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I bough grados, thanks for the comments. I'm bloody happy with the my choice, as the real performance was way better than the one I tried at the store. Maybe it was because the burn in, maybe something else. Also beware of dr dre demo stands, the one I went actually had a hidden amplifier under the table, which made headphone louder and maybe better. Real sound is not that good nor loud.
I'm buying from damaged goods office of an official retailer. Pretty sure its a real deal. Today I had a chance to listen them both, well grados sounded better than what I already have, dre wasn't very terrible,bass was too much, and vocals was overwhelming the guitars. Another thing about Dre, the soundstage was somewhat weird, I cannot put my finger on it but I was plain weird. Few more opinions and I'm probably sticking with grados.
I don't give a damn about the design, looks or the portability. Don't give a damn about isolation or sound cancelation. I found this damaged brand new dre dre for pretty much the same price as sr80i, Drivers and electronics are perfectly fine, just the headband is damaged, which I can replace with another headband and some hotglue. Comfort is not a issue.   By purely based on sound Q, which one do you think? Everyplace I look I heard dr dre was piece of **** for that...
thanks, anybody else have any good tracks to share?
OK, dac it is than. Thanks for the advices.
   Cheap seems to be word of alienation around here, yet I still a cheap one. The matter is my outdoor environments are not quite gadget safe so I need something expendable.  and I don't expect a supreme quality. I'm looking for something nearly decent as my sansa clip+.   Linux support is preferred. Too much sound is not needed(will drive superlux hd681 and sr80i) A nice case is preferred.   I did a forum search and found too many informative threads, but...
Outdoor use
Looking for a notebook, needs to be a as good as my sansa clip+ as a source. Other stuff is irrelavent. I couldn't care less about the other specs.
does anyone knows if the static is strong enough to hurt headphones?
...I'm going to buy a sr80i, for which I saved up literally by eating less at lunch for a month. The store I'm buying have a pretty friendly returns policy, which makes me doubt. How can I be sure the cans I'm buying is not already bough, briefly used and returned by somebody else. Can I trust the grado sticker? can store stick a new sticker on a return?   I know a I'm being little too obsessive but please help me out.
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