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 Check out the free programs MPC-HC (K-Lite) and VLC.They might come with the features your looking for. Cyperlinks PowerDVD is a great video player and might come with features your looking for. I hear mixed reviews on Razor software.
 Do you already own the Essence STX II and are planning on buying something (DAC/amp) to connect to it?Or your going to be buying the Essence STX II?
I bought several (used/open box) headphones ($300+) thru Amazon Warehouse. Headphones came in very good shape. Would not have a problem buying thru Amazon Warehouse again.
The Sennheiser HD600 are not considered to have a lot of a surround sound like feature.   For music audio, try using the program Foobar2000, there are a lot of add-ons to it, maybe one of the add-on components will help?   For all video besides Blu-ray, try K-Lite with MPC-HC (Media Player Classic-Home Cinema) or VLC. Maybe they come with tweeks or add-on for helping surround sound.
 To me the T90 has great clarity and a well balanced sound.I would expect the 1990, to be a little more like the DT990, stronger bass/treble, but still good clarity.But it's really just a guess on my part.
 The Monprice studio monitors come with two amplifiers built into each unitOne amp for each woofer and one amp for each tweeter (inside a single studio monitor)While the D1080 at most has one amplifer driving each unit, so the woofer and tweeter share an amp.
 I own the DT770 & DT990 and several AKG headphones.But I now just use my Beyer T90 for everything. Guess (to me) the amplifier is more important then the DAC.The E10K makes a decent DAC.So for a given budget, might as well give the amp priority in the budget.
 Try contacting Asus's tech support.Strange that Asus would include a DAC/amp (soundcard?) that does not work with the DTS software?Could be the Sonic Studio has a setting for where the audio outputs to.
 Some DAPs come with a line-output function, which is what you would want to use for connecting to speakers (self-powered) or an amplifier.The headphone output (headphone amplifiered output) will also work for connecting to a speaker/amplifier, but line-output sends a better signal (to the speaker/amplifier). Unless a source is professionally recorded, I doubt a FLAC version is going to be noticeally better then a good quality mp3 version (best guess). Check out the Xduoo...
Your motherboard comes with DTS Sonic Studio software, have you tried it?
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