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Sounds good, George!
One more wish:   I would prefer if, when being paused, the player would stay paused after skipping to the beginning of the current song (or the next song). Now it begins to play in this case (other than the X5).
Foobar2000 is the audio player on my computer I use the most. I like the multiple playlist display and use xnor's 31-band graphic equalizer all the time. Even better would be a parametric equalizer with 5 or 10 bands. Another great feature is audio format conversion, especially Wave/Flac and DSD/PCM. These are the main features I would want in your player, apart from the promising upsampling algorithm – not to forget a well implemented, really random shuffle play. Actually...
What just comes to mind:   UB40 - Red red Wine Most of Radiohead's songs John Abercrombie/Jan Hammer - Ralph's Piano Waltz Plasticland - Transparencies, Friends Prince - Live 4 Love
First I want to say that I'm very happy with the X3 II. But there's room for firmware improvements:   Increase the scrolling speed or make it user selectable Provide easy access to the equalizer While in the menu clockwise rotation of the wheel leads to a downwards movement, in the equalizer it's the opposite; harmonizing this would facilitate intuitive operation (valid for the X5 as well)   I also hope that the 5800 song limit will be removed, and it would be...
I support the claim for a scrolling acceleration. If someone uses shuffle mode exclusively – like me –, but wants to listen to a specific song now and then, this would be the better solution than having to switch to the folder mode for this purpose, then switch back to shuffle play in database mode.
Does somebody have a recommendation for an IE 800 replacement cable – apart from the original Sennheiser cable? Mine is about to break right below the splitter/connector.
 If I were into serious theme customizing, you would have seen some of my creations in the X5 firmware thread. In fact I'm just egoistic and do some modest modding just for myself.  Also, I don't think I have the skills to do that.
 It seems so, according to Inner Fidelity:   Early    2013
 Thanks, Joe! Now it works.
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