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I don't think a portable, battery-driven M-Scaler is an option, not for the near future anyway. Personally I would consider it overkill, also in that it perverts the portability aspect. Most of the time I enjoy the music more just with the burden of a small DAP in my pocket or on my arm despite the sonic compromize. After all (real) mobility represents half of the ingredients of mobile music listening. A triple stack in the kilograms range brings the system closer to a...
 Better wait for Rob's «digital» class A amplifier for the DAVE! Possibly another breakthrough product.
It's very much possible that a Hugo² with M-Scaler sounds better than a DAVE alone (that also depends on the headphone output for those with this priority). The price would be similar, but you also gain portablity. On the other hand you lose some desktop ergonomy.   Somehow the combo Hugo² + M-Scaler seems a bit odd in terms of price discrepancy. So why not phantasize about a matching, affordable stand-alone M-Scaler, despite Chord's denial?!
Here's what Rob Watts has to say to the topic.
 Taps aren't kHz. The number of taps stands for the number of coefficients for the low-pass filter – indicating its complexity and sharpness. The full million taps are only accessible via two connections transmitting 768 kHz signals.
 The full million. «768 kHz 24 bit» x 2.
Yeah, ribbon speakers are maybe the fastest sound transducers available (considering both attack and delay plus the lack of reflecting components in front and at the back of the membrane), apart from plasma flames. Not to be mixed up with planar magnetic drivers (e.g. Piega sqawker). If they only weren't so long/high!     Breaking News:   Hugo² enables dual-data mode, which means it is fully M-Scaler compatible!
 I already really like the (original) HE1000 with my (original) Hugo. No power problems at all and excellent sound, at least after recabling with a Silver Dragon (the original cable holds a lot of the HE1000's qualities back to my ears) and even more so after careful equalizing. I expect the pairing Hugo² + HE1000 V2 to be even better in every respect. HE1000 + DAVE is a dream come true. Now I'm just waiting for the V2 pads...  Beware of the idea to amplify Chord DAC/amps!...
 Rob, once more you're proving exceptional circumspection and audiophile spirit! That's a really great innovation. The dual data mode alone would be a reason for buying it for me, and this although I already own a black DAVE.
 I must confess that I haven't noticed something like that with my Hugo. On the other hand, that's with the classic HD 800. Maybe it's in fact the «S» that's to blame? The Inner Fidelity measurements would be an indication for such a hypothesis, with increased harmonic distortion at low frequencies. (But then again, why not with the DAVE as well?)
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