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 The K550 is more analytical then Hi-Fi-ish, so what I think of the K553 is not direct knowledage, more just a guess.No idea on what ear pads will fit the K553.Not sure which of the three headphone sound more like the HD600.Would assume(?) the Philips Fidelio X2 is worth, just not sure by how much.
I own the DT770 80-Ohm and SHP9500 and the AKG K550.I like the detailed and more neutral sound of the K550 and my understanding the K553 is an improvement over the K550.I'm not normally big on a lot of bass, which is what the DT770 80-Ohm and SHP9500 have.
Of the three, I think i would take the K553   A FiiO Q1 ($70) could easily drive them.
Check out the Soundmagic HP200. I like them better then my DT990.
 Bravo Audio Ocean tube (hybrid) headphone amplifier, $80.Plug it into the E10K's line-output.
 I would assume plugging the H6 headphones directly into the Xonar DX gives the H6 a bloated (louder, less detailed) bass.So plugging the H6 into an amplifer with a low output impedance should give a tighter and more controlled bass.Mid range might also sound better.
The Xonar DX with it's CS4398 DAC chip, makes a decent DAC, so can't see any reason for replacing it. For best detail in audio, it's better to have the source (amplifier) driving the headphones to have 8 to 10 times less impedance then of the headphones that are plugged into the source.So for 30-Ohm jeadphones (B&O H6) you would want the source (amplifier) to have an output impedance of around 3-Ohms or less.The Xonar DX's headphone jack has an output impedance of...
 Check out the FiiO X1 Gen 2, $99Not as small as the Clip Zip, but it will work with SD cards. There are the newer Sony players (A15, A17), but they cost a lot more then the FiiO player
I liked my Clip Zip, but switched over to a Sony E465 and E474 players, slimer and better screen.
Get another Clip Zip Or are you looking to increase the budget?
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