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I just wanted to ask for those who have tried the E100 and BE3, I compared both though not at the same listening time, I found out that BE3 is more clear and fun sounding while the E100 is cold and not what I expected if I based it on the reviews. I wonder if there is any fit issues since both fits me well. What foam are you guys using on the E100 and does it greatly affect the sound at all?
    I tried looking on the brass tips, I found out that one doesn't have the filter while the other one have. But it still didn't sound right with the brass tip that has filter on it.  While typing, my ATE arrived. :D
I have tried the brass tips of the ED9, but I can't get a good sound out of it, it sounded so thin and lifeless, even though I have changed the tips from stock to comply. I went back to the gold tips and removed the grills and foam, now it became a lot better. D6503
just got the ED9, after several weeks of using the she3590 and gr02 be on weekends, I can say that it competes with the gr02. Bass is really great (not sure if it's the quantity a basshead is looking for) using the gold nozzles, I find the brass weak in bass. I can't say about brass' details/clarity yet since I'm still enjoying the gold. D6503
Thanks, those eartips are from Vsonic. 
  Here's mine. Got the 3580 at the local grocery store and I'm so glad I bought it. :D
at first, I never believed on the reviews here after having an experience on some philips earphones, but I was thankful that I bought the 3590, it's really fantastic, I've compared it to meelectronic m6 and it blows the m6 away in the drawer. it's a fun sounding iem and it really has great clarity compared to the m6 which is quite harsh on the upper mids and very dull on the treble. I can say that it is the same or near to my vsonic gr02. D6503
Hi Wokei, where did you purchase you Kogan?
It's my second week of listening to the IM02 with X1 and E11K, I'm listening to some tracks from James Taylor. In the first 3 tracks of my compilation, I find the vocals very dark, almost muddy and after each track, I can hear a "white" noise on each transition. After the third track, everything went back to normal. So I'm guessing that the IM02 is very sensitive to the way the songs were recorded or it may be because it was badly ripped. With regards to build quality, I...
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