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 Did you have a budget?
 Creative Labs Sound Blaster Z sound card (nice CS4398 DAC chip).Comes with a built in amplifier that can drive 250-Ohm headphones. OEM, $83.95 With mic and EMI shield, $89.99 Open box with mic and EMI shield, $63.77
Is this for Windows PC use?
 Creative Sound Blaster Z sound card, $85-$105.Creative Surround Omni 5.1 USB sound card, $80. Asus Xonar DG ($18-$28) or DGX ($28-$38) sound card.
 If you have eBay, get used CDs off eBay.
 What sources will this amplifier be used with?
 If you use a Little Dot MKIII to drive your headphones, I'm assuming you would not be running around in public, using headphones.
 The E11 will give a decent volume to the 250-Ohm headphones with the E11's volume knob at around 40%.
 Seems like your going to be paying an Audio Technica repair place some money.
 As you already have the E17/E09K, might as well dock the E17 to the E09k and connect the E09K to your computer using a USB cable.
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