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 Audio-GD NFB-15 external DAC/Head amp, $255 (USD)+shipping (from Hong Kong)Comes with USB, optical, coaxial inputs.They will claim a low value with the shipper to keep import tax low. Then get any CD, DVD, HD-DVD or Blu-ray player with a optical or coaxial output.
Asus Xonar DGX (PCI-E) sound card, $37.98. Amazon sell it with a $10 mail in rebate.
 The Yamaha receiver will pass the video from the gaming console, thru itself, to the TV.The Yamaha RX-V373 is selling for $200 new and around $145 refurb (Amazon). Here is a refurb Yamaha HTR-3066, for $170, it appears to be a about equal to a RX-V375
 Picture is of a USB (only) input Schiit Modi DAC. A standard Toslink to Toslink optical cable should do the job, with an optical input Modi DAC, no need for anything USB.(There is the mini-Toslink connector, looks like a 3.5mm jack, which something you have no need for)
YAMAHA RX-A710 AVENTAGE Series Home Theater Receiver  $329. Good amplifier and comes with Yamaha's Silent Cinema, Yamaha's own headphone surround sound. So run HDMI from the xBox to the Yamaha and HDMI from the Yamaha to the TV.   You can also run HDMI from the PC to the Yamaha. (can pass up to 8-channels of uncompressed audio)   Or run optical...
 I own the DT880 Pro 250-Ohm and DT880 Premium 600-Ohm.I believe the Xonar Xence can drive 600-Ohm Beyer headphones (my Essence STX can)Unless you can get a used DT880 Premium 600-Ohm for $200, it's not really worth the mark up in price and just get the Pro 250-Ohm.
 I would guess currently USB 3.0 would not offer any practical advantages over USB 2.0. Here is a support forum for the Xonar U3, you can ask if U3 owners think the U3 is too flimsy.I would assume the quality is as good as you can do, for $40.
 It's not cheap to get a an external DAC that works with portable Apple products (iPod).I would think getting a FiiO X3 or iBasso DX50 would be the better investment for portable audio quality improvement.If the TV has an optical output, then a Schiit Modi (optical input) DAC, $99, might improve TV audio quality. If you already have the E11, can't see it being worth it buying a difference headphone amplifier, the HD558 is not that demanding for power.
 So when you using the Verza to drive the Sennheiser HD600s, if you change the volume setting on the iPod, the volume stays the same??
 The NFB-15.32 amplifier is a little more powerful then the O2 and the O2 is a little more powerful then the E11.But I do not notice a difference in audio quality, all three amplifier seem to do a fine job at driving headphones.
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