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There really is no correct setting, a given voltage will give you a specific level of volume, with a given headphone Your getting the same voltage to the headphones, just slightly difference ways of doing it   So the amplifier, when set to +12db and volume knob at 12 o'clock and the +24db setting with the volume knob at 9 o'clock. Both setting is giving the headphones matching amounts of voltage.   It could be the higher +24bd is introducing some noise into the...
 Sound cards made for a gamer still make decent DAC/amp.But as you really have no need for the features that come on a sound card, might as well get a external DAC/amp. FiiO E10K or FiiO Q1 or Schiit Fulla all make decent DAC/amp for under $100 Here is a used Modi optical DAC, with Vali tube headphone amplifier, current bid is $120, ($18...
 Would this be what your looking for?http://hifimediy.com/hifime-uh1
 Should be roughly equal for music, maybe slight edge to the ZxR.The D2X comes with Dolby Headphone, the SB-ZxR comes with SBX HeadphoneThe SB-ZxR has a dedicated headphone amplifier, the D2X has more like a line-output that also pretends to be a headphone jackSo with the D2X, for headphones, your better off using an external headphone amplifier, with the D2X.The SB-ZxR was designed (launched) several years after the D2X first came out.
 The stock HD558 comes with black rubber tape on the in ssides which covers about 40% of the air holes.
HD558 will be slightly detach or veiled sound. SHP9500 more bassy   I would take my HD558 over my SHP9500. Bit of a personal preference.
 Studio monitor (self-powered speakers) are more for music professionals or audio creation,A single person or small group of people that need to be able to hear all the details in the audio.Where people sit near the studio monitors, not so much as trying to fill a room full of audio.Where its worth it to pay more money for good audio equipment.Each tweeter or woofer can have it's own discrete amplifier to drive it. Computer speakers are for single person that does not want...
 Schiit stopped making the Modi optical only version.We can assume Schiit had a good reason for no longer making that version. Still think the Titanium-HD connected to the Monoprice head amp (or other amp), will keep you happy for awhile.
 I just checked my local Craigslist and there are lots of good used studio monitors for sale.Suggest you check you local Craigslist ads Massdrop sometimes sells a ODAC/O2 combo for $200.You might be able to find a used one on eBay, it's nice and smallhttps://www.massdrop.com/buy/massdrop-o2-odac
 I've always assumed "Beats Audio" is more about marketing, then something that actually improves audio quality.Great audio requires good hardware, but laptop manufacturing is dictated by keeping costs down. Buying an external DAC/head amp should improve the audio quality of your headphones and a DAC itself should improve the audio quality whatever speakers you get. The Harmon Kardon Sound Stick III and Bose Companion series use the same built in amplifier to drive both...
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