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 Yes, the U3 is really acting like a converter (USB to optical) and not doing any other audio quality changes to the signal.
 I would think a USB sound card is something you can use at home and at workCreative Labs and Asus make USB sound cards.Prices start at $40.
 I'm not sure Creative Labs has any driver that allow the X-Fi HD to work with the Sony PS3.Check out the Astro mix-amp.
 ATH-M50s are not considered the best choice for surround sound gaming.
 JVC HA-S580 folding headphones, $70, would make great portables, ans i would guess decent gaming headphones.
 The ATH-M50 would offer a louder bass, but the A900Xs should be better in all other areas..I added the Hifiman HE Velour ear pads to my A900X :)
 In the LSR305/308 manual, I think on page 7, it says to use the -10 setting, when using an unbalanced (TRS) connection.I'm guessing JBL expects the LSR305s to normally be used with a balanced connection (XLR or TRS) , but offers an option (-10) for those few times they might be used with an unbalanced connection.From my understanding one of the reasons for using a balanced connection is it allows you to use a really long cable and still get the studio monitor to function...
 A lot of Audio Technica's high end headphones are in the 35-Ohm to 42-Ohm range, should be easy for the HRT MicroStreamer to drive.I really do not know a lot about the headphones you listed, so it's hard for me to say how well they would do with the Microstreamer.I do not know what chips are used inside the MicroStreamer, so not sure what would be a noticeable improvement over the MicroStreamer. I like using my Audio-GD NFB-15.32 external DAC/amp,...
The Essence STX comes with the PCM1792A DAC, which has way better specs then the Xonar DG's CS4245 DAC chip.The STX has better op-amps and those op-amps can even be upgraded.The STX has separate line-output and headphone jack, the DG has one jack for headphone and speaker.The STX has an EMI shield, the DG does not.The DG can drive the 50-Ohm Sennheisers, but the STX's head amp gives you a lot more options for headphones you might buy in the future.I'm guessing those are...
 While the NFB-15.32 (NFB-15) is considered more "musical", the NFB-11 is considered to offer a little better detail.For me I usually use my AT (Audio Technica) headphones with my NFB-15.32 and the ATs are already fairly musical, so I'm thinking I might have benefited a little more if I had gotten the NFB-11.
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