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 What you have listed is a speaker amplifier, not a headphone amplifier.Your on-board audio will be able to drive the 50-Ohm Game One headphones.But a Creative Labs Sound Blaster Z sound card should improve audio quality and can be added at a later date.Maybe find a used one off eBay.
 Ok, so your using a FiiO E10K. Is the Google music streaming songs you have uploaded and stored on Google or music audio that is provided by Google?Or is it music you have stored on your computer sounds better then music that is streamed to you. A Bravo audio Ocean tube (hybrid) headphone amplifier, connected to the E10K's line-output, might improve the music audio quality.But that's a separate issue from your current issue.
Which FiiO DAC/amp are you using?   What programs do you use to play the audio files? I like to use Foobar2000 (w/WASAPI) for music.
 Ok, over all budget is roughly $240.So maybe a Bravo Audio Ocean tube (hybrid) headphone amplifier, $80, to go with the 250-Ohm DT990 headphones.
 Both are consider good FPS gaming headphones.DT990 might be a little better, but you have to spend more for an amplifier to drive them well.What is your over all sound card/DAC/amp, headphone budget?
 The DT990 have a strong bass/treble, where as the HD598 would be more neutral.
 Sennheiser HD558 headphones, plus modmic.Xonar U7 can easily drive the 50-Ohm HD558. Buy used HD558 and remove the black rubber tape from inside the cups of the HD558, makes them more open, more like the HD598.
Fiio D03K optical DAC, $20.   PS4 > E03K > E17K > headphones.
"$S200" ? Guess you mean $200 USD   Maybe Sennheiser HD598CS (closed) headphones?
 Guess the HD598 SE (Special Edition) comes with two cables.
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