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 There's no attenuator. Volume control happens in the digital domain.
 Sounds like a reasonable explanation. On the other hand, there are only a few millimeters at best for damping the rear sound waves before they bounce against the rear grill, so a complete absorption before that is impossible. Yes, there are a lot of closed-back headphones that sound passably good, but there's a reason why they are considered a worse design when it comes to audiophile demands and soundstage/imaging, and I absolutely support this attitude from own...
 That's what the X5's equalizer is for. Try –1 dB at 2, 4, 8 and 16 kHz and play with these settings till they match your sonic ideal. Note that there are 0.2 dB steps for fine-tuning, and all pesets are editable! And don't be shocked by the volume drop from the EQ – simply adjust the volume accordingly.
 We all want that, but FiiO doesn't listen.
 I agree, the wording is misleading. In fact there's no bypass, and volume control is still active. It's just a preset to 3 volts max. (which isn't the maximum).
 This «mode» doesn't bypass anything, it even allows volume control. You're mixing it up with the standard preset already discussed in this thread.
 Volume is controlled in the digital domain (this applies to Hugo, TT and AFAIK Dave, too), so there's nothing to be bypassed.
 I've already asked this question on the second page of this thread: You deliberately renounce magnet bars on the back of the membrane in the interest of minimizing reflections just to add such a perforated plate with about 40% sound permeability and 60% reflectivity? I would have preferred magnet bars instead.
 Like this: 
 That's possible. Reversing left and right channel for over-ear use is one solution to preserve the correct driver angling; another one is accepting another loop in the cable (that's mine). Not easy with a cable that short, but it just works (and a little better with the slider removed).
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