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Thank you for your great reviews and for doing this.    Please include me as well. Thanks!
Agreed, they are one of the best IMO for that price range. Also one of the most comfortable IEMs i've ever owned, which is hard because I have a very small ear and find it difficult to find universals that fit properly. I loved them and was sad to see them go. Will definitely be saving up for them again in the future.
Hey guys,   I'm in the market for some earphones that are good for listening to mostly acoustic music. I'd like to hear the bright acoustic sound of guitars and be able to hear the detail of the strings and instruments. Any recommendations would be appreciated! (throw anything at me, no price limit, i'm just trying to get an idea).   Thanks!
my new JH5s :D
The Shock Doctrine by Naomi Klein... pretty interesting
Love to cook and experiment with food! Love to bake things too... but I agree, cleaning up is the hard part. I always use excuse "the cook never cleans" 
Putting my feet up after a long day's work to relax and knowing that I don't have to get up for an early morning shift today. Merry Christmas and happy holidays!
happy holidays! 
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