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 Sorry for you, Paul! But in the end all will be good.
 To me that looks like a misunderstanding. John was hinting at the upcoming Chord desktop speaker amp «TToby». Probably he wasn't aware that it wouldn't serve you as a headphones-only listener.
 Good argument, Jawed! If I have the choice between increased listening pleasure by added colorations and increased listening pleasure by increased accuracy and transparency, I'm deciding for... (I'm not going to reveal my choice.)
Four wishes:   As it is now, a song needs to be played ~15 seconds to enable the «rewind» button to get to the beginning of that song – instead of the previous song. I wish it was a much shorter play time, let's say 2 seconds. 15 seconds is just a bit off the mark.   After the player has been switched on, it begins to play. I wish it would start paused. And while we're at it: I also wish a paused song would stay paused after skipping to its beginning instead of...
 Yes, and rightly so! Maybe there were a handfull of prohibitive professional equalizers passably meeting audiophile requirements, but the overwhelming majority of analogue equalizers seriously comprimized sound quality. Fortunately the digital era has changed the game!
 Add to this the missing magnets, meaning missing drive force.  
As one who usually advocates modifications (like you're saying: «no headphone is perfect») I don't recommend this mod. It is the wrong approach. I tried it, with strips of black cellular rubber, and while it did something positive to the tonal balance, it clearly compromized the perception of spatial depth. I would much rather use an equalizer than these stripes for correcting the tonal balance. And by the way: A good (silver) cable also helps a lot. I consider it one of...
 Yes, I know that the upcoming digital amp for DAVE's «ultra-high-speed digital output for use with future-unannounced Chord Electronics products» doesn't work with the TT, but Whazzzup was speculating about a (power) amp. Actually an ADC for analogue sources wouldn't correspond to Chord's puristic approach. A source switch box, maybe equipped with a switchable resistor- or transformer-based attenuator (and maybe a buffer stage), would be a more plausible solution for that.
 No, this is the original damping mod, the Anaxilus mod is adapted from this one. The strategy was to lower the reflexive content of the sound, which primarily affected high frequencies, to gain accuracy – this by lining all bare surfaces with absorbing material. It may in fact address the 6-kHz resonance at the source, but since this (velvet) version has never been measured by Inner Fidelity, I can't say for sure. However, the Anaxilus mod has little effect on the 6 kHz...
 I use xnor's graphic equalizer for foobar2000 (1/3-octave/31 bands) – but mainly the 10-band octave equalizer of my FiiO X5 II, the center of my main system.  Here's my foobar settings. Note: it's for a HD 800 classic with damping mod.
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