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I've got my Awei 920BL, I find that the highs are tinny on some songs,  it is also more airy sounding compared to KZ ED9.
I've ordered on the 18th and it only went out on the 23rd, nothing to worry I guess. Average shipping time my package will arrive is 2-2.5 weeks.
continuation from the post above: the equipment is quite expensive here too since the items came across the border
It will be my 2nd day of vaping, I'm not a heavy smoker, I smoke less than 10 sticks a day. I wanted to consider vaping to fill in those times that I want to light a stick. It works so far and I like the scent of it, I'm also a DIY person so I enjoyed tweaking and whatnot. I enjoyed it so much that I ordered an evic mini with griffin for my office usage and by the way, vaping is illegal here. :)
I just got my 1st (noob) setup :D    Cuboid with Lemo 2    
I was also looking for that Fiio IC and found out that it was bundled to the amp. Lucky for me, I still have one JDS IC from my clip+ and e5 rig that I didn't use coz I also noticed that the clip+ alone is way better than the rig.
NX1 and ED11. it sounds fine. I haven't tried it with a different earphones though, I might try it with Monk tonight :D
just got mine
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