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 The FiiO E07K can not use it's DAC feature with the LD G3 and the E11K is a more powerful headphone amplifier, then the E07k's.So I say go for the E11K.
 FiiO has to pay Apple for FiiO to be able to make DACs compatible with Apple LOD and Lightning ports (not desktop or laptop normal USB of S/PDIF stuff)I guess a lot of companies do not want to pay Apple,A company like HRT makes DACs compatible with the iPod, but they are not very portable and cost a lot. You might consider getting a FiiO E11K portable headphone amplifier ($60), it about the best thing you could get for $60 (and used with the iPod)...
 I'm fairly sure the FiiO E7 can not use it's DAC feature with the iPod Classic.A lot of external DACs will not work with Apple iPods and iPhones, amplifiers no problemYou might be better off buying a DAP (Digital audio Player) to use with the HD598.FiiO will be coming out soon with their X1 DAP, there is also the more expensive Fiio X3.
 My two cents.I think the Onkyo with the Tritrix speaker kit is in the right direction.As the Onkyo comes with a dedicated sub-woofer output My tiny brain is not sure about "It is my intent to use an input for Lyr 2 as the source"You mean your going to connect the RCA line-output from the Lyr 2 to the RCA line-input on the receiver (Onkyo), sounds good.
 So your music files are stored on a USB  drive, which you plug into the receiver's USB port, got it.You can't plug a USB drive into a headphone amplifier and sometimes it's not easy getting a external headphone amplifier working with the RCA line-outputs on the back of the receiver.You could connect the external headphone amplifier to the receiver's headphone output, but your technically double amping. So anyway I still think just keep using the receiver to drive the...
 If you have HDMI already hooked from the Blu-ray player to the receiver and HDMI can pass 7.1 (8-channels) of 24-bit/192k of PCM digital audio.Why would you also need USB connected from the Blu-ray player to the receiver?
 USB is hooked from what to what? I plug my Sennheiser HD558s up to my Yamaha RX-V671 receiver and I think it sounds fairly good.
 If you have no problem with a low cost mic, $70 for the Takstar Pro 80s is a good price.In the USA, you can find the HyperX Cloud for under $100Have you checked around for the Qpad QH-90, it's another Takstar Pro 80 with a built in mic.It would be nice to get a built in mic on the headphone, but only if you pay a few dollars more then you would for the Pro 80s.
 How are all the sources connected to the Denon receiver?I would say to just keep using the Denon receiver for now.Maybe wait until your really to maybe spend $300 on a DAC/Amp that you could hook up to your sources.
 If you have no need for a mic, then might as well get the Takstar Pro 80.You might find it's worth it to pay a few dollars more for faster shipping, otherwise it might take a few weeks to arrive.
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