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Dear Punit,   simply drop me a mail at meier-audio@t-online.de and I will send you the user-manual!   :-) Jan
Dear headfellows,   " Can any owner please describe the sound of this amp whether it is neutral or slightly warm, low: "   Being the designer of the amp I can't give you an "objective" opinion.   But today Lieven published a review on Headfonia that you may like:   http://www.headfonia.com/review-meier-audio-corda-quickstep-impressive/   Enjoy reading!   :-) Jan
Dear headfellows,   "why does this happen with the DACCord"   With most DACs the USB-receiver-chip is powered by the internal supply of the DAC.   With the DACCORD however, this chip is completely powered by the USB-power.   The big advantage is, that the circuitry of the USB-input can be completely isolated (electronically) from the DA-circuitry. Pollution coming from the PC thus is rejected.   Cheers   Jan
Dear Mark1993,   for questions on import duties please simply send me a mail.   Cheers   Jan
Dear headfellows,   I just had a conversation with Sennheiser. All the headphones that were ordered have been shipped yesterday and I hope to receive them today or on Monday.   They made it till X-Mas!!!   :-)   Of course all the customers who have placed a pre-order will be served as fast as possible.   Cheers   Jan
Dear Richcao,   " Where did you order them from? "   Sennheiser distribution Germany.   I'm an official "Sennheiser High-End" reseller!   :-) Jan
Dear headfellows,   just a note that today Sennheiser distribution Germany told me that the first HD800S headphones will be shipped by the end of December. Price in Germany will be EUR 1600,- (VAT included). I did place a larger order but I'm not sure how long it take Sennheiser to have them shipped all.   Cheers   Jan
Dear Operabuff,   " Thank you Jan! "   You're welcome!  :-)   As a note to the JAZZ and the CLASSIC amplifiers: These all use the concept of active balanced ground. As a result, when the current is turned ON/OFF, the offset voltages at all three output contacts (the three contacts at the headphone plug) are almost the same. Thus the effective offsetvoltage signal is a small, very fast and short living one. It only is pretty audible because it is in a frequency range...
Dear Operabuff,   Rasmushorn uses the CORDA CLASSIC. This amp indeed does have a small pop when turned ON/OFF.   The ROCK is different. It uses the TDA2030 at the output which has a built-in mute/relais. The pop of this amp is extremely low and with many headphone almost inaudible.   Cheers   Jan
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