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 As the Monoprice has a gain switch, the output impedance might change with the gain setting, maybe?
 It's fit to drive your 32-Ohm headphones if your only willing to budget $100 for a DAC & amp.The FiiO E07K and E17 have very low output impedance (around 1-Ohm)A $100 to $130 external headphone amplifier (with a less then 1-ohm output impedance) would be a little more desirable.But you might also have to buy a DAC too.
 30-Ohm headphones being driven by a headphone amplifier that has a 10-Ohm output impedance is not really that bad.My Essence STX  uses the same TI 6120A2 headphone amplifier chip as the Monoprice DAc/Amp, the STX did fairly well with 32-Ohm and 40-Ohm headphones. Just depends on how much your willing to budget. A Schiit Magni ($99)or Objective 2 (O2, $130) headphone amplifier, which have an output impedance of less then 1-Ohm, is a little more desirable for 30-ohm...
 I would say to just get the E17.(One DAC/Amp to rule them all and in the darkness bind them)
I have zero need for the Monoprice DAC/Amplifier, but part of me wants to buy one to test it out.
 I make no claim to being an "expert" on headphone surround sound.But to me for realistic headphone surround sound, you need to start off with 5.1 (6-channel) or 7.1 (8-channels) of digital audio.Those separate audio channel are then processed down to 2 channels of specialized audio, which is sent to the 2-channel stereo headphones.This 2-channels of specialized audio is designed to make your 2 ears think they are hearing surround sound.Someone figured out how with only 2...
 I quit Fry's (1995) while still a shelf stocker, before going into regular sales.
 The source, laptop or other has nothing to do with the E09K's ability for driving (powering) headphones.Chances are the Laptop's headphone jack, should be able to provide an analog audio signal, to the analog input on the E09K.
 The E09K can be used with or without an add-on DAC.Lots of add-on DACs can be hooked up between the E09K and whatever source you are using.I think the Asus Xonar DX or D1 sound card (used is fine), which comes with a CS4398 DAC chip, would work great with the E09K The DT880 Pro 250-Ohm and Premium 600-Ohm sound almost alike,both can be used as monitoring headphones or whatever job you choose to use them for.
 It could be the USA market is limited in demand for Audio Technica ear pads,so USA retailers just do not stock the pads, for headphones that are no longer made.
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