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Is it worth it to get the Sony NW-A30 if I already have the Fiio X1ii? I prefer the Sony's UI by looking at some videos compared to the Fiio.    Is it an upgrade to Fiio X1ii?
wow, almost identical. congrats bro, enjoy :D
I have a pro and piano, the cable on my pro has an issue and it comes and go. Aside from my tennmaks, there is also an issue on my 4in1 which I worn twice only after it arrived. It seems that the mmcx connector issue haven't been solved since those with the se215.
My source is Fiio X1, X1ii, Benjie S5 and Fiio E10k plug into my laptop. I also have an ED12 which sounds the same as my ZST, so now I'm giving up both. 
hopefully, coz I have tried several KZs (ED9, ED10, ED11, & ED02) and they all sounded great to me. Actually, when I first listened to my ZST, I thought it was ok coz I haven't been wearing iems for almost month while waiting for the ZST to arrive, but I always find it lacking and congested, mid bass is everywhere and the treble seems too rolled off. I have tried boosting the highs with an eq and it became very thin and (for the lack of word) compressed, I remembered that...
I have the Pros, they're miles ahead from ZST in terms of sound and comfort. I'm not sure though if i've got a defective ZST but it is very dull and lifeless. 
this was also my concern 
I have disconnected and plug it back and you're right, that fixed it. The right side is not loose anymore.
This is definitely what I thought about the ZST and my ED9 outperforms same as what you have described. 
Hi guys, I have an issue with my pro, the sound is cutting off while I position it in my ear and by twisting the black sleeves of the plug, the sound will come back again. The right side is loose when I received my pro but I didn't bother about it coz I thought it's ok. But yesterday, I noticed that it's quite sensitive to my head movement. Any suggestions on what to check?   Thanks
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