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Really about the only way to connect an iPhone 5 to a FiiO E11 is with the 3.5mm male to 3.5mm male cable.
 The Essence STX & STX II and SB-ZxR all come with a better DAC chip and headphone amplifier, then the SB-Z. (Technically with the STX, STX II & ZxR, their DACs are virtually identical and they all use the same TI 6120A2 headphone amplifier chip). Personally, I would be looking for a used Essence STX (I prefer Asus Xonar cards). The SB-Z for it's price is a good value and can easily drive 250-Ohm headphones. The Schhit Modi (optical) DAC with the Schhit Magni makes a good...
 Do you know what audio outputs your TV has? (RCA, 3.5mm, optical, USB, etc)What is the make and model of the TV?
 My NFB-15.32 runs warm, but not to the point were I think there might be a heat issue.The new NFB-11/15 now seem come with air holes, so at least it should run a little cooler then mine.
 The E17 comes with three inputs (USB, optical, coaxial), the E07K only has USB.
 Audio Technica ATH-AD900X open headphones.You might find a good deal on used, on eBay. Why reject the HD558s?
 Are you plugging the DT990s into the Logitech's headphone jack or plugging the DT990s into the D1's headphone/line-output jack? You could sell off the Xonar D1 and get a Sound Blaster Z sound card (5.1 speaker output)The SB-Z has the same CS4398 DAC chip as the D1, but the Z also comes with a separate amplified headphone jack. 
 To me my Gemini HSR-1000s (Pro 80s) sound just a littler better then my Hi2050s.
Creative Labs Sound Blaster Z sound card. (model SB1500 comes with a mic)   Headphones Sennheiser HD558 AKG K612 Pro Beyer DT990 Pro 250-Ohm
 You might consider holding off until your can budget for replacing the four B652 and the CCS-33B.I believe it's considered best to have all 5 speakers matching. Also Yamaha A/V receivers in the RX-V6XX series and RX-A7XX series have better amplification.
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