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 That's exciting. Great news!
Hi Paul I hope it's not me you were referring to with this sentence... ...but I fear it is so. Let me tell you that I enjoyed your comparative review a lot, and it was well-balanced and absolutely compatible with this thread, a great service for the community. Probably I'll never get the chance to audition a TotalDAC d1-twelve, so your review covers at least a bit of my curiosity. I absolutely don't expect or demand that everyone likes the same gear as me, so I can live...
  Have you two tried the V2 pads on the V1? (Please do!)  
Brave modding work!
It's called artificial shortage.
 Yeah, in hindsight I realize that you just quoted – sorry for my superficial reading. In any event I don't get the concept of high currents necessary for good sound (particularly with high-impedance inputs) – so we seem to agree here as well.
 Good points, except for the «high currents» which should mean «high voltages».
 It must be a purely analogue filter, since the TotalDAC explicitly renounces oversampling.
From what I get the TotalDAC is even more direct than the DAVE in that it doesn't even have a line-out stage. All the more it would be a shame to not make use of it, but it seems to be dependent on a preamp of some sort just for volume regulation. I probably would go for a passive attenuator in the form of a voltage-dividing network.
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