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 Apparently you haven't followed this thread very carefully – otherwise you wouldn't come up with something like this. DAVE has the best headphone amp you can get: none. No added distortion/coloration/signal rounding, a signal path as simple as possible for the highest possible signal purity. The DAC itself (more precisely: its line-out stage) drives the attached headphones – there's no additional amplification stage. Following Chord's design philosophy, realized already...
 I'm one of them. DAVE was the most expensive component of my audio career, but it's worth its price – I would buy it again. The sound it delivers is by far the best I've heard from any source. (Granted: I haven't heard any of today's high-end DACs.) If it really could be bettered in the next three of four years by a competitor's product (which I doubt in view of Chord's technological advance when it comes to DACs), that one will certainly cost at least the fourfold of it....
 Looking forward to it!  
 The term «line-out mode» is misleading. In fact it isn't a mode, just a volume preset (to ~3 volts at digital 0). Actually you don't need that «line-out mode» – just set the volume to light purple or the like manually, it will do the very same. That's the reason why you always get a signal through the line out, since it uses the same signal path as the headphone out (at least single ended). I never cared for the line out mode on my Hugo for listening to my electrostats,...
 I agree with this. I enjoy older or not so good recordings more with DAVE and its outstanding transparency as the latter helps with identifying distortions and noise and discriminating them from the musical information, which makes for a more relaxed listen (and maybe even reveals that the recording isn't that bad once you subtract the unwanted ingredients).
 Not for me...  The circle keeps rotating forever. – But that's with Firefox. It does work with IE11, though.
 Thanks, Shadow! Yes, they were all DSD128 – I don't own DSD64 files for testing. Have you noticed the broken link to the user manual?  Hi Joe. No, that doesn't work either. Still «File not supported».
 About 400 hours – best with loud (and bassy) music. And you need a better cable than the ones that came with it to unleash its full potential (your Silver Dragon is fine). – Moreover the HE1000 benefits a lot from equalizing, but I guess most people have some irresistible reservation against it.
@FiiO-Shadow   Could you please comment on the issue(s)?
Hi supabayes   Since I never used the balanced cable (my Chord DACs just have single-ended headphone outputs), I can't speak for it. But it looks like an identical build, hence it will have about the same sonic characteristic as the single-ended cable.
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