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The Audio Technica ATH-M70X is only 35-ohm, so an amplifier is optional. Where as the 300-Ohm HD600 will need to be used with a fairly powerful headphone amplifier. the better the amp, the better the HD600 will sound.   Might help to know your over all audio budget?
What is your over all budget for getting headphones and a sound card or external DAC/amp? You have decent on-board audio (ALC1150), Could sound quality be improved, yea, but it usually better to try to spend more of your audio budget for headphones, then a sound card or external DAC/amp.
I would be surprised if the Denon PMA 2000IVR could not drive 600-Ohm headphones. The Denon uses the same amplifiers that is uses to drive the speakers, to also drive headphones. and speakers come with way bigger diaphragms then headphones. Might try emailing Denon's tech support, see what they have to say.   The DT880 are more balanced sound, but somewhat on the bright side, DT990 is more bass/treble, but the mids are clear I own both the DT990 250-Ohm and DT990...
 If you have no need for the features offered by a sound card, might as well just get a USB DAC.
What sources do you planning on plugging the Fidelio X2s into? Try the Fidelio X2 first, before planning on buying other headphones.
FiiO E10K. Can't see spending any more then that to drive the $70 HD439 headphones.
 Pointless to have both.
 Yea, the DAC feature built into the E17/E17K should be better then the motherboard's on-board audio's DAC.but unless you have a need for other uses for the E17/E17K, why get them when the Xonar DX is a fair bit cheaper:
 Nope, the E17/E17k are considered external DAC/amps.but they can be plugged into the E09K's dock and provide a DAC feature to the E09K.
 Are you talking about the older discontinued E17 Alpen , or the newer E17K Alpen 2 model? Not sure what you mean by "required"? The CS4398 DAC chip used in the Xonar DX is what FiiO uses in it's $200 X3 Gen II.
New Posts  All Forums: