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 So I will correct you: you're wrong. It seems that your EE background hasn't helped you, but mislead you in this case. I don't know much about electronics, but maybe the second board is for balancing the signal for the balanced outputs.
 You don't get it: You can't bypass the so-called amp in the TT (which is just the line-out stage), so with an external amp you have two amps in series and twice the coloring/obscuring effect. It's the same topology as in the original Hugo: no dedicated headphone amp built in!  
 According to my extensive tests in the past there are no neutral sounding amps. And the main thing: You can't «improve» the Hugo's output signal with additional amplification, even if it's «just» 0.00091 harmonic distortion that's added. To my ears the obscuring effect and the coloration introduced by an amp is much more substantial than the usually very low distortion figures make you believe.
Some more info for you (not about the TT specifically).
 Even with your «electrical engineering background» you should take the time to care for the actual design of the Hugo TT. Since it doesn't have a dedicated headphone amp (like the Hugo), any amp you attach to it has to deal with the same signal meant to drive headphones – as headphone out and line out share the same path and there's no way to bypass the internal «amp». So there's nothing to gain with amps, except for increased distortion and maybe power – if you really...
Thank you, Frank, for this vivid and enthusiastic review! But not a single point of criticism? Maybe you were a bit uncritical?   However, actually I agree with everything. I can't find a single sonic flaw with DAVE myself, it's simply perfect by today's standards. And so musical!
Congrats, Isquirrel, and welcome to the club!     Interesting and confusing reports about the power-supply issues in the last couple of posts.   I have used a PS Audio Ultimate Outlet for power cleaning in the past, which began to rattle half a year ago, so I removed it from the chain. I don't miss it a bit – the sound of my setup hasn't changed.   Also, when I have the Hugo connected to the mains during listening to music, it sounds absolutely the same as when it's...
 I've had the same hotspot issue with my HE1000 (with the short headband). Fixed it by attaching two flat foam pieces right beside said hotspot in the middle.
 Does it sound like that? 
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