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My two cents and best guess. For most people, using common everyday music source(s) and hardware, there is almost no noticeable difference, in audio quality, between a FLAC music audio file and a good quality mp3 music audio file. If you were someone will to spend $1000 (or more) for headphones and a DAC and headphone amplifier and you have songs your very fanatical about, then maybe(?) FLAC might start to make more sense.   My preferred headphones (T90) retail for...
As your music collection is in mp3 format, not sure why your concerned about FLAC.   What is your budget for an mp3 player?
What headphone(s) do you have?   Creative Labs Sound Blaster Z sound card.
 Game One vs HP200?Have to think on that.
 USB-DAC/amps.FiiO Q1, $70FiiO E10K, $76Schiit Fulla, $89
Soundmagic HP200 (semi-open) headphones.   Assuming your using the X-Fi Titanium (non-HD) sound card. Replacing it with the Sound Blaster Z sound card might improve audio quality. As the SB-Z has a better DAC chip and headphone amplifier.
If you want to save some cash.   Asus Xonar DX sound card (used, $40-$60), Bravo Ocean tube (hybrid) headphone amplifier, $80.
Can we assume your audio source is a computer?   How about a Schiit Fulla, USB-DAC/amp and soundmagic HP200 headphones.
We can assume your using a computer as a source and want a USB DAC? So your only using a pair of studio monitors, no headphones? Did you care if the DAC comes with a balanced output or your OK with the normal un-balanced output?   Maybe get a used Schiit Modi DAC?
 If your buying the Sony MDR-V6 directly from Amazon, i really doubt they would be fakes.The Sony MDR-V6 are more for studio audio monitoring, creating and analyzing audio.There are better choices for someone looking to enjoy music.Like Takstar Pro 80 (Gemini HSR-1000) headphones.
New Posts  All Forums: