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 FiiO E10K should be able to decently drive the 250-Ohm DT770/DT880.Schiit Fulla has a more powerful headphone amplifier. If this is for a Windows PC, the Sound Blaster Z sound card (used, $60) comes with a decent built in amp.
 FiiO X3 Gen II, #200.Use as an external USB DAC/amp, with your computer.And also as a standalone portable music player.
 What country are you in? The Pioneers would be consider one of the better values for non-powered speakers.
Monoprice 5" studio monitors on sale for $119 :) (normally $171) I bought these a few years ago :) http://www.monoprice.com/product?c_id=115&cp_id=11504&cs_id=1150401&p_id=605500&seq=1&format=2
JBL LSR305 studio monitors, 122 Euros each, so 244 Euros for the pair. http://www.thomann.de/gb/jbl_lsr_305.htm?ref=search_rslt_jbl+lsr305_322770_0
 You can use Dolby & DTS over S/PDIF (optical or coaxial), it's just somewhat limited.
 I would say they would sound different.Studio monitors are about audio details and the people listening to the studio monitors from a short distance.Studio monitors like the Monoprice each have two discrete amplifiers built into each unit.One drives the woofer, the other the tweeter Speakers like the Pioneer are about more a fun sound or filling your a room with sound.Each pioneer is driven by one amplifier.The amp in the lp-2020 may share a lot of hardware between the...
Might also try posting receiver/stereo amplifier questions on the websites AVSforum & AVforum.
Never played any of the games you have listed. Still think the HP200 will be the better choice.
FiiO A3 (E11K) headphone amplifier, $60.
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