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 Here's some free tracks, most of them excellent recordings, with different sampling rates. I downsampled two of them from 192 to 96, 88, 48 and 44.1 kHz (using Wavelab). The original 192 kHz variant sounds best to my ears, 44.1 kHz worst. The difference is not huge, the less so with the Hugo, but it's there, and the 192 kHz variant provides the highest listening pleasure.
 I beg to differ. The signal from the Hugo's headphone out is the unaltered signal from its DAC. It has a linear frequency response and enough power to drive most headphones effortlessly. Adding another amp means coloring the signal in the first place. However, this may correspond to someone's sonic preference or possibly create a better synergy with the headphone used. My own experience is that every additional amplification (not just in the case of the Hugo) makes the...
 I can imagine that it has analogue inputs and an ADC (not sure about that, though), apart from that it is what the Hugo (TT) is: a DAC with headphone out and line out with digital volume control. «Project xxxx headphone drive is a little more voltage, same current as Hugo.»
I'm sure the Hugo TT is better with the HD 800 in some aspects, but the law of diminishing returns certainly applies. I was considering it in an earlier stage as a complement for the Hugo (TT for main rig, Hugo for bedroom «rig»), but now I think I'm gonna save up for project xxxx.   Rob Watts: «The project xxxx will be more expensive than the QBD76... is a big step change from Hugo TT. It is a digital pre-amp with headphone drive. ... Depth perception is about 3...
 Thanks! So far I've just seen «TOTL», and I thought maybe «TOL» is something different.
 What's that: a «TOL» product?
 That's what I realized in hindsight. However, without having heard the PWD Mk.II, it is (actually was) more than 3½ the price of the Hugo in my place, hence a different caliber. BTW, I agree with joeexp on the USB connection: I even get audible noise through it. Most of the time I listen with S/PDIF, sometimes Toslink, which sound better to my ears.
And what's the purpose of citing another person's statement about a DAC you apparently haven't heard yourself? It's regarded as bad posting behavior on Head-fi and has been deleted by the mods in other cases (also in this thread).   If it's yourself you're citing, please make it clear enough. In any event, it's one person's experience and opinion (repeated for more weight).
 Yes, of course it's subjective – therefore the «». I have owned SR 80, SR 225, SR 325, PS1, heard RS1, RS2 and compared PS 1000, GS 1000 with my (modified) HD 800. After all I think the PS 1000 is more neutral than the PS1. I understand if the HD 800 is too bright for your taste, though. After the mod it is just right for me, and the bass is certainly flatter and more extended than from any Grado (as the measuring graphs show, too).
 The PS1000e will be an easy load for the Hugo with its 600 mW at 32 ohms and an output impedance of just 0.075 ohms. I just tried the PS1 with it (kind of a heirloom from a friend), and although I'm not a friend of its sonic characteristic, not to speak of its wearing comfort, I don't think I've heard it any better. If you want honesty, high fidelity in the original sense, the Hugo is certainly hard to beat in its price class – as a DAC and amp. Actually DAC and amp are...
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