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but iphone is still married to that unholy bloatware called itunes. not to mention still without flac support..... also android is also without flac support.....
Okay now that I've done a lot of link digging, maybe I can rephrase my question. Which DAC did you find to have the most relaxed warm and non-fatiguing but still detailed sound? Buffalo32 vs Valab seems to me to be the most interesting comparison.
that's a lot of diffferent dac's! Which one did you find to have the most vinylesque sound? Or rather; which DAC did you prefer and why?
I think maybe I really like vinyl better , just a shame I can't afford a new music collection. Which other dacs have you compared pico to?
I've heard about the playstation1 phenomen and now I've tried it myself. Unfortunately a comparison that didn't favour my old source the pico usb dac. With the ps1 the sound to my ears was less sharp and had a less fatiguing signature, the midtone seemed fuller. Granted the pico has better detail but I miss warmth. Now I'm game for another DAC. Any recommendations out there for something in the affordable end? (less than 1000k usd) For anyone who doesn't know...
but isn't a preamp the same as a headphone amp? a tiny amplifier. and isn't the line level converter just a massive reduction of the signal? The pico I have has a max output of 4.2V, And I've seen power amps with a input sensitivity of 1.68V. wouldn't that mean that I could set the output to say 1/8 and expect full power? Just tell me if I'm totally off course or whatever, but please tell me why.
why? I've yet to find a proper explanation of control amplifiers.
would that be possible at all? to drive a power amp with ones headphone amp? drooling over used acurus/aragon power amps at nice prices.
yup, I'm up for one PICO with DAC dressed in black unless something outrageously coloured is available.
Long time lurker doing first post before shelling out for his first portable hifi setup. I bought the Sharp HP-MD33S iems a couple of years ago thanks to these forums and they performed quite well thank you But now I've accumulated enough dough so now's the time to achieve portable audio bliss. My stereo setup is an aging sony 730es and a pair of JBL 4408 studio monitors and while I love them for their analytical and very precise sound image I'd like my portable...
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