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 Does that mean you like to walk around a lot with a hat that looks like a slice of cheese?
 The Xonar U3 is rated for headphones up to 150-Ohms. so the 60-Ohm Hi2050 & 56-Ohm Superlux 668B should not be a problem.Which is better for FPS gaming? have no idea.
 Check out Rockbox.
 I'm far from an expert on audio, but it seems that if the source starts out at 16-bit/44.1Khz, there is nothing you can do, like "up converting" to improve the audio quality. 
Audio Technica ATH-A900X closed headphone or ATH-AD900X open headphone.
 With the Q701s, I do not think you will get a noticeable improvement in audio quality, over the STX's built in headphone amplifier. You could add a external headphone amplifier to the line-output (RCA) on the Essence STX, there are headphone amplifiers better then the one built into the Essence STX, but you might spend more then you would like for a headphone amplifier alone, trying to improve audio quality, also using the Line-output (RCA) bypass the sound card features,...
 In Windows, under Control Panel>Sound>Playback tab, it should give you the option that allows digital audio to pass thru the Titanium's optical port, while bypassing the Titanium's audio processor/features, I would assume it would fix the freezing issue.Then when you want to use the Titanium features you just go back to the Playback tab and enable (Titanium Speaker) sound card output. 
 What sources will you be plugging the external DAC/Amp into?
 I have a Samsung home theater setup like the HT-X50 and it uses 3-Ohm speakers.So unless your HT-X50 speakers are in the 8-Ohm (maybe 6-Ohm) range, chances are they will not work with a modern receiver.I think your better off getting and external DAC/headphone Amp to plug the LCD-2.2 into.
An eBay seller, in Australia, sells low cost hybrid tube amplifiers, can't remember the seller user name, but should be a short list of tube amplifier seller down under, on eBay. 
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