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Have you guys seen my November-specials?   :-) Jan
Have you guys seen my November-specials?   :-)
Just as a note, audio-examples with and without crossfeed can be found at:   :-)   Jan
Dear headfellows,   no, I won't comment on the differences between amps of Violectric/Lake People (they make nice stuff!) and Corda for obvious reasons. Just a little note:   "one downside of the Jazz is that I think it does not allow to set the gain."   It does! The small knob at the middle of the front is a gain switch and thus performance can be easily optimized for both low impedance and high impedance headphones!   Just drop me a mail at...
It's not really possible to optimize performance for a specific source-voltage.   Listening habits (how loud do you hear) and efficiency of the headphones are important factors.   The only optimization is, that my portable amplifiers do have a higher gain factor than the stationary amps, since the latter are normally combined with stationary sources with higher output voltages.   Cheers   Jan
Dear headfellows,   with low impedance headphones the current limits the maximum output voltage.   300 mA into a 30 Ohm headphone gives 10V maximum (peak value).   With a 50 Ohm headphone the maximum output voltage of 15V is the real limit.   15V peak value into 50 Ohm gives you around 2 Watts / channel indeed.   That's enough to make your ears bleed.   Be aware that the maximum gain of the JAZZ is around a factor 6. An output voltage of 15V will only be...
Dear Oldson,   the DACCORD accepts PCM upto 24 bit / 192 kHz (also by USB!)   DSD is not implemented. Your software has to convert to PCM.   I have no plans yet for a DAC that does DSD. Sorry,   Jan    
Dear headfellows,   "I have the HE560 and I could turn the Corda Jazz all the way up on high gain and keep the headphones on my head. It was really loud, too loud to listen to for more than a few minutes... but that shows that I was running out of headroom."   No, it doesn't mean that the JAZZ is running out of steam!!!   It simply means that the maximum gain-factor is medium only. And for good reasons. Lower maximum gain implies less background noises and lower...
Hello Bismark,   If you have some soldering experience then it's very easy to convert the amplifier from 110V to 220V! Just send me a mail at for technical info if interested.   Cheers   Jan
Dear headfellows,   right now the USB-audio handling of Android is very limited. Google appears to be working on a "general" ALSA-driver but it's not available yet.   The DACCORD does not work with current Android systems, unfortunately.   It should work with any Apple-System though!   Cheers   Jan
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