is always welcome, although I'm far from having complaints about the Hugo's.
There's another one in the source forum.
Never heard of Dave?
If somebody wants to try this EQ curve (xnor graphic equalizer) with foobar2000, here's the link.
 That should sound great with the HE1000. Or wait for Dave?
 Let me preface this: I don't question your approach in any way, and I understand it. Of course accurate instrument timbres are very important to me, and I've already pointed out that the HE1000 excels in this respect to my ears, and that's even the main reason for rating it so high. I wouldn't list that under soundstage, though. I'm one of those that sit in one of the front rows in classical concerts. I can't stand the reverberative sound farther away from the orchestra,...
 You're not limited to those factory settings. All EQ presets are editable – even renamable with a special firmware tool.
Curse or curve?
 I'm fully aware of the necessity to cut manufacturing costs somewhere – and have accepted the bad screen. But the problem persists.  The X5 II has the much better display with passable readability in daylight. But in full sunlight it's hard or impossible to read as well.
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