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The ATH-M50X will have a louder bass, otherwise the HD598 will be better in all other ways. HD558 uses the same 50-Ohm driver as the HD598, so the HD558 will be almost as good as the HD598, but at a fairly cheaper price.   Audio Technica ATH-AD900X open headphones, $168.30
Audio Technica ATH-AD900X open headphones, $168.30 As they are only 40-Ohms, will easy work plugged straight into the motherboard's on-board audio.   Sennheiser HD558 if you want to save some cash.
I really doubt you will have an issue with how loud your audio setup works. I'm guessing for normal listening you will not have the AK100ii volume control much past 50%, maybe even less the 50%. I was once able to test the original AK100, it had no problem driving my 40-Ohm headphones.
 I'm going to guess at $60, the HD518 are worth it.Also the HD518 will hold a higher resale value.
 So your telling me to "stuff it" :)
Just bought the ATH-WS99 headphone and I need a low cost storage case for them, any ideas? Also would want to get firmer ear pads for them, any ideas?
I guess having one cup defective might have effected the over all sound quality, never heard of anyone say the ATH-M50X sounded bad. The DT770 are good headphones, but the mids are recessed and the DT770 need to be used with a decent headphone amplifier.
What DAC chip does Jr use?
 The ATH-M50Xs are know for a loud bass and recessed mids (vocals), so chances are the working cup is what the ATH-M50Xs sound like.
 I've bought 4 assorted DAC and DAC/amps SMSL products (about three years ago), reliability is not great.
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