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Dave...   ...of course DAVE is a highly revealing DAC, far from forgiving in terms of recording flaws. What I meant was that ADC imperfections in them would possibly be less of an issue due to the sophisticated filter algorithm based on the 164,000 taps, which tries to reconstruct the original analogue waveform rather than stricty relying on the digital data at hand, as with classic even-numbered oversampling. Rob has once explained that he wasn't trying to preserve the...
Let's not forget that DAVE's «reconstruction» algorithm is made to reconstruct the original signal before analogue/digital conversion. So, as I see it, it shouldn't be as sensitive to ADC imperfections as conventional DACs – hence wouldn't benefit as much from MQA.
 Thanks – I've mixed it up with the X5 II.
 I have used a Samsung EVO card with 128 GB with no problem, now replaced by a SanDisk 200 GB card, with no problem either. I don't have album art on it, though. Have you? If yes, it may help to resize the images to 320 x 240 pixels, the size of the screen.
 Caused by reflected rear waves. The sound becomes more forward and less deep, as you'll soon notice once you try the mod.
Hi Paul   I'm glad you finally got it!   Display mode can only be changed with no headphone plugged in. In turn crossfeed is only available with a headphone plugged in.   You're desribing the display going off and on constantly (but not the sound, as it seems). That's normal: As soon as you change the settings, even volume, it will turn off for a second a few seconds later. So it has nothing to do with an instable signal.   I don't remember the manual, but my...
I'm one of those who prefer the sonic characteristic of the Hugo, too. It's more open and airy, seems to provide more detail and higher resolution combined with finer grain. The Mojo sounds a bit thick and congested in comparison. Oftentimes I even prefer the sound of my FiiO players (X5 II, X3 II) alone with IEMs on the go.   After all I have become friends with the Mojo lately – found the matching EQ curves to compensate for its shortcomings (it boils down to –0.2 dB...
 Sorry for you, Paul! But in the end all will be good.
 To me that looks like a misunderstanding. John was hinting at the upcoming Chord desktop speaker amp «TToby». Probably he wasn't aware that it wouldn't serve you as a headphones-only listener.
 Good argument, Jawed! If I have the choice between increased listening pleasure by added colorations and increased listening pleasure by increased accuracy and transparency, I'm deciding for... (I'm not going to reveal my choice.)
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