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 That's the wording from the original mod. I use loose wool fibres, with great success. Does that count as non-woven? It doesn't decrease the treble at all, just makes it smoother, more linear.
 Don't ask me that! You should have noticed that I'm a self-confessed amp opponent.  More seriously: That's an attitude I can justify as a Hugo owner. But I'm the wrong person to ask this anyway, as I have no experience with the current Head-Fi favorites. Maybe a MicroZOTL 2 or a HeadAmp GS-X mk2 if you ask jamato8 or Icebear.
 The X5 II's treble will get smoother after some break-in, no worries! But it's still slightly more prominent than on the original X5. And then there's james444's mod.
 Why not try black velvet?! To my ears it offers the best sonic result (although not the most «professional» look).
 That's just a symbolic picture found in the internet; I have no experience with this natural source cream in its plastic tube.  But to be precise, not all of my amps make the sound smoother – that just applies to the Mapletree Ear++ III and the two Cordas Opera and Symphony. One of the Meier amps makes it even a bit harsher: the Concerto. What all of them have in common, though, is the (partly dramatic) loss of transparency with them in the signal path, the worst being...
 Hhmmm... I'm not so sure. I can easily smooth its sound...                   ...by adding one of my amps to the chain.
You could try making a mechanical, motor-driven remote control. Sort of a slowly rotating rubber cylinder pressed against the Hugo's volume wheel. That would be better than analogue electronics if you want the Hugo's sound to remain unaltered.
 Equalizing is boring. And too cheap a solution. Imagine everyone would do it! 
Have fun!
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