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Up for sale is a pair of vintage Grado RS-1, in technically very good condition. See the pics!   The headband and foam had been replaced shortly before this sale. Very sad to let them go, however I have decided to do so.   Items included: Grado RS-1, 6.35mm to 3.5mm adapter.   This sale is for Sydney local only. Soz for any inconveniences. Pick up available from 2120 or Central station.   THIS SALE WILL END BY WEDNESDAY 02.07.14 Cheers : )
black cable with apple control also wanted
original clear cable, or   upgrade cable, silver/ silver plated preferred, must only have minor or no mic effect   located in Australia   thanks for looking
looking for these headphones around the price of  $180-200.   Australia/Asia region sellers preferred. Cheers.
any defects? close-up pictures please : )
Sorry guys this item is sold. Thanks for showing interest.
sorry guys i'll let you know asap if I changed my mind
trade with my lavry da11?
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