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 Seems like your going to be paying an Audio Technica repair place some money.
 As you already have the E17/E09K, might as well dock the E17 to the E09k and connect the E09K to your computer using a USB cable.
 With using an optical connection to the E17, a cheaper Xonar DG ($20 to $30) or DGX ($30 to $40) would provide Dolby Headphone to the E17.Otherwise connection the E17 optically to the motherboard's on-board audio or other sound card you might have would be good enough.
 A cable to connect the Xonar DX to the E09K.6ft Premium 3.5mm Stereo Male to 2RCA Male 22AWG Cable (Gold Plated) - Black
 If you connected the Xonar DX optically to the FiiO E17, your still using the E17's DAC chip and not the DX's.Your really just using the Xonar DX for it's Dolby Headphone surround sound.Sound quality wise, with 60-Ohm headphones, the E17 should provide audio quality just as good as if you where using the E09K to drive them.
 Depends on the headphones.If the headphones are under 100-Ohms, then the E17 can easily drive them.(low impedance headphones should do well with the E17's very low output impedance)Headphones that are 250-Ohms or higher should sound a little better plugged into the E09K.Headphones in the over 100-Ohm to under 250-Ohm, both amplifiers should do the job. To me an Asus Xonar DX or D1 sound card (used $60) would make a good combo, with the E09K
 Docking the E17 to the E09K will not increase audio quality, with headphones connected to the E09KAs the digital audio signal is still being sent thru the same WM8740 DAC chip.The E09K does have a more powerful headphone amplifier, so if your using high impedance headphones, then the E09k would be good for plugging the headphones into.
 As long as was are talking about the audio signal still in it's digital form, audio quality is the same, if sourced with a Falat1ty sound card , Realtek on-board, Xonar sound card, etc.The first thing to really effect audio quality is the DAC (Digital to Analog converter), like the one built into the E17 or home theater system.I would think the DAC chip (WM8740) in the E17 is going to be the best DAC you have.So for best audio quality, connect the Falat1ty's or Realtek's...
 I would say to up your budget a little and get a red Sandisk Sansa Clip Zip off Amazon for $35.Install the free firmware Rockbox.
I'm assuming your daisy chaining the E17 between the Realtek/Fatal1ty and the E09K and not docking the E17 to the E09K? When using a S/PDIF (optical or coaxial) output, audio quality between the Fatal1ty and Realtek will be the same.The Fatal1ty should offer better headphone surround sound features.
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