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Audio-GD NFB 15.32 external DAC/Amp, $255+shipping (I paid $298 shipped) Audio-GD NFB 11.32 external DAC/Amp, $340+shipping They both come with USB and S/PDIF(optical & coaxial) inputs.Using S/PDIF allows you to still use sound card featuresUSB connections bypass sound card features, like headphone surround sound (but USB is fine for music audio,...
You might be better off keeping not spending a lot of the speaker setup.Get the Logitech Z506 5.1, $90.Creative Labs Sound Blaster Z sound card, $60-$90AKG K612 Pro headphones, $160-$200 For a 5.1 speaker setup, you could try to find a HTiB (Home Theater in a Box), for around $300Something on sale, Yamaha or Onkyo brand.Should sound better the the Z506And you can plug headphones into the receiver.Does your computer's graphics card come with HDMI output?
If you installed the Rockbox firmware on to the Clip+, you would have a fairly good music player.The FiiO E7 is a USB DAC and amplifier and you can't use an external DAC with the Clip+.The FiiO E11 portable headphone amplifier would be a better choice, for use with the Clip+.What headphones are you using currently?
Denmark, does that mean you like to sit around listening to Aqua while playing with your Legos So your into FPS gaming, like watching movies and I'm assuming you like to listen to music too (lots of Aqua?) Open headphones are considered to be better for surround sound.(there are a few closed headphones are considered good for surround sound too). I'm assuming your currently using a windows PC and on-board audio. AKG K612 Pro 120-Ohm (open) headphones, 144 Euros.Creative...
I personally think Ohms is just one of many factors that affects audio quality.My DT880 Premium 600-Ohm are great sounding headphones, but needs a decent amplifier to drive them.Where as lots of people really like the audio quality of their Denon AH-D2000 headphones and they are only 25-Ohms and they work fine plugged into a decent portable DAP (or iPhone).A headphone in the 32-Ohm to 50-Ohm range would be something for use with a PC and a iPhone.
Hopefully you disabled the motherboard's on-board audio? in the BIOS My personal opinion is to replace the Audigy 2 Zs with a Sound Blaster Z, $60-$90The Z, Zx, ZxR use the same SoundCore3D audio processor.The Z's CS4398 DAC chip should be a fair bit better then the Audigy's DAC chip.I'm guessing the ZxR's does not justify paying three times the price of the Z.
For music you do not need a sound card (stereo audio), but if your into surround sound for gaming and movies, then you might consider getting a sound card.There can be electrical noise inside a computer case, but the world is full of people with sound cards and are fine with the sound quality. An Asus Xonar DX or D1 sound card (used, $60) comes with a CS4398 DAC chip and Dolby Headphone 7.1 surround soundand a Schiit Magni headphone amplifier ($99), which has an output...
I do not own either one, but they seem to be about the best for in the $200 price range.You might try asking about DAPs on the website anythingbutipod.
I would "guess" if you already have the Sony MDR-MA900 headphones, you really have no need to buy one of the other headphones listed in your post.
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