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 Beyerdynamic DT990 Pro 250-Ohm headphones.The Pioneer VSX-D814 should be able to drive them.
 I just picked some almost new Soundmagic HP200 headphones.As they are only 32-Ohm, would be easy for your computer to drive them.
i like the DT990 headphones, but there is better. So you might consider selling off the DT990 and put all your audio budget into new headphones
Just picked an almost new HP200, so far I like what I'm hearing :)
 Might need to go to the website of the motherboard maker and download the manual, which should have directions on getting int the BIOS.Or just not bother with disabling the on-board audio, it might not be effecting anything.
 The STX's op-amps (analog) have no effect or involvement in the card's digital outputs.
 The headphones you have are very easy to drive, so the Q1's amplifier will be more then enough to drive them.The E17K on it own, would be more then enough to drive your headphones.Can't see the K5/E17K combo offering any worthwhile or noticeable audio quality improvement, over the Q1 or E17K.But if you want the K5/E17K combo, go for it.
 What source(s) will you be using the K5+E17K with?Can we assume it's a PC You might consider just getting the FiiO Q1.
If you are going to be playing audio files on a non-apple device, might as well get FLAC.
 I do own the K7XX and have never listened to the Q701.But I'm going to guess unless the price you could sell the Q701 for, is somewhat close to the price you would pay for the K7XX, it would not be worth it.
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