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 Hhmmm... I'm not so sure. I can easily smooth its sound...                   ...by adding one of my amps to the chain.
You could try making a mechanical, motor-driven remote control. Sort of a slowly rotating rubber cylinder pressed against the Hugo's volume wheel. That would be better than analogue electronics if you want the Hugo's sound to remain unaltered.
 Equalizing is boring. And too cheap a solution. Imagine everyone would do it! 
Have fun!
Good enough to understand you well, don't worry!
 Are you actually paid for your propaganda campaign?
 The best solution for you would be the Hugo TT. Above remote control works in the analogue domain and adds electronics components to the signal path. I'm not sure if Rob Watts would give the green light for this compromise.
 An expensive hobby! I'm in the fortunate position to only experiment with synergies between the HE1000 and different EQ settings (to which I attribute the higher potential and efficiency, despite being free of charge). That said, I'm eyeing a Chord Dave instead. Should be capable of driving the HE1000 «to its full potential».
 How more clear can it be worded? 1. Extract and copy X5II.fw to the root directory of an µSD card on THE LEFT µSD SLOT (slot 1) of the X5 formatted in FAT32.2. Power off the X5 and make sure that the X5 is adequately charged before attempting to update.3. Hold the upper left button of the X keygroup while pressing the power button to begin the update process. (you may release the buttons when the update dialog shows) But I'm glad it worked now, DecentLevi.  
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