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I myself just ordered a Xduoo X3 DAP and planned on installing Rockbox firmware on it.
 You might be able to find a used Beyerdynamic T90 headphone with in your budget.
Did you disable the motherboard's on-board audio, in the BIOS, when you installed the Xonar D1? Have you tried the Unified Xonar Drivers?   Try maxing out the Windows sound setting and then try the DT770 with the Magni set to low gain, see if you still get distortion?
Do you max out the volume setting on whatever source the Magni 2 Uber is plugged into?
 Might help to know the prices of what you pay for the Titanium-HD and how much you can sell the HomeTheater HD for?If this is for headphones, consider getting a headphone amplifier, to plug into the Titanium-HD's RCA jacks.
Many DAPs come with a line-output function, which it what you want to use for connecting to an add-on headphone amplifier. Amplified headphone jack can be used to connect to an add-on head amp, but the line-output is better at sending a analog audio signal, to the add-on amp. Some of the FiiO DAPs, will use the same jack for both line-output and amplified headphone jack, FiiO's come with a setting for switching the function of the jack. Different brands and models may...
The Darkvoice 336SE is being sold thru Massdrop, for the next 6 day (ends Saturday 3/18).
 +1 Audio-GD.
 Budget? Maybe consider getting the ATH-AD900X headphones and any add-on mic you like.
 i find mt DT880 fairly well balanced and slightly on the bright side.Is the 1990 slightly on the bright side?
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