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 Hi astrostar Who's talking of resampling? That was just you. You know what you've heard, and I know what I hear. And cthomas knows what he's heard. Believe me, I equalize a lot and couldn't live without it anymore – all of my headphones take huge quality jumps that way. But you don't get it for free – it's a rather time-consuming occupation, and there's also a learning curve, beginning with each headphone again.
 Hi Paul Some food for thoughts: From a technical, electroacoustic perspective a preamp in the signal path is hard to justify. Both preamp and power amp offer about the same load for the DAVE (25-100 kΩ), so it's safe to say that the output signal is the same and in no way cleaner due to the allegedly disburdening preamp. Which indicates that the perceived «improvement» is in fact euphonic coloration. Now you like what you like and have your own sonic ideal, to which the...
 Of course any digital equalizer alters the signal in the digital domain, so it won't be «bit perfect» anymore. That's actually the intention behind every kind of equalizing: altering the signal to provide a better tonal synergy with the rest of the chain (in most cases it's the sound transducer that's to be compensated for). It's nonsense to use «bit perfection» as a magic formula. In turn your analogue equalizer will not just alter the signal in the same way, it...
 That's another possibility. But you just have to take care for the activated «auto» function to have foobar compensate automatically (which is the default setting). 
 Hi cthomas I'm glad it worked for you. I never could get my HD 800 to distort, so it could very well be your headphone amp lacking the necessary power for hip-hop bass peaks with enhanced low bass. (Yes, in these cases it could be favorable to lower the low-bass increase a bit.)
 Jamato, you could be the first to report how the HE1000 V1 sounds with the V2 pads! So many V1 owners desperately want to know.
 Honestly, I would keep the HD 800 and equalize it. This will make it a genre master, and you'll be surprised about the bass it's capable of. The icing on the cake would be a damping modification.
 I still have to audition the Utopia (announced to be available soon in my town), but the DAVE/HE1000 pairing is close to my sonic ideal – and I definitely don't miss dynamics or some more power reserve. You certainly know that there's a (supposedly improved) HE1000 V2 now.
As described by x RELIC x, the DAVE plays on an even higher level, but I'm a fan of the Hugo nonetheless. It may have a slightly bright timbre, but it would be a pity if it was judged just by the degree of synergy with the rest of the system. The ideal case would be a system with adjustable tonal balance, hence independency from component synergy (with the sound transducers as the key factor).
 There's one specific scenario where adding a headphone amp to the DAVE for a headphone it could easily drive with respect to the power reserves theoretically could yield some benefit: power peaks straining the internal power supply, whereas the external amp is able to supply the corresponding power easier and faster. So this advantage is able to outweigh the complication of the signal path due to additional electronics with their own harmonic-distortion pattern. It's just...
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