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Closed headphones with a lot of good bass. Maybe get some used Denon AH-D2000 headphones? I've heard they are really liked for their bass.
 Darkvoice 336SE tube headphone amplifier. And T90 headphones.
 Adding a Bravo Ocean tube (hybrid) headphone amplifer might just improve the K7XX to your liking. Currently my prefer headphone is the Beyerdynamic T90.Maybe get a T90 and a Bravo Ocean
 The Beyer T90 is my preferred headphone for all listening.
You might have to ship the DT990 back to the USA, for warranty replacement/repairEither to Amazon USA or Beyerdynamic USA.As it's been less then 30 days, assume you would ship the DT990 back to Amazon USA and Amazon USA will ship you another pair.
 The FiiO X1's 3.5mm output jack can be set for Headphone output or Line-output, make sure it's set for Headphone output.Make sure you have the latest firmware.Also do a reset and then go thru each of the X1's settings. Those IEMs are only 16-Ohm, so the X1 should be already driving them to their best.
Budget for everything?   I prefer powered studio monitors, I like detail in the audio.
If your into FPS gaming, get a sound card,if more into music, external DAC/amp. USB-DAC/ampsFiiO Q1, $70FiiO E10K, $76Schiit Fulla, $90 Or a Creative Labs Sound blaster Z sound card, $60-$80? Check out the Soundmagic HP150 (closed) or HP200 (semi-open) headphones.
Darkvoice 336SE tube headphone amplifier ($240)   Might also consider getting a Hifimediy DAC ($42-$70).
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