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 Monoprice 5" studio monitors, $170 (pair).They appear to be rebranded M-Audio BX5s.
 This is the Introductions, help and recommendation thread, so just about any question could be asked here.Did you have a budget?
 The Focusrite Scarlett Solo Audio Interface is a little more then just a "plain DAC", so part of the price of the Solo includes features you may not need.I really doubt it offers better audio quality, over a simple DAC of the same price. 
 I've bought used Beyerdynamic headphones off Amazon a few times, they looked like brand new.
The ATH-M50 will offer a bit more bass then the HD558s, but the HD558 should be better at everything else. The Takstar Pro 80s are good closed headphones, $75-$80.
 Chances are the audio quality would improve if you connected a DAC between the laptop and the JBL LSR305 studio monitors.There is the Hifiman Sabre U2 USB DAC (3.5mm jack), around $57 + shipping.Schiit Modi (USB or optical) DAC, $99 + tax/shipping.You would want to use mono 1/4" plugs for connecting to the 1/4" input on the LSR305.And the DAC's output would use a 3.5mm stereo or RCA connection, depending what DAC you buy.This would be an unbalanced connection (I doubt you...
 The AD797BR and LME49990 have been around for at least a few years, weird that you can't find them talked about in the STX tweaking thread?
 It's the way the power is delivered, it's preferred to have the source to have at least 8 times less impedance(Ohm) then the headphone being drivin.The Yamaha's headphone output might have an impedance of 50-Ohms or 75-Ohms or 100-Ohms, where as the 30-Ohm Philips's X1 would be better served by an headphone amplifier with an output impedance of 4-Ohms or less.Good quality portable audio players usually have a very low output impedance, which is what would bring out the...
 Is there an audio setting in the PS4 for channel output, I would assume you would want it set for something like 5.1 or 6-channel?(If set for something like 2-channel or stereo, it might not enable surround sound)
 A receiver's headphone output is not really the best way to drive the 30-Ohm Philips X1.My $27 FiiO E6 would be better at driving the 30-Ohm X1's, then your $1000 Yamaha receiver.Where as the 250-Ohm DT990 is a great choice for headphones being driving by a receiver. If you have access to a good portable audio player, it might be better able to bring out the best in the Philips X1. 
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