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 I know zero about Kanto speakers, so have no idea on their sound quality. The Kanto desktop powered speakers come with analog inputs, which bypasses the speakers built in DAC feature.And as the SB-Z comes with a built in CS4398 DAC chip :)I would assume the SB-Z will provide just a good sound quality as the Kanto's built in DAC chip.So just run a cable from the SB-Z's front speaker jack to the aux/line-input on the Kanto speakers. I guess the smaller the size of the...
 USB DAC/Amps like the FiiO E10K ($75) would offer you good sound quality, but as it's USB, so it bypasses sound card features.S/PDIF (optical & coaxial) dac/amp would work with sound card features, but DAC/amp with S/PDIF usually cost more.Like the FiiO E17 Dac/amp, it costs around $130-$140 and you still might end up buying a sound card for headphone surround sound features.So going with external DAC/amp will eat up a lot of your budget.
 The mix-amp should easy be able to drive the 40-Ohm Pro 900s?I would be surprised if any dedicated headphone amplifier came with the 4th connection for a mic.But I've never looked into it.
 Wow, the Mix-amp has the 4 connections 3.5mm jack, never new that.
 You had the HD598s listed as a headphone option, just want to point out something almost as good (HD558), for a lot less cash.The HD558 do not have a lot of bass, just enough to be called decent bass, but otherwise I think they are good headphones.Just wanted you to know some lower priced option, making sure you make an informed final decision. Another option is to get the Q701 headphones and a Asus Xonar Essence STX sound card.That combo should come close to your budget .
 It looks like for a normal connection to the MA500 is a single RCA jack, so one input channel.So if you were connecting from a computer, which normally uses 3.5mm stereo plug, the other end of the cable would be RCA, usually the RCA part is split to two RCA connectors (red/white).But it would seem you would only be able to use one of those two connectors, with the MA500.But I know zero about the other inputs on the MA500, so there is stuff about the MA500 that goes over...
Sennheiser HD558 headphones and a Creative Labs Sound Blaster Z sound card. If your willing to buy used off eBay and Amazon, total could be around $160.
 The E11K has three connections, right, left, ground, normal connection for a 3.5mm stereo plug, which is what is need for regular stereo headphones (and a lot of gaming headsets).But the Boom Pro connection requires a right, left, mic, ground, which is 4 connections, which the E11K is not designed to handle. The Mix-amp's headphone jack is three connections (stereo plug) and the separate line-input jack is for the mic.
I believe it's the TX-SR604 receiver (I use to own the TX-SR606).Technically as the T70p are only 32-Ohm the Macbook should do a better job of driving them.but the T70p might like the bigger power output of the TX-SR604's headphone output.You really will not know until you have plugged the T70p into both of them. If you really wanted to get the best audio using the T70p, is to get a FiiO X1 or X3 DAP (Digital Audio Player).The X3 cost more and might sound a little better...
 Great price for those headphones, I have the T70, (non p 250-Ohm version), nice clarity.
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