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IOn my first order, the lady (Lisa) from the website replied and said that I'll be refunded which was true. Then after a couple of months after that 1st order, I placed in my 2nd hoping that it will arrive to me this time. They still have until 24 to reply on my dispute from paypal.
hi, I wanted to know if you guys (from Singapore) received your items from Dasetn? I ordered twice but unfortunately, both did not arrived. my 2nd order was really a gamble knowing that my 1st haven't reached.
yup, it will work on both, I have been using asio last time before having the e10k and I'm keeping it for my DAW.
is it because I have asio? I noticed your output doesn't have a sub menu while mine comes with asio under it.
thanks, here's an update, I have tried running the foobar with fiio e10k as output and it played a 24 bit file. :D 
It's a 4 or 5 year old laptop running on Windows 7, it went to several hard disk and memory changes already, it works well only up to browsing, playing videos on youtube will blast the fan up, that's my indication of high cpu usage.
Hi, if you'll read my post above, I have mentioned that I am getting a blue screen on a 24bit song played thru foobar. Then I read your post as I backread this thread, I have tried setting my VLC with E10k output and again, no blue screen but it will give a stutter buzzing sound when playing an AVI file. I think I'm gonna throw my laptop soon. :D
I just want to ask if who among you here have encountered a blue screen while playing a song using E10K? Recently, I noticed that the blue screen will only happen when a song/file being played is at 24bit. Am I setting the E10K correctly or is my laptop too old for this additional hardware? I tried setting the Output to Asio4all and Wasapi but both will end up in blue screen. I did not select the "Fiio E10K option" at the Output even though it will work (haven't tried it...
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