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 Isn't that a contradiction in itself? You wonder what the Utopia will bring, but aren't interested what Sonarworks could do for your HD 800? You haven't developed your SD resonator for nothing, right? Now further equalizing can do even more, will even make the SD resonator obsolete (which is a passive/acoustic equalizer itself with 1 frequency band and limited scope).
 I don't listen to speakers (anymore), so can't offer any ideas. But since you mentioned your transformer-based passive «pre-amp», you should be aware that transformers like that generate harmonic distortion – they aren't really «as neutral as it gets». Those will most likely be the cause of the perceived additional «dynamics».
 Yes, it sounds decent – but not more. For some reason the HE1000 sounds clearly better driven by the Hugo (smoother, more refined, better soundstage). A pairing I consider excellent, even for home use.
 To each his own. But be aware that renouncing this kind of extrinsic effects means accepting intrinsic effects such as curved frequency responses from typical sound transducers and unnatural low-frequency effects from typical recordings through headphones (so you're far from maximizing your system and the listening pleasure, at least if you want a sound as uncolored and natural as possible – just saying).
 I haven't read somebody claim the soundstage had become bigger through crossfeed. So whoever is responsible for the manual text has it wrong. And unfortunately contributes to a wrong understanding of Crossfeed, combined with false expectations.
 I wouldn't subscribe this characterization. The «out of head» perception may be an individual thing, but a bigger or more expanded soundstage can't result from a monophonization of low frequencies. A more natural and plausible spatial presentation is what it does to my ears. BTW, the similarity of the terms crossfeed and crosstalk is no accident. Crossfeed is low-frequency crosstalk.
Crossfeed isn't meant to «expand» the soundstage, rather the opposite. What it does is gradually monophonizing low frequencies. Because the music we listen to is meant to be reproduced via loudspeakers, not headphones. Most of these recordings include one-sided low frequencies. With headphones, this makes for an unnatural experience, since in real life there's no way to experience low frequencies in just one ear. So Crossfeed is just a compensation for the lack of...
  Come on, HiFiMan! I'm sure you can answer these questions if you just try hard! Maybe it's an awkward situation for you, but can you imagine how it is for someone who has bought the V1 and now is confonted with the V2? So please show at least some understanding!  
 A lot of HE1000 V1 owners (myself included) would like to know how the V1 sounds with the V2 pads. You would probably be the first to offer some impressions of this combination.
It also looks as if the metal stays holding the magnet bars are slightly rounded now. That would help dispersing and (thus) reducing reflections on them.
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