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 FiiO E10K or a Creative Sound Blaster Z sound card.
 I'm not against the DT990, I own two of them, my DT990 Premium 600-Ohm is great for Blu-ray  moviesIt just that other headphones are less power demanding.
 I do think the X1 sounds good and you can use micro-SD memory cards with it (I used a 32GB card in the one I tried).
 The Sennheiser PC360, HD558 and HD598 all seem to use the same 50-Ohm drivers.So with the PC360, your basically buying a HD558/HD598 with a built in mic.Also the PC 360 comes with a 1/8 plug, were as the HD558/HD598 come with a 1/4 plug (but with a 1/4 female to 1/8 male adapter)For around $18-$26 you can get a cable for the HD558/HD598 with a 3.5mm plug and in a custom length. I think the HD558 with the black rubber tape removed from inside the cups, would make a fine...
 Not sure, so far can't find any warranty info on the FiiO website.
 I would 'assume" the X3K would function just a well as a DAC as the E07K.I had no idea the E07K would even work with an iPhone.Not sure on the new X3K.
Personally, I would buy the FiiO E10K or Schiit Fulla and return the DT990s. Then see how much cash you have for buying headphones that are less power demanding the the DT990s. Like the Philips Fidelio X1? or X2? (only 30-Ohm).
 I'm going to make a wild guess that JRivers is bypassing the windows controls.But I know nothing about JRivers so it's just a big guess. How do you have the NFB-15 connected to the computer?
 It might help to know what sources your plugging your headphones into now? The ATH-M50Xs are bassy headphones with slightly recessed mids.So I'm guessing headphones with a more controlled bass and stronger mids will make a noticeable improvement.The ATH-A900X headphones are something I would prefer over the ATH-M50Xs.
 Which FiiO headphone amplifier do you have? A Audio-GD NFB-15 external DAC/amp has all the features you need, $270 +shipping ($45).
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