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 The HD558 and HD598 use the same 50-Ohm driver.Sennheiser added some black rubber tape to the insides of the HD558, to cover about 1/3 of the air holes, which I guess changes the sound to give the HD558 more bass.I'm guessing Sennheiser increases the HD558 bass, at a slight expense in other sound areas (mids, treble, etc).Some people (like me) remove the black rubber tape, from our HD558, believing it makes the HD558 sound somewhat more like the HD598.
 You might get some benefit (audio quality) getting a Sound Blaster Z sound card, just keep an eye on eBay for a good price on a used one.The SB-Z's CS4398 DAC (Digital to Analog Converter) and headphone amplifier, should be better the the VIA audio hardware built into the motherboard.(remember to disable the motherboard's on-board audio (VIA), in the BIOS, when you install a sound card inside the computer).
 I would think upgrading from the DT990 would offer the best improvement.Then later on getting an (optical) DAC and external headphone amplifier (or a combo unit) Audio-GD NFB-15, $270 + shipping ($45)
 If you already have a K702 and Q701, can't see getting a HD558.I would say to sell off the Q701 and get the AKG K7XX.
 I do not think there is a huge difference between the HD598 and K550s.Check out the AKG K553s.
So is the FiiO X3K available anywhere yet, in the USA?
FiiO X3K digital audio player is come out really soon ($200?). Would not need to buy any separate DAC/amp, just plug the headphones straight into the X3K. Leave the phone in your pocket (should extend the battery life, between recharges, of your phone).
The Sennheiser HD558 uses the same 50-Ohm driver as the PC360, so for the price of the HD558, you would be replacing your PC360. Should be able to use the HD558 plugged straight into the computer, maybe later on get a E10K or Schiit Fulla or even a Sound Blaster Z sound card. 
 Maybe you can order a longer and shorter versions of both the analog and USB cables.See if the short USB/long analog sounds any better then the long USB/short analog.I'm just hopeful the long USB/short analog will sound just as good as the short usb/long analog connection.I just think the shorter the analog, the less chance of signal interference or signal degradation.
 I know nothing really about Spotify, but it would seem if you want to stream music you would either need to connect to a cell tower, which requires a smart phoneor a Wi-Fi connection, but you can't really use a Wi-Fi connect when on the move.So if you want to stream music audio while on the move, seems like you need to use a modern smart phone.A smartphone will function like a Digital Audio playerI would assume all smart phones only come with one micro-SD slot. If you had...
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