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 Not for me...  The circle keeps rotating forever. – But that's with Firefox. It does work with IE11, though.
 Thanks, Shadow! Yes, they were all DSD128 – I don't own DSD64 files for testing. Have you noticed the broken link to the user manual?  Hi Joe. No, that doesn't work either. Still «File not supported».
 About 400 hours – best with loud (and bassy) music. And you need a better cable than the ones that came with it to unleash its full potential (your Silver Dragon is fine). – Moreover the HE1000 benefits a lot from equalizing, but I guess most people have some irresistible reservation against it.
@FiiO-Shadow   Could you please comment on the issue(s)?
Hi supabayes   Since I never used the balanced cable (my Chord DACs just have single-ended headphone outputs), I can't speak for it. But it looks like an identical build, hence it will have about the same sonic characteristic as the single-ended cable.
Deleted (misinterpretation)
 The reason is simple: The external amp acts as an attenuator, while the digital loudness level is set to (near) maximum. Feeding a power amp directly will result in the full level of the noise, while the digital loudness level is attenuated.  I don't question your preference, but I'm not sure if you're aware that it's dedicated to coloration and harmonic distortion. As Rob Watts would say: «Some people like harmonic distortion.» Now this behavior of your amp apparently...
I tried to download an up-to-date X5 II user manual from the official link on FiiiO's website. Unfortunately it doesn't work. An older user manual I found on the net sais nothing about DSD playback via an external DAC. But since there's a DoP setting for the coaxial output, it should work with DSD (.dsf, .dff) ...or so I thought.   But it does not. None of my FiiO players – X3 II, X5, X5 II – plays DSD recordings through the S/PDIF output. As soon as a cable is plugged...
 Nothing else but the stock cables – and I found the shorter 1/8" cable slightly better than the unnecessarily long 1/4" cable.
 I use a Moon Audio Silver Dragon as well – and haven't tried any other so far.
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