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 You seem to think EQs don't matter. Well, to me they do.
Theo, why isn't your reference curve a straight line – since it's presented as X5 frequency response with EQ off? Instead it has a massive bass boost and a slight midrange dip. And how come that nobody cares? BTW: How exactly were the slider positions to reach this quasi-congruence?
 Thanks – good to know!
DSD goes much higher than 384 kHz – it's 2.8 and 5.6 MHz.
 The title sais: «S/PDIF Input/RCA Line out Cable». So it's an S/PDIF input / RCA line out cable.  Yes, that's the one Maxsimus needs, as I see it: «S/PDIF Input/Output Cable».
 To me, the X5 is a bit too heavy for carrying around. How is the Pono? Its shape doesn't look very ergonomic. How does it feel during walking (or jogging)? BTW, Toblerone isn't my preferred chocolate – and I'm Swiss.
I'd like to throw in four wishes for firmware version 2.5:   1.  As most of you may know, music files with sample rates above 48 kHz can't benefit from the X5's equalizer, it's simply inactive with them. From what I've read it's not possible or problematic to change that, so I was looking for a workaround. And found it in pre-equalizing HiRez files on my computer before uploading them to the X5. Now the EQ is implemented in two versions: one for the HD 800 and one for...
The latter.
Maybe I'll seize the opportunity to audition it when I'm in the vicinity of a Stax shop downtown.
The SR-009 itself is expensive enough (about 6000 US$ here in Switzerland) to hesitate with such a plan, and given my sonic preference which leans toward the dynamic principle since quite a while... I know the inherent qualities and downsides of the different transducer types quite a bit from own experiences as a speaker builder (having designed and built dynamic, planar and ribbon tranducers) on a DIY basis and as a highly interested auditioner at HiFi fairs, which of...
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