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 I just do not know myself how well the FiiO E10K or Schiit Fulla would drive the 250-Ohm DT990s.I would be surprised if the E10K or Schiit Fulla could not decently drive them, the the DT990 are a somewhat easy to drive 250-Ohm headphone.The Schiit Modi/Magni would have no problem driving 250-Ohm headphones. I'm just one Head-Fier, who might have some slight biases and likes to throw out opinions, so feel free to listen to what others have to say.
 Should not be a problem plugging the HD668B straight into the Pro Media's headphone jack.The Pro-media (should) uses the same amplifier to drive the headphones as it does the speakers.So i would "guess" 250-Ohm DT990s could be driven off the Pro Media' headphone jack. A Creative Labs Sound Blaster Z sound card ($60-$80) comes with a CS4398 DAC chip, which should be a fair bit better then whatever DAC feature is built into the Realtek ALC892.The SB-Z comes with a...
 Might try reading up on this thread.
 Might try doing a fresh install of the Creative drivers/software.
 I guess a balanced connection is most helpful if the monitors are not near the DAC.But I'm guessing the monitors will be with in a few feet, so unbalanced should work fine for you. Your welcome to get a DAC with balanced outputs, I just do not think you really need it.
 Creative Labs Sound Blaster Z sound card, $60-$80Audio Technica ATH-AD900X headphones, $160-$200Way under your budget.
 It might depend on if your motherboard comes with a built in headphone amplifier.My personal opinion is a lot of lower costing motherboards come with a line-output jack that also pretends to be a headphone output jack.A line-output jack is what you would want to plug an external headphone amplifier into.Setting your on-board audio, in the control panel, to "Speaker", instead of "headphone" might help send the external headphone amplifier a better analog audio signal (maybe).
 The one I was able to test for ten days was the silver one.
 FiiO E10K or a Creative Sound Blaster Z sound card.
 I'm not against the DT990, I own two of them, my DT990 Premium 600-Ohm is great for Blu-ray  moviesIt just that other headphones are less power demanding.
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