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 The Superdupont mod is an equalizer! Even Sennheiser's own Helmholtz resonator in the «S» model is.
 You're certainly right with your view that 0.5, 1 or 4 ohms due to the cable's resistivity doesn't matter for a 450 ohm headphone like the HD 800. The fact that cables do make an audible difference with it nonetheless (in my humble experience) clearly shows that resistance and impedance of cables aren't responsible for the sonic differences. The same may apply to capacitance and inductance, although they can have an audible impact – but they don't define a cable's sonic...
Welcome to the Club, raypin!
 One can always dream (and I certainly wouldn't say no to the idea) – but that won't be realizable with today's state of technology (from what I understand according to Rob's reasonings). Just think of the Mojo's heat development during playback, and that's with much less taps than DAVE.
 I halfways suspected that it was more of a generalization addressed to high-end gear prices than a specific criticism on DAVE. I wish you were more careful with your wording to avoid corresponding confusion. Not a big deal anyway!
One important disadvantage of the 2Cute is the lack of a preamp function (→ volume control). So unless your power amp has adjustable input sensitivity (ideally via remote control) you'd have to use a separate preamp, which would take away some of the direct-path induced purity possible with the Hugo or Hugo TT – or an integrated amp with the same (if not more severe) loss of signal accuracy.
 Can you list a few DACs in the same price category that sound better (to your ears) or some that sound equally good for much less?
 I would try it with reversed values – it should also work the other way around.
 I agree with this. The SE846 sounds stunning driven by the Hugo. Although it actually has way too much power – but that doesn't hurt (only if you're really sensitive to hiss – detected by some –, which I'm not). Tip: SE846 with completely emptied black filter tubes, EQ settings on the X5 II:      –0.8     –3.4     –4       –2.4     –1.4     –0.4     –5.4     –4       –5.2     –4
  Yes, I've experimented quite a bit with this. The closest I got the Mojo to sound like the Hugo was this setting on my FiiO X5 II: 1 kHz: +0.2  /  2 kHz: +0.2  /  4 kHz: +0.4  /  8 kHz: +0.4  /  16 kHz: + 0.4 dB        (I can imagine that something like +0.3 dB at 8 kHz and/or +0.5 dB at 16 kHz would be optimal, but the X5 II only allows 0.2 dB steps.) But if your basis is a flat equalizer setting, I would rather take the negative route: 31 Hz: –0.4  /  62 Hz: –0.4  / ...
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