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I'm in. Thought I entered right as this thing started. Hope there's still time:)
After a long wait I have finally(Jan 18th 2014) received the cable for my HE-400's I ordered March 17th of 2013. I am very very impressed with the quality of the cable! When I placed the order I ordered the HE cable SPC/Copper. After my first email regarding my order around week 15 of waiting he offered the aluminum splitter upgrade, which I gladly accepted. The splitter is PERFECTLY assembled and polished like a mirror, I was impressed with just that part alone. Around...
Here's my issue. I will have a Rx MK2 here in a few months and am looking to get into the full size headphones. Right now the three I'm really looking into are the HE-400, He-500 and the HD650. I currently am running a Westone 2 and E11 and absolutely love the sound, just wish there was a tad more low end involved.   I have read a lot of the threads stating that to really make the HD650 sound good you need a very nice setup. It's honestly got me worried about...
Sort of an update. She loved them. The cord is very very long but just like I though she just ties it up and walks around with it like that. She loves the sound, and I don't mind the sound one bit either. Thank you for all the suggestions and the help, it proved to be very usefull in searching for the perfect headphone for her!
Where in UAE are you located?
I went with the W2 and am very happy with how they sound. They are my first pair of good iems. The more I listen to them the more I like them there was no wow factor when I put them on for the first time but as I listen to the more and I keep enjoying them more. Bass could use a small boost on the very low end but it's not horrible by anymeans at all.
Well guys I went with the HFI 580's. She should be getting them about a week or so. I think she will love them. I told her about the cord and she said it would be ok and would just tie it up if it's on the way.
I can definately resolder the cord thats a none issue. But I'm currrently in Korea and my wife is in Philly so I dont have access to the earphones to fix them at the moment. Once we are living together again I could definately take care of that. I will talk to her more about it. I think the Sony's might be the ticket, not sure how she feels on the looks though.   Shes also leaning towards IEMs more now. She's also losing interest in this as well haha. I still am...
Yeah sorry about being misleading at the beginning.
I showed her the ATH ES7 and she loved them but thought the price was a bit high. Maybe I'll snoop around the for sale section and might pick up a set there.   Sony V6 has too long of a cord, she hates long cords.   Keep the suggestions coming.   Edit- Ok so i just talked to my wife and I miss understood her. She either wants IEMs that can be worn down mainly, or circumaural phones. She does not want the supra-aural. Sorry guys for the mislead at the beginning.
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