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Audio Technica ATH-AD900X open headphones Creative Labs Sound Blaster Z sound card
 Creative Labs Sound Blaster Z sound card, $60-$80.
 Slight problem, as the Essence One only comes with an optical input port, so it can't output an optical signal.You can connect the your motherboard's optical output to the receiver's optical input and should be able to use the DTS-Connect to send 5.1 to the receiver.You can just connect your Essence One to the computer's USB port.
 The FiiO E10K USB-DAC-Amp seems to do a good job for the price, $75.Also Schiit just came out with their Fulla USB-DAC-Amp, $79.
 The ATH-AD900X should offer more bass then the ATH-AD700X.Asus Xonar DG or DGX is a low cost sound card option.
 Cool, thank you.
Any word on when the first batch of KXXs will ship out?
 I seem to be happy with 256k mp3s.I have a few of my all time favorite songs in FLAC (16-bit/44.1k).If your portable audio player can not work with FLAC files, your stuck using mp3s.
 Connect the U7's RCA outputs (red/white) to the line-input (3.5mm?) jack on the O2.This may not give you headphone surround sound, but it's the best connection for sound quality, for use with an add-on amplifier.(you would need to set the Xonar control panel to "2-channel" and "Speaker output") You could also connect the U7's headphone output to the line-input on the O2, you would be able to use the U7's Dolby headphone surround sound, not sure if it would match the RCA...
 It would help to know an over all budget for your audio setup? The speakers your looking into are self-powered studio monitors, so not need for getting a separate speaker amplifier. If all your doing is a 2.0 speaker setup (and no headphones), then you should be able to get away with an external DAC (USB or optical).An external sound card is an external DAC, but with more features, but you might not have any real need for those features. Here are some assorted DACs.I...
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