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I enjoyed my Sony Walkmen at that time, on eight wheels, but always dreamed of a better sound. I didn't expect it to come true on such a high level, with my whole music collection in a small box, heard through tiny earphones with better sound than every speaker or headphone system I've heard to date.
 If it's the same as with the normal Hugo, where line out and headphone out are the same, it should be able to drive headphones. But it may very well be that the balanced design limits it to high-impedance loads.
 The quality of the amp would define the degradation of the signal – in the best case it is minor and barely audible. On the other hand I haven't heard an amp which didn't color the sound so far. Expensive amps made no exception, after all some of them sounded «better» (let's say clearer) while altering the sound to a similar degree.I really don't know if the impact of a power supply to the sound can be measured. Doubt it. It's speculation anyway, but I do believe that...
 Yes, exactly – minus possible dynamic losses due to «undersized» power supply. But I don't believe they make so much of a real sound-quality difference in the sense of signal accuracy and high fidelity in comparison to double amplification, which introduces a whole new spectrum of harmonic distortion and signal rounding. And I don't hear them.
 «Driving the 800s to their potential», «fullness», «impedance/power...» (?), «underdriving» are no technical terms which would explain how an extra amplification stage could «improve» the signal or the driving capability. They just show your sonic preference – which I share to some degree, that's why I have done the modification on the HD 800.
 Yes. However, from what I get (and hear myself) the power supply of the Hugo is already very good (gives a lot of control and dynamics to the bass). Nevertheless, I'm curious about the TT as well.
 When I said «better», I actually meant more honest, more accurate. Double amplification can only make the signal less authentic. But you may like a rounder, fuller presentation better, which is how some amps may alter it. Given that the HD 800 is perceived as rather bright (without modification), this sort of alteration may be beneficial to the sonic balance. But it's a really expensive solution for something you could achieve with an equalizer, such as the one that comes...
The Hugo has more than enough power to drive the HD 800. And together they sound wonderful (to my ears) – better than with every external amp. Here's why.
 Now what is «high end» exactly? I think the interpretation depends of the sonic ideal, the sonic philosophy of the listener/owner. Roughly spoken it means a sound which appeals more than what the broad mass of playback devices are capable of delivering. So I'm not going to change your mind about the Hugo. To me it represents something like a sonic ideal which I followed since many years. Not just its DAC, but explicitly also its headphone stage. Granted, it does sound...
 Just to clarify: These aren't my measurements. And now I'm out here.
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