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Decided to split up the package, only have the ATH-M50s Audio Technica ATH-M50s In like new condition with the box and all papers and accessories. Used maybe 1-2 hrs tops. Asking $90 shipped in the USA. Picture below, only the headphones included, not the amp. Thanks for looking. Walter
**SOLD** I've used these probably only a couple of hours and are still in excellent condition. No box or paperwork but the adapter is included. $30 Shipped in the USA only. Please email me if interested. Please do not send a pm as I do not check those very often. Check or MO only. Thanks for looking. Walter
1. Need the cash & Never use them. 2. I bought these from in January 2003. (Impulse buy) Thanks for your interest. Walter
**SALE PENDING** Thanks !! These are in mint condition. Adapter is included. I doubt I've worn these more than 15 minutes. I do not have the original paperwork or packaging. Asking $28 Delivered in the USA. Please e-mail me or send me a PM. Thanks. Walter
In excellent condition. Worn maybe 2 hours total. I replaced the 1/8" to 1/4" adapter with a Gold one from Radio Shack. No packaging or papers. $33 Shipped in the USA (via USPS Priority) Or Best Offer. Will ship outside the US for a few more dollars. E-mail me if interested. Thanks Walter
Hello, Just found these forums a couple of days ago and there is fantastic information here. I've read and searched so much that my head is spinning. About 10 years ago in college I owned a pair of Beyerdynamic DT880 cans and was absolutely in love with them, but in the course of moving etc. I lost them. It's been about 7 years so I'm trying to catch up on all the new stuff. I'd like to replace them with similar sounding cans but have no first hand experience with any...
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