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Dear headfellows,   right now the USB-audio handling of Android is very limited. Google appears to be working on a "general" ALSA-driver but it's not available yet.   The DACCORD does not work with current Android systems, unfortunately.   It should work with any Apple-System though!   Cheers   Jan
Dear Lakson,   sorry, but I don't have a Linux-system myself, so I can't try.   Cheers   Jan
Corda comes from the italian language and means "strings" like those of a music instrument.   :-)   Jan
I honestly can't tell. According to C-Media it should work with a proper ALSA driver. Be noted that Apple-systems work well with the DACCORD without additional drivers needed. So let's hope the same thing will happen with Android.   Cheers   Jan
Dear Theogenes,   let's hope Google will get thinks working properly soon.   As for the current consumption of the USB-input of the DACCORD, it is approximately 80 mA. Normally that shouldn't be a problem with any tablet.   Some USB-DACs have a considerable higher current consumption since they also use USB-power for the DA-section. This is not the case with the DACCORD. It uses a normal mains-supply for this section.   On my Windows-based netbook the DACCORD works...
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Dear friends,   most android systems are indeed very limited in their ability to connect to an USB-audio-device. My own tablet (Lenovo Yoga 8) works fine with the PCSTEP (USB 1.1 audio device) but I haven't been able yet to get the DACCORD running. According to CMEDIA Linux systems will work with the DACCORD using ALSA drivers. Android has a Linux kernel, as it seems, doesn't support high-resolution transfer yet. Google is said to be working on a new Android version that...
Dear headfellows,   just a note that the current sales on the PCSTEP will end on Monday!!   Jan
Dear Headfellows,   there are amplifiers that do not get the exposure that, in my opinion, they do deserve. The PCSTEP is such an amp. Sonically it really is a very nice and nifty device.   To promote this amp a little bit more I've given it a considerable price reduction that is valid only during the month of June. It's well worth a consideration!   :-)   Jan
Dear friends,   sorry, but I have been in the Netherlands for a couple of days. My mother had her birthday, and she's more important to me then you guys!!   :-)   Anyway, I will start answering E-mails tonight.   :-) Jan
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