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Here's a tutorial. – Or maybe I got it wrong and you're looking for real-time conversion during playback. I'm not sure if Foobar can do that.
 Foobar2000 does it – with DSD plug-in.
Thanks, Rob! (It would be for home use only.) – I'm still hovering between Hugo and Hugo TT.
Can anyone tell the exact dimensions of the Hugo TT? Rob?
 That's most likely an effect of high output impedance (of the receiver's headphone output). Most dynamic headphones have an impedance peak in the bass, therefore a serial resistance will cause a hump in fequency response there.  The Sony XBA-H3, in contrast, has peaks in the treble – that's why it will sound thinner with a serial resistance.
 Never mind! – And by the way, Foobar let's you chose between 44.1, 88.2, 176.4 and 352.8 kHz, provided you have the SACD plugin installed.
 The SACD plugin was missing in my Foobar. Found it at SourceForge. Thank you, Sir!
 How do you do that? Foobar automatically makes 88.2 kHz PCM files out of DSD files and won't let me chose something else.
You seem to forget the people who'd want to combine it with a FiiO X5 and the like.
Kevin, I'm sorry to have misread your question. Didn't know DXD until now. But Google delivers a lot of answers with the appropriate search terms.
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