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 Tyll, when will the LCD-4 (and the HD 800 S for that matter) appear in the official headphone measurements list?
 So it's 18 watts or 30 watts – about two or three LED lamps burning all the time without necessity. (Considering the warmth 30 watts seem more plausible to me.) Of course I want to save the planet or more precisely make the best I can (read: what's not too unconvenient) to not make the situation any worse than «necessary». I wonder how someone can display that as laughable. As a music and sound lover who moreover rides a motorcycle now and then just for pleasure (although...
 No problem for me. You can still touch the housing. And I haven't really noticed any additional warmth at my listening place 55 cm from it.
 The bars seem to indicate the fundamental tones of the corresponding instrument, whereas the overtones extend far beyond this range.
I really believe in audible break-in effects with my DAVE. It's been improving up to a few hours ago, so 400 or 500 hours or even more may indeed be realistic. I have no idea which part(s) of the electronics are responsible for it, but I'm curious about Rob's findings. My theory is that the spectacular small-signal resolution extends break-in effects to levels that are long below the audibility threshold with less resolving electronics.
 Considering the warmth produced by it (hinting to the used electrical energy) I couldn't reconcile it with my conscience to leave it on all the time. I leave it on the whole evening till the end of my listening session(s), though.
I don't understand your post. I'm not a fan of Audeze (never owned one, since my sonic preferences slightly differ) or the LTD-4, which I haven't heard yet.
 As I see it, you're a representant of magical thinking – with bit perfection as an incantation. Bit perfection, as you stated later, has its meaning during data transmission, because lost or crippled bits will never result in a sonic improvement. Equalizing a recording, on the other hand, is a purposeful signal manipulation with the goal of a sonic improvement. If you deny the benefit from that, you could just as well pretend that the frequency distortion caused by an...
Wow isn't everything in life (and audio).
 Please don't cultivate a new «Bit-Perfection» religion on Head-Fi!  It's very obvious and logical that manipulations on the sonic characteristics of a recording will result in a different digital signal. It doesn't matter if it's happening before burning it on a CD or afterwards. And in the case of an improved sonic balance the altered recording is better – despite not being «bit-perfect». Note that the various DSPs (including equalizers) used in the recording studios...
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