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 Any connection between a DAC and the KRK Rockit 5 will be an analog connection (RCA, 1/4", XLR)So I'm not sure what other connection you might use between the DAC and the Rockit?(that you thing would not cause a feedback loop) With the NFB-11, you would be able to use optical, from computer to DAC, so not chance of a feedback loop, resulting from  that connection.
 The D03K is not really intended for directly driving headphone, but it's 3.5mm jack can in a somewhat crude way can drive lower impedance headphones.
 I'm thinking it's better to put all your audio budget into speakers (active or passive w/amp).Check the website AVforum, try post your audio questions there, it's based in Europe and should be able to point you to the best deals.I'm sure there are some on Head-fi that could offer good advice for buying stuff in Europe, but might as well also take advantage of AVforum. You might find some good deals on the Thomann website.http://www.thomann.de/gb/index.html Leaving on a...
For what your willing to budget ($100-$140), a sound card would take up too much of your audio budget. For something that would work with both speakers and headphones, you looking at at least $60 for a used sound card, (Sound Blaster Z)   Dayton Audio B652-AIR speakers, $60 for the pair. with a $30 amplifier, would be a good bang for the buck. http://www.parts-express.com/dayton-audio-b652-air-6-1-2-2-way-bookshelf-speaker-with-amt-tweeter-pair--300-651
It would not make sense  to use the Q1 with the X3   Think it's better to sell off the X3 first Gen and buy the FiiO X3 Gen II
I use the Asus M5A99X Pro 2.0 motherboard :) I'm guessing your motherboard's ALC892 on-board audio would not be any better then a $25 sound card (Asus Xonar DG)With an internal sound card, you getting a lot of features for the price, like headphone surround sound.So if you went with a SB-Z card, you would have the option of using it's SBX Headphone surround sound An external DAC/amp would not offer any headphone surround sound, it's just basic stereo audio, which is fine...
 The A2+ is consider to not have as good a quality bass, it's woofer is too small.Should try to get something with a woofer that is 5" or larger.
 Me personally, I would at least (with FPS gaming) get a Creative Sound Blaster Z card.or an external (USB) DAC/mp, like the FiiO E10K or Q1 or the Schiit Fulla. There is some decent motherboard on-board audio, starting with motherboards selling for $150 or more.Even better with motherboard's $250 or higher, about that price they are audio wise about fairly equal to a SB-Z card.
 Does it really matter as you do not want to use the balanced outputs on the 430HA anyway I guess in general the analog output signal with the balanced and un-balanced DAC outputs on the 430HA would be equal.but the balanced DAC sends a matching pair of analog audio signal, for each jack,Guess that helps send a well timed signal over a longer distanceWhere as the un-balanced outputs send a single analog audio signal, per jack. Now a balanced connection maybe is consider...
 Your studio monitors come with built in amplifiers.Stereo receivers and A/V receivers come with built in amplifiers, amplifiers what would not be used with studio monitorsSo with receivers your wasting money.I would guess a $100 DAC wold just as good as any DAC in a lower costing A/V receiver.
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