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Hey, there is a meeting tomorrow!   I'll be there.
  Got It! Mail order from China it is. Thanks.    
I hate to see this thread getting so quite... Any serious comparison between the VLink and AudioGD DI on the way from any of you guys?
I had the same problem a few years back, when shared an office with my wife. I bought Etymotic Research ER4-S, in ear phones. She couldn't hear a thing and I'm enjoying them a lot till now. I also got a portable option. Didn't try them with the WA2 yet, but I think they will do well. I'll try it later this weekend and tell you how it sounds.
I Guess it's going to be my first Head-Fi meeting.   I'll definitely bring my iMod with V-Caps dock and XIN SuperMacro amp. I can also bring my Benchmark DAC1 (non USB), if someone has a digital source.   Hear you there.
Which tubes are you using?   Once, after a surgery, I took a substantial dose of Oxycodone for the pain, and my system suddenly sounded like a six figure system.
Thanks for the help Clayton SF, I'll try it.
Is my tube a goner?   I just tried to put my new TS-7236 in my WA2 and felt something cracked, I took it out, and the small black plastic middle pin at the bottom of the tube broke and stayed in the socket. I managed to get it out of there, but the tube is now without it. Can I still use it? If I do, how will I know the direction of which to put it in the socket?   Put back the 5998 pair...  really wanted to hear the 7236 tonight
I bought Alex's WA2 amplifier. Alex replied promptly for any question and shipped the amp quickly and safely. It was a pleasure buying from him. Thanks!
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