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 Thanks a lot, Rob! That explains it for me. But it's indeed incredible that even 384 kHz recordings benefit from a careful interpolation algorithm for filtering quantization noise and preserving timing (= transient) accuracy. However, I take it that low sampling rates will benefit clearly more – up to equal sound quality, if I interpret some of your previous statements correctly, at least with tap counts approaching infinite numbers enough for sensitive human ears. Do you...
 Yes, as mentioned by Michael  K55 (my preferred audio dealer) would be the place, or the Swiss distributor directly.
 Now I am curious! In what way do 192 or 384 kHz recordings benefit from low-pass filtering with the sophisticated interpolation algorithm of the WTA filter? Or any low-pass filtering at all? I mean, the signal curve seems virtually perfect for the audio bandwidth even without it, apart from dispensable ultra-high-frequency noise from the sampling frequency which could be removed by simple analogue filters...
 Hi Wachara So where else have you seen such highly open stators with correspondingly low reflectivity (independent of the materials)?
 Hi Ali Oh, that sais something! I'm ready to admit that the thin wires used for the Shangi-La's stators may not provide ultimate rigidity, but in turn the design has the benefit of ultimate openness – and that's more than a buzzword, that's what's effectively achieved by this stator design. I always try to be as ultimately open and unbiased as possible, and although I don't sympathize with Fang Bian and would be glad to not be «forced» to buy any HiFiMan product again, I...
Well, as long as the number is passably adequate... Thank you anyway!
 Really? That would be a great relief. I hope Rob will confirm it.
 Hi Rob Many thanks and congratulations on the 1 million achievement! I really want an M scaler for my DAVE... but sadly the Blu 2 is no option, and the upcoming Davina won't be either most likely. The 10 ampère figure is insane. I know it was inevitable and it's not your fault, but I hope some future processor developments will enable 1.4 million taps with just 3.2 ampère current consumption. My ears will be quite a bit older then, so it's questionable if I will be able...
 Trust me, the look doesn't have any relevance for the sonic result.
 I like the X3 II just as much. But how about equalizing the treble (4 or 8 or 16 kHz) down till it fits your sonic preferences? Say by 1 or 1.4 dB? That would be the easiest way. You can't expect from a headphone to sound neutral, so to some ears different areas will sound critical than to others. That's what equalizers are for after all.
New Posts  All Forums: