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Honestly, I never thought the DAVE to be overpriced. Now I even think it's a bargain. The best DAC in the world (probably) for a fraction of what you had to pay for the best DAC in the world one or two years ago...   Well, I belong to the lucky ones who can afford it (although I'm not rich by any means), and I can reproduce the frustration of those who are far from that. But I also understand that Chord Electronics doesn't produce such a fine piece of advanced...
If you equalize anyway, you can save a few bucks: Get the HD 800! The cable replacement is an option you can think about later, once you find you need a further sonic refinement.
 I'm not sure if I really understand you and if you understand what I'm trying to say. What has the turntable to do with the topic? The tube amp has been brought up by Shetzu, but in fact it's just about the dispensability of a headphone amp with the Chord DACs (I'm not against tube amps as opposed to solid-state amps, although meanwhile I prefer the latter). It's true, there are good and bad recordings. Is that a plausible reason for chosing a forgiving, low-resolution...
 Mostly, yes – unless I leave the house after a listening session and come back for another one. My remote control is in the original box, I never use it.
 As soon as I have the desire to listen to music, I turn it on (no warm-up phase considered). I turn it off when I leave the house; otherwise mostly before I go to sleep.
 Now that you mention it, I indeed found it in the DAVE manual. I liked the sound quality of few CDs in my collection that were pre-emphasized and from there deduced that it was a beneficial feature. Theoretically it is. Sadly there's no corresponding indication on the display.
 No Helmholtz resonator... since I use active equalizing, I don't need additional passive/acoustic equalizing. The resonator itself creates some additional reflections (after all it blocks the center hole), as can be identified on the measurements. The sonic result is a (litterally) drier, less ethereal sound with less glare. It may take some getting used to (as it was in my case – farewell from a spectacular sparkle which seemed to enhance clarity and transparency), but I...
Personally I would go for it. To my ears the Hugo sounds a bit more open, transparent and refined, even smoother (which doesn't seem to match others' observations, though) despite being brighter. It's not a big difference, and the price difference among new devices may not be accurately reflected. Just make sure the battery still has (about) the full charging capacity.
 While there's nothing wrong with limiting the own headphone-listening pleasure to the default sound «right out of the box», I definitely recommend to get the most out of what you have, especially when it's free or almost free and the effort is small. I'm explicitly not speaking of the tube amp, to clarify this. I really think the HD 800 is an excellent headphone for Heavy Metal and Rock – when properly equalized. I know from your posts that you consider it extremely...
Are Class D amps really prone to high noise floor modulation – compared to conventional amps?
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