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 Care to explain what exactly you have in mind?
The official specs:   Hugo¹                                              Hugo²                                              DAVE 0070 mW  at 300 Ω                    0094 mW  at 300 Ω                    0154 mW  at 300 Ω 0580 mW  at 033 Ω                    0740 mW  at 033 Ω                    1400 mW  at 033 Ω 0720 mW  at 008 Ω                    1050 mW  at 008 Ω                    2900 mW  at 008 Ω  (estimated)   (already posted in the DAVE thread)
 To be honest, I don't think I've ever heard Naim gear. And if I had, I'd still have no idea what the cause of the specific Naim PRAT is. I don't even know if it's indeed an exaggeration.
 I think your description is spot on. Rob's timing refers to instant starts and stops of transients thanks to the multi-tap WTA filter with greatly reduced smearing effects in the audio band, whereas the accentuated timing attributed to Naim DACs has more to do with the classic «pace, rhythm and timing» (PRAT).
 Careful, Nick! That's the distortion figure for the TToby at 100 watts/4 Ω, thus maximum recommended power. At normal listening levels harmonic distortion will be way lower.
 It's better not to feed the trolls.
Nick, now I see the error in your reasoning. If you look at the Hugo¹ and Hugo² specs, there's no logarithmic increase of output power with a logarithmic decrease of impedance. Because the current flow in common amps is limited. The DAVE comes closer to it, even achieves a perfect congruence between 300 and 33 Ω: ¹/909 of the impedance leads to the 9,09-fold power. However, with even lower impedances it certainly won't behave like that anymore.
After all you may be right that the output current is considerably higher than my first estimation. I took the risk and inserted you value in hindsight.
 I just took the factor 1.42 between 740 and 1050 watts from the Hugo², but now have slightly modified it, since the DAVE seems to provide slightly higher currents at lower impedances. It's estimated anyway, so don't take it too seriously. Maybe your calculations are in fact (more) correct.
 I just added the Hugo¹ specs in front of the others.
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