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 So far the K7XX does well with everything, currently using them to listen to Moby.
 As your talking about CMSS-3D, I'm assuming your currently using a Creative Labs Titanium or Titanium-HD sound card (or other)?Then get the FiiO E11K headphone amplifier ($60) and connect the sound card's line and/or headphone output jack, to the line-input on the E111K, and the AD700X to the E11K headphone jack.The E11K less then 1-Ohm output impedance should be good for helping the 40-Ohm AD700X bring out it's best (like detail).
 The K7XX should do just fine with a Modi/Magni.The K7XX has better mids then the DT990
 I'm guessing the Mad Dogs will be what you use for everything?So why get open headphones?Do you need to be able to hear other people?Is it for FPS gaming?If you just need open headphones, buy some used Sennheiser HD558 ($90?). Ok, how about some used (but mint condition) AKG K7XX, $200?
I'm sure just about any headphones you get will work well with a stack of Schiit. What audio will you be listening to, with the headphones? If your getting the Mad Dogs, why even buy other headphones?
 Did you disable the motherboard's on-board audio, in the BIOS, before installing the SB-Zx and Creative software? Anyway, maybe a Audio Interface with two separate (stereo) line-outputs?One line-output for a external headphone amplifier and the other line-output to speakers? When looking for speakers, check out the website AVforum, they are located in the UK and should be able to point out the best deals, on speakers.
Have you tried plugging the DT770 straight into the SB-Zx (not using the ACM module)? I can't see (guessing) the FiiO E10K or Audioengine D1 making a noticeable improvement over the SB-Zx (if any improvement at all).At least with a tube (or Hybrid) I think you have a better chance of making improvements (for a given price).Beyer DT770/DT880/DT990 seem to respond well to tube amps. But as you looking to replace the SB-Zx,  I'll try figuring of something? A USB DAC...
 Ok, so you like the DT770s.Maybe get a tube amplifier (or hybrid) off eBay and plug it into the SB-Zx's Front Speaker jack (back panel of sound card), it should provide a better audio signal to an external amplifier, over the SB-Zx's headphone jack.The SB-Zx can not send headphone surround sound thru the Front Speaker jack, but for music that does not matter.Who much could you spend for an external tube headphone amplifier?
I own the HM5 and Gemini HSR-1000 (Takstar Pro 80), I would much rather use my Gemini's over the HM5. The HM5's bass has no feel (thump) to it and I find their grip on the head a little overbearing. So i find the Geminis more comfortable to wear.   What sources do you plug the Takstar's into (on-board audio, sound card, external amp, smartphone, iPod, etc)?
 For improving audio quality, it might be better to upgrade from the DT770, then buying a separate headphone amplifier.
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