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Hopefully you have disabled the motherboard's on-board audio? in the BIOS.   Leave the HD598 plugged in over night (several times) with music at least a little louder then then what you normally listen at, running thru them. See if after several days the audio quality improves.   Some people believe in headphone burn in, some do not.
Takstar Pro 80
 Check out the Takstar Pro 80 headphones, good amount of bass and sell for under $80.
 The HD-201 are low impedance headphones (24-Ohm) , the MX-271 even lower (16-Ohm), so really would not benefit from more powerful amplification.But a headphone amplifier with a really low output impedance might help bring out audio detail. A FiiO E10K USB DAC/amp ($75) should bring out the best in your current Sennheisers (and future headphones)The E10K's headphone amplifier has an output impedance of less then 1-Ohm :)
 Monoprice 5" studio monitors, $170
Sandisk Sansa Clip Zip 4GB, with a 32Gn micro-SD memory card. Install the Rockbox firmware. The Clip Zip can decently drive my 62-Ohm Sony MDR-V6s, so should be ok with the 50-Ohm ATH-M50X. You could always daisy chain a FiiO E11K headphone amplifier ($65) to the Clip Zip optional).   FiiO Will be coming out with the X1 in the near future, $100.
 Hooking an external headphone amplifier to the line-output (RCA) will give you great audio quality, but the STX can not output headphone surround sound thru it's line-output (RCA). You would have to hook the external amplifier to the STX's (amplified) headphone output to get (Dolby) headphone surround sound to the analog input on an external amp.which would be double amping. (welcome to try it)
 If your planning on getting an external headphone amplifier, no matter what sound card you get.Might as well buy a Xonar DX (used, $65) and get any external headphone amplifier you like and connect it to the Xonar DX's line-output/headphone jack.
Sounds like something that made more sense years ago?
Sennheiser HD558, they already come with tape on the insides of the cups that cover about 40% of the air holes.
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