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 To be honest, I couldn't live with a fix volume for all my recordings – which in fact vary a lot, despite being normalized manually. It sounds as if the output impedance of your player is really high, maybe around 250 ohms, which I consider critical in terms of strain for the output stage. The current flow is at least 500 times higher than it's designed for. It may very well withstand the strain, but there's no guarantee. In my case one channel died after two or three...
 I used this sort of «direct connection» some years ago with a DAC with very low output impedance and with a HD 650. How is your player's output impedance? It can't be very high, or you would'nt get decent volume levels with a 34 ohm headphone, but it certainly will be higher than that of most headphone amps. Even though planar dynamics have decently flat impedance responses, in most cases they're not absolutely flat, so there could be some resonances that are slightly...
 Despite the Utopia waiting for a further session?
 «HIFIMAN Ultrapad V2 (for HE-1000, HE-1000 V2)This is the new earpad of the HE1000 V2, which offers a greater angling of the headphone driver as compared to the original HE1000. It also changes the velour pad surface for polyester.» The only imaginable sense of the angling is a sonic difference, so the answer is given. It's just not clear if it's an improvement to everybody's ears.
 I never found the DAVE to sound bright – if there's a deviation from neutral, then rather very slightly dark. Your finding is a surprise to me. Maybe you have a bad day or a bright day? Or could it be that you're using a bright headphone? Such as the HD 800? Maybe time for a damping mod. And/or a new (copper) cable. Since a few days a have a Black Dragon attached to my pair, and I like it – smoother than the stock cable (which isn't bad per se, just a tad sharp).
 The one exception was probably me. In the meantime I've had it constantly turned on, but out of curiosity I was just switching it off. And indeed, I like it better that way. The sound becomes more open and airy – and musical –, without any added harshness. One of the few things I seem to disagree with Rob.
 Hi Sonic Defender I'm not pretending that I could hear a difference (although who knows, maybe I could), but there was someone pretending the resistor-ladder design in his DAC be better than Chord's lossless digital volume regulation.
 Hey, I'm not saying the Hugo is better than everything else. Please don't put words in my mouth! All I'm saying is that a lossless (!) digital volume regulation such as in the Chord DACs is (theroretically) better than any resistor-ladder solution, which means analogue components in the signal path. But if you prefer so, believe the «experts» with no idea about the specific Chord design!
 Although I usually avoid such a term, I'm inclined to say «yes». I guess any other cable will provide better sound. My Silver Dragon effectively makes a large difference after all. Much higher clarity and transparency and sharper attacks.
 The Hugo effectively uses the line-out stage for also driving headphones – that's one of its advantages separating it from more conventional DACs, beside the sophisticated signal processing via FPGA and pulse array. Of course the line-out stage is kind of an amplifier with inevitable signal corruption, but at least it means renouncing a complete amplification stage. Adding a useless amplification stage nonetheless means renouncing this advantage. Volume control happens in...
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