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 Class D power amp?
 Have a look at the nozzle fit! It may not be exactly in place. (Happened to me after a filter change.)
Once I heard much less bass in the left channel. It occurred after a filter swap. I thought one of the bass drivers be defective. But a control of the driver housing showed that the nozzle wasn't exactly in place, therefore some of the sound waves escaped. Fortunately I could repair the «defect» myself!
 Cleaning the eartip filter might also help – and/or any filter that could be clogged. I've just done my eartip filter cleaning today.
And the most important feature: a shortcut to the equalizer on the «now playing» screen!
 Yes, the X5 drives the HD 650 with ease in terms of loudness, but to my ears it sounds better – warmer, better textured – with a good dedicated headphone amp.
Now I ask myself what you do when you're in a concert. Are there coloring earplugs? I'm particularly thinking of classical concerts.   Nevertheless, I accept different approaches.
The folder browsing advices just encourage FiiO to think that accelerated or intelligent scrolling has no priority. For those who like shuffle play with just some selective song search now and then (or those searching by category) that's no option. At least not a comfortable one.
 I mean both high fidelity and flat. The head-related transfer function is already integrated in Tyll's graphs (that's what «compensated» stands for), of course just as an average – the effective HRTF in the single case is individual. But still the graphs are passably reliable when it comes to the expectable sonic balance, at least up to the lower treble; above interferences with the measuring arrays come into play. So a really flat compensated curve would correspond to an...
 To each his own. But actually I think you haven't heard a flat headphone – there aren't any. And I can't imagine that you find the sound of a live event boring. «As little coloration as possible so I can understand a headphone's true nature»: That's quite a contradicton to the above and actually hard to comprehend. Why is it important to understand the headphone's true nature, not to explore and enjoy the orchestra's or the recording's true sonic colors? To my ears and...
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