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 The ATH-W1000X is what superseded the ATH-A900X.But when I have no need to block noise, I will use the K7XX.
 I guess I do like the K7XX a little better then the ATH-A900X.But I'll have to dig out my A900X and compare (have not used the A900X for several months).
 Foobar2000 and Media Player Classic (K-Lite), those are the two I use the most :)So all AKG 700 series are now made in China?Maybe it's the AKG K800 series, that is made in Austria?I barely made it into the first 2000 batch ( Me # 1944), I think my credit card was charged on Dec 2, expected delivery just before ChristmasIt ended up coming at least a month past Christmas, the first batch had a lot of K7XXs come with a wire touching something it should not have.I guess my...
 If it's free, then try it
 What program do you use to play audio and video files? You might consider the AKG K7XX, over the K701, as the K7XX is a cheaper price but getting about the same thing.Guess the difference is the K7XX are made in China and the K701 might still be make in Austria.
 I'm an Xonar fan, but if this is for headphones, the Sound Blaster Z comes with a half-way decent headphone amplifier.The Xonar DX is great for headphones, as long as you use an external headphone amplifier, with the Xonar DX.
 It's a digital stream, so in general it should work.I would think audio quality would still be good.But why use the android streaming box?
 Check out the older model FiiO E17 (non-K).
 I would say to get the Magni 2, for now.You can always add a DAC in the future and I would think the Magni 2 would help bring out the best in the K7XX.
 You could get a FiiO X1 DAP ($99) or X3 Gen II ($199), connect it to the Marantz with an analog audio cable (3.5mm to RCA).Get an older laptop, store and play the files from it to the Marantz.
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