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 The FiiO X1 can drive my 250-Ohm Beyers.
 Right now my preferred and best sounding headphone is the Audio Technica ATH-W1000X ($500 new).
 So both speakers will act the same, only playing audio from the speakers on the top?
Audio-GD NFB-15, external DAC/Amp, $270+shipping Comes with dual WM8741 DAC chips. Has USB, optical & coaxial inputs.
 I own the Gemini HSR-1000, which is another name the Takstar Pro 80s are sold under.To me the Gemini (Takstar) are the best sounding closed headphone for under $100.I would assume if Sony put their name on them, they would sell for $150. If the "namebrand" headsets you listed sounded as good as the Gemini/Takstar/HyperX, then they would be selling for over $150.But they sell well under $150.
 Do you watch download videos, DVD movies or Blu-ray movies, on your computer?For internet video and DVD movies, the free program K-lite, which uses Media Player Classic, seems to work well for me. program VLC player seems to do a good job also) For the price, the FiiO E10K is a good value, as it can drive headphones and has a separate line-output (for speakers).The HD558 and HD598 use the same 50-Ohm...
 I would say to wait for the X1 to restock.I really doubt with 32-Ohm headphones like the KNS8400 you have to get a separate headphone amplifier. The Sony E series are nice, I try to buy them used, they are slim, light weight and have a nice size screenThey do not play FLAC and  the E series can not use SD cards, so 16GBs of memory is the max they have.
Have you though about installing the Rockbox firmware on the Clip+?
The FiiO X1 should provide better audio quality, then the iPhone 4s.
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