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Maestro Phaser Snow White Autowah
Rat Britannia Mutron
 In fact, I have a good seal and isolation, the only thing that is bothering me is the comfort. Since the day I got the IM50, I only use it before going to bed. Looking at ATH IEMs compared to the GR07, ATH nozzle is much fatter (sorry for the lack of terms) than GR07 and I guess even if I use a small size tip, it won't matter or I am not sure if the tip material from ATH is much harder/stiffer than Vsonic. I might try to use some of the tips from my GR07(if it will fit)...
I have issues with audio technica iems. I have the ckm500 but I sold it. I also have the ckn50 but gave it to my in law. Now I have the IM50 and I'm having doubts if I'll keep it. All have the same issues with the fit. I have a gr07 mkii with a medium tip on it and it fits great inside the canal. I use a medium tip on all ath iems, I have also tried putting on the small size tip to the IM50, but it still gets a little hot inside my ear canal, it's irritating and...
my latest is this: Tapatalk and P3100 combo
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shipped to SG? how come it's free?
Hi everyone, I wanted to get this DJ100 which is on sale in amazon for only: Items: SGD 53.62 Shipping & handling: SGD 16.05   coz its worth SGD119 here in Singapore(usual price at ebay for Singapore is around SGD110-150, I would like to know if it is worth to buy it just to add in my collection. I owned an M50, Grado SR60i, Portapro, Superlux 668B and right now I only have the Ultrasone HFI580 and KSC75, I actually like both but since the DJ100 is...
I usually play rock, grunge and sometimes instrumental. :D I have no specifics coz I play alone, I just jam along with backtracks.
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