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Dear Druhvmeena96,   Needless to say that I'm very happy, that you like the JAZZ-FF so much.   > So my suggestion to Jan meier, next time create something so great which takes decades to be outperformed.   Please be noted, that the goal of making the original JAZZ never was to make the best amplifier available. Primary goal was to make the best amplifier at a low price point. Sure, at the time I was well able to make a better amp, but that would have cost much...
Dear Punit,   simply drop me a mail at meier-audio@t-online.de and I will send you the user-manual!   :-) Jan
Dear headfellows,   " Can any owner please describe the sound of this amp whether it is neutral or slightly warm, low: "   Being the designer of the amp I can't give you an "objective" opinion.   But today Lieven published a review on Headfonia that you may like:   http://www.headfonia.com/review-meier-audio-corda-quickstep-impressive/   Enjoy reading!   :-) Jan
Dear headfellows,   "why does this happen with the DACCord"   With most DACs the USB-receiver-chip is powered by the internal supply of the DAC.   With the DACCORD however, this chip is completely powered by the USB-power.   The big advantage is, that the circuitry of the USB-input can be completely isolated (electronically) from the DA-circuitry. Pollution coming from the PC thus is rejected.   Cheers   Jan
Dear Mark1993,   for questions on import duties please simply send me a mail.   Cheers   Jan
Dear headfellows,   I just had a conversation with Sennheiser. All the headphones that were ordered have been shipped yesterday and I hope to receive them today or on Monday.   They made it till X-Mas!!!   :-)   Of course all the customers who have placed a pre-order will be served as fast as possible.   Cheers   Jan
Dear Richcao,   " Where did you order them from? "   Sennheiser distribution Germany.   I'm an official "Sennheiser High-End" reseller!   :-) Jan
Dear headfellows,   just a note that today Sennheiser distribution Germany told me that the first HD800S headphones will be shipped by the end of December. Price in Germany will be EUR 1600,- (VAT included). I did place a larger order but I'm not sure how long it take Sennheiser to have them shipped all.   Cheers   Jan
Dear Operabuff,   " Thank you Jan! "   You're welcome!  :-)   As a note to the JAZZ and the CLASSIC amplifiers: These all use the concept of active balanced ground. As a result, when the current is turned ON/OFF, the offset voltages at all three output contacts (the three contacts at the headphone plug) are almost the same. Thus the effective offsetvoltage signal is a small, very fast and short living one. It only is pretty audible because it is in a frequency range...
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