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 Yes, in fact the Hugo played DoP even before I installed foo_input_packeddsd.
Thank you, Uzi2! Got it now. But did I really need it?
 I wonder how come that I don't have the «DSD Over PCM» option in the SACD settings. I get DoP anyway from the Asio Proxy 0.8.3 setting alone, though.
I've just begun reading their patent, it looks like it's not just a matter of equipping conventional cables with magnet rings or tubes, so trying to copy their cables is a fruitless undertaking. The conductors are said to consist of ferromagnetic material and are connected to the magnets.
The design looks like massive sonic compromises (which I couldn't live with). And yes, it's ugly in my eyes.
 I also would like to know the geometry of the magnet arrays to try it myself. But as long as no insider information is leaking, there's probably no hope to get any insight. Maybe some of the users of HF cables can get an idea from the looks of them? I don't think magnetism is harmful for high frequencies. The phenomenon causing high-frequency loss is called inductance, and responsible for it is the AC induced alternating magnetic field. So it's not the same as a magnetic...
 I'm not sure what you mean by those filters. The foo_out_asio.fb2k-component seems to be the only file that's been installed with itself. However, the little «ASIO Proxy 0.8.3» window that opens by double-click on foo_out_asio (under output/ASIO) is meant for configuring ASIO. In the upper field the Hugo driver has to be selected. The field below lets you choose between ASIO native and DoP. The rest can be ignored. Since the Hugo doesn't accept native DSD, it's in fact a...
 Not mine! I can't get access to foo_dsd_asio for editing – other than with DAVE.  There's a workaround, though: When I attach DAVE or Mojo beforehand, foo_dsd_asio lets me select the Hugo driver, and after that the Hugo is able to play DoP. But not all Hugo owners additionally own a Mojo. [Edit]  I just discovered that I also need to attach the Hugo again for being able to select the DAVE/Mojo driver from foo_dsd_asio! So to get access to foo_dsd_asio and switch the DAC...
 No, apparently the Hugo can't process a DSD signal. It needs to be converted to PCM. At least I haven't figured out how to make it playable via foobar2000, since the Hugo driver doesn't accept the foo_dsd_asio component.
 With foobar2000 (in Windows 7) and the same configuration as for DAVE, my Mojo doesn't play native DSD, just DOP – this without dropouts. In other words: While the Mojo fails, DAVE plays native DSD256 without problems – after a bit of fiddling and help from a fellow Head-Fier.
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