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Count me in, +1. Went to a Head-Fi meet in NY a few years back and had a grand time, leveled up my ears a few, and have been meaning to check out a local meet since.   Looking through the gear and the only the thing I can contribute are Headphile Terminator V4, Darth Beyer V3, and self-modded MarkL D2000. Hesistant to bring the Darths though since the cables are pretty fragile. If anyone is interested in listening though, I'll look for something suitable to carry...
ygpm on the udac
Quote: Originally Posted by CrazyRay The Darth Beyer VXD5 Custom Deluxe is for sale! Who's buying them?? That magical pair of VXD5s are now sold
Skylab, did you stick the DT770/600 drivers into the VXD3 or the VXD4? Any ideas on how the two cups would differ in sound with the 600ohm drivers?
still drooling Thanks for the deal
ygpm (drooling)
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