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 You might consider getting an external DAC ($15-$100) and a $120 Bravo Ocean tube headphone amplifier.Might help bring out the bass in the DT770 Pro 80-Ohm.
 This Hosa CMP-153 (3.5mm to Dual 1/4' mono plug) cable, $5.99, will connect the E10K to the Monoprice studio monitors.http://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/CMP153 Later on you can easily integrate the Monoprice sub-woofer with the Monoprice studio monitors.
I think the Creative Sound Blaster ZxR sound card would be better for your use, over the Creative X7. Buy a used K7XX and have the shipper claim a low value, to keep the import tax down
 The Vali has an output impedance for 6.5-Ohms, so it should work decently well with all your current headphones (even the SE215).And you always have the option of plugging headphones directly into the E10K amp.So i say get the Vali (your K7XX will thank you for it)
I'm guessing the JBL LSR305 would be better, but this only from reading what others have said.
 Usually a decent quality headphone amplifier will improve audio quality, but the Philips can still work decently with out one.
 True, a dedicated headphone jack can also somewhat function as a line-output, but a true line-output sends a better signal to an external amplifier.
 A FiiO E10K would make a better DAC for the speakers (studio monitors) and headphone amplifier, for your headphones. Here are some great studio monitors for $171 (I've been using them for the past year).http://www.monoprice.com/Product?c_id=115&cp_id=11504&cs_id=1150401&p_id=605500&seq=1&format=2
 Any chance the AK100 has a setting for the output, chances the headphone output to a line-output?In the manual for the AK100 II, on page 16, it talks about line-output settings.
 You really can't create a lot of bass from a headphone that is not really bassy in the first place.Or you try so hard that you end up with a bloated (louder and less detailed) bass.You might consider taking the time and find a good price on a used Philips Fidelio.
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